Bahubali 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection: The much awaited Baahubali 2 has not only managed to live up to the high expectations but has even surpassed them by a big margin. The film released on a normal Friday and went on to record the highest collection of all time, not only in India but also in Hindi version. It repeated the same performance on Saturday too as Bahubali 2 collection again crossed 40 cr. Now the film has created history on Sunday as it has recorded the biggest day in the history of Indian cinema.

The magnum opus was in overdrive mode today. Going by the early trade estimates, Bahubali 2 3rd day collection will be up to 45 crores. This is an unbelievable number and truly sensational stuff. Today it had an Earth shattering start in the morning shows with massive occupancy of 85%. As the day progressed it literally set out the box office on fire. The noon shows had occupancy of over 90-95% which is unbelievable. It was running to almost packed houses in multiplexes and single screens.

Bahubali 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Baahubali 2 3rd day collection has set the record for the highest single day of all time. The record was earlier held by Aamir Khan's Dangal which collected 42 cr on Sunday. However, BB2 has achieved that with less number of screens as South has original Telugu and Tamil release. Also, it is coming after a monstrous two days and has consumed a lot of capacity whereas Dangal started with lower numbers.

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Bahubali 2 box office collection in 3 days will be over 126 crore. Bahubali 2 first weekend collection is the highest ever of all time and has beaten Dangal by a good margin of 20 cr. Tomorrow is a partial holiday for Labour day which has given an extra push to Baahubali 2 collection. The advance is looking terrific for Monday and it might cross 25-30 cr.

All India collection on Sunday will be more than 110 crore. Thus the opening weekend will be around 335 crore plus. The film will cross the lifetime collection of all Bollywood film except Dangal in the first three days itself. Overseas business is phenomenal as it has done gigantic $10.1 million in USA alone. The first weekend gross is likely to be $22 million plus.

Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Bahubali 2 3rd day box office collection in the comments section.

79 comments on “Bahubali 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. It think it will hit 50 on Sunday
    Monday 30
    Now waiting eagerly for sahooo
    That will also be a superhit for superbbb action scenes

      AKKI 2.0 will break AVATAR RECORDS AS WELL

      1. First of all ROBO 2.0 is not a akshay movie.....it is a rajni and akshay movie like bahubali which is a prabhas and rana movie(with other caste)....
        And yes in only his dreams ROBO 2.0 which break bahubali2 collections...

      2. If robo 2.0 cross the bahubali 2 then wait for mahabaratam will be biggest grossers of India will directed by rajamouli

      3. 2.o is not akshay Kumar's film. It is super star rajinikanth's film.it is a Tamil film.it will be dubbed in hindi, Japanese, Chinese ,Telugu, French, German & also in English. So don't get confused.

        1. Beta for you it is Rajni movie but with due respect to Rajnikant , it's AK movie for many.

    2. All the Khans now looking like dwarfs in front of real film making... Bahubali has shown India's true potential in film making... Till now India's film making was downgraded by the cozy club of the bollywood biggies...

  2. 3Day 3 times... I can't stop myself to watch this movie again and again... Mind blowing experience... A cute love story A revenge drama A visual treat A Story A Screenplay... Everything is there... Bahubali 2 is not film it's a festival

    1. I have watched 3 times this movie and has also booked Mondays ticket....This will surely collect 1500cr ww....

      Saaho re bahubali.....

  3. Mtlb 4 din me bollywood ka highest grosser ko cross kar dega dangal india main..!!! ????

  4. M a Salman Akki die hard hardcore fan but after Baahubali The Conclusion m Equally Prabhas fan too and dat too die hard really motivated after learning about his preparation for this film also Baahubali The Conclusion Is once in aN Era film Great respect for Rana and other actors too of the film SS rajamouli is gem of director V Rajamouli hats off too for Baahubali 1 Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Baahubali 2

  5. STUPENDOUS numbers.....
    After night shows collections might touch 47 Crores....
    All India total might touch 100 Crores again....

  6. Monday is Labour Day holiday....
    Collections will not fall much I think.
    Excellent WOM must ensure collections on par or little less than Saturday Collections.

  7. This film has told true potential of Indian cinema that India can also earn huge bucks if they make a universally appealing movie hats off to bahubali makers who have made this grandeur possible to Indian cinema

  8. Hahaha
    Megastar out in 2.5 days
    Whata shame..
    Abhi Dangal WW bahot door hai.
    Dangal will create history in China
    It will be difficult for bahubali2 to beat Danagal in china.
    Dangal-200cr in china
    Note :i m not against bahubali..
    I want to show u Aamirs power in china
    I just want bahubali2 to cross 550cr
    In india...Dangal will do the rest in china..
    So that
    Dangal(non masala)=bahubali2(masala)
    Again i m saying Aamir is the biggest megastar we have..

    1. Its not aamir who is a megastar.....its all 3 khan which are megastar today....
      But bahubali2 will easily break dangal record in 5 days itself.....
      Bahubali2 collection in 3 days has crossed 650cr ww and it will break dangal in next two days....
      Means on Wednesday dangal collection will be history in worldwide.......

    2. In USA bahubali2 has broken dangal record in 3 days itself.....
      Lifetime collection in USA for dangal is more than 10m $ and bahubali2 has crossed it on 3pm on Sunday.......

    3. Good joke...
      Dangal like a local chalu movie bhojpuri type.... Bahubali is a UNSTOPPABLE..
      Baap Baap hora hai...

    4. bhai tu khud hi sochta hai khud hi hasta hai khud hi khush hota hai..aamir khan ka alawa tujhe kuch najar hi nahi aata hai...chaina chaina bol raha hai..baki puri duniya najar nahi aati tuje

    5. In china most of the distributors are fighting tooth and nail for getting the chance of releasing bahubali 2 under them... And will u believe they have been doing so for last six months....
      Bro i a not bahubali fan nor i dislike aamir khan.... I just go with the flow.... And accept the truth
      And believe me this movie will create history...we should have proud on the man who is taking on hollywood.... S S Rajamauli Sir hats off

    6. Air 2 din mein Dangal bhi khatam fir fattu Star bhi Khatam Ho jayega
      Prabhas Rockss Rana Rocks Baahubali The Conclusion best film of Indian Cinema

    7. Amir is good actor I accept
      But bahubali is not a movie belongs to actor . It is a movie belongs to team.
      Then what about mangalpandey in china? Can u tell sahoo (upcoming project of prabhas) cant beat dangal?

    8. Idiot, in fact dangal is a shit masala film which doesnt uses any technology or CGI or any modern things. Its just usual masala bolywood shit type of movie that has same standards as any TV serial. Bhahubhali is Indias costliest and most hi tech movie up to date. It took Indian cinema to the international standards. It uses the best CGI up to date. Your bolywood still produces masala movies without any hard work. Your fucking masala amir khan movie is like a shit Tv serial. Dont say foolishness bollywood masala movie supporter guy.

    9. In fact your dangal is masala and Bhahubhali is a high tech movie which uses highest CGI and is the costilest movie in India.

    10. Bhai parshya bde se bde besharm dkhe
      But tere se beshrm nhi dkha
      3 dinm 330 crore ho gye h
      Or tu ab bi sochta baahubali bs 650 hi kregi India m
      Advance booking dkh search krke
      Monday will be 75+ also
      Jitna dangal ka highest collection tha na itna yeee 10 din m kregi
      Or dangal ki 745 crore wworldwide h
      22milions dollers hogye h overseas m bi

    11. Why r u feeling like that.did amir Khan born in chaina or in india. Tell him to first cross bahubali 2 in India. I am an andhrawala

    12. @parshya look at your dislikes but still Pls remain positive yaha par Tera ghar jaisa Nahi hai yaha 26like to hai tere paas.agar Teri koi ghar pe sunta Nahi hai aur tu unwanted hai to apna number send Kar koi na koi to Teri help Kar hi dega

  9. To compare actual figures bollywood arena can u research and let us know how much Dangal collected in nizam/AP territory in weekends deduct tht gross that shd be the figure to compare cos now in these territories its played in local.language so Thts the reason compare isn't a huge gap that Collection if you deduct tht rev,actual figures will come up,,,,this is simply amazing run by Bahubali 2 ,.....

  10. A. 2.0 will open in the core markets because of Rajnikanth. So the credit can only go to Akshay Kumar if the film manages a bumper opening in the North. Only that will show his real value, although Rajnikanth films are performing much better than before even in some of the Hindi markets. It would’ve been a different story altogether had it been a Rajnikanth – Salman film. That would’ve really made it insanely huge all over and maybe even challenged Bahubali 2. Akshay has done big films – Brothers, QUATIMD and even Housefull 3 – none of them were even close to be classified as ‘Bumper’ or ‘Record Breaking. With love Indicine ..Hahahaha haha
    And some Makkiholic was comparing their tiny piece of cloth with our south stars. So is that Aukat of makki Kumar?

  11. So this their Bollywood actor cannot give bumper opening with Big Budget movies. Good to know. They consider Salman a far superior Superstar than Makki. Now officially Prabas is way bigger than Makki. Still behind 3-5 Bollywood Men I respect but not far.

  12. OMG, I can't believe this, hats off to u our Indian James Cameron.
    Tubelight tuss ho jayega iske samne.
    Only 1 director in India can break this record that is Shankar or else wait for Mahabaratha which will release on 2020, budget is 1,000 crore. Mohanlal, Hrithik, Prabhas and Rajnikanth should be the star cast.

    Any thoughts friends on Mahabaratha?

    1. Tube light will be a blockbuster in Hindi it's based on India China war NY how Mahabharat
      Akshay Kumar: Krishan
      Prabhas: Karn
      Hrithik Roshan :Arjun
      Rana Dahgubatti: Duryodhan
      Mohanlal :Dronacharya
      NTR Rao :Bhim
      Surya :Yudhisthir
      Nassar :Shakuni
      Sathyraj :Bhishma

    2. Tubelight is a sure shot blockbuster any how
      Akshay Kumar :Krishna
      Prabhas :Karn
      Mahesh Babu :Arjun
      Mohanlal :Bhishma
      Surya :Yudhishtra
      Allu Arjun :Sahdev
      NTR Rao :Bhim
      Rana Daggubati :Duryodhan
      I believe Akshay Kumar will be best for Krishan as he can be funny and calm
      Don't think Khan trio will be suitable for dis coz they are short except Salman since he is healthy and stronger than Too
      So Salman Khan:Balram(Cameo)

  13. I have been following Prabas for years now he is my favorite. I think he can do some few films like our Megastars like Chiranjeev and Nagarjuna With Rajnikant Kamal and Mohanlal did. He is already liked by all Indians so he will get some appreciation I assume

  14. Bahubali 2 is all set to release in China ,south korea and japan THE distributor pre release price is 150 crore.I think it will score 500 crore more from China.????

  15. In My Circuit nobody know much about Akshay that is Andhra/Nizzam. Non of his movies has even crossed 6 cr lifetime. Even Ranbir Hrithik Ajay have crossed that. Now Rajnikant is doing Makki a very big favour. Because of Rajni Robot 2.0 will be impressive. Thank you Neil Mukresh and Hrithik for Rejecting akki role.

  16. shit movie hai. film run only by publicity. nothing in movie to watch. I dont like this movie.

  17. Toilet EPK 70cr maximum. Are you in this planet?
    Which Makki? Your actor cannot give more than 16cr opening. Indicinr clarified already its Rajni movie so why are you still fooling yourself. Go and look at records of ouatimd Brothers h3 big budget movies. Even Sushant Singh and Ranbir beat your Makki.
    Ranbir and Ranveer would have at least increased the collection had The Salmans rejected. Only if it was Salman or Sarook in that movie we can expect such comments from their fans not a Makki fan like you..

  18. In my circuit nobody know about rajnikanth that is Punjab. Non of his movies has crossed 2 cr in Punjab. In Punjab, there is only famous some actors akki>diljit>Gippy>amrinder>>>rajnikanth
    I am also serious @krishna elders don't know about rajnikanth because people don't watch south movies in theatre.
    Robot 2 will collect huge because of one and only akshay kumar
    Agree with Parshya,
    Dangal non masala, without songs = bahubali 2 ( full masala, vfx and action scenes)

  19. Lol whay do u think of ur selves...who cared about hindi version box office figures..give all combines...i will give u guys original (all versions collection)..1s day-144cr in india +57cr overseas=201cr world wide...2nd day 119cr india +50cr overseas =169cr...so it makes a total of 370cr in just 2 DAYS...IF U DONT BELIEVE ME GOOGLE IT..

  20. Yes you should thank that because of akki ur ghajini will collect in hindi belt he is ur bap tu gobar ka choth hai akal se akki gobar nhi tu hai akal se confirm

  21. Tu apni life bina akki ki tension chod beta to soch bhi nhi sakta uski itti fan following hai or ha he is the 1st actor in Indian history to cross 3000 crores hai dam to bata tere south ke baapo me 1 sal me 4 superhits ka record hai dam to bol 1 sal me 4 5 filme karke hit hona continously hai dam phatke hath me a jaegi beta koi actor 1 sal me 4 5 film kare to collection kam hote hai beta par akki phir bhi hit superhit deta hai thik hai tere actor ki highest sal me kitti film release hui 2 3 bas akki ki 11 hui hai 7 hui hai thik hai uske bad bhi industry me strongly tika hai south walWest karle to bechare extinct ho jaenge 1 sal me khel 11 to kya 6 bhi karle to halat kharab ab sochna comments se pehle nhi to aisa sunaonga ki rota rota apne ghajini ke pass jaega jao munna tumhare bap bethe hai pehle socho phir comment karna Aukat me rehke a jate hai muh uthake beakal log hindi ati hai ki sikhao pehle dhona Sikhle phir pochna chal nikal gadha gawar

  22. Bahubali 2 is really very good movie,action and animation is really good .very good acting by Prabhas .sets and all action of war is really good. I think it will cross approx 1200cr.

  23. What's your problem with akshay,...krishna ? Lol. I m not his fan or something like that but as I scroll down to read comments mostly I find your toxic comments only about akshay.....haha why man ...what's your personal problem with him?

  24. Krishna you are very arrogant and rude. The same Prabas you worship has openly said He is no where near Khan trio. He said media are just being carried away. Same Prabas waited for Ajay devgn to introduce his parents to him being his fan also. Prabhas is not riding on Bahubaali based on Star power he is a superstar in south but not the way you are carrying him. Akshay helps Exhibitors which is very rare among our present hand full of bankable actors. I just want to point out on TEPk 200. You are the very reason they bash Akshay have some respect or be a wanko victim. Look at your dislikes. You should be ashamed of the kind of comments you give always making we. Bash Akshay

  25. Nobody talking about Anushka Shetty's great performance in the movie. SS Rajamouli is actual hero of the movie. Prabhas did good but any other good actor could have done the same.

  26. Aamir ke jaisi film koi bana nhi sakta,
    Pk ki budget kitni thee just 80 crore,aur film ne worlwide 800 crore kamiye
    Baahubali aur baahubali 2 biggest budget movie hai yaa phir 2.0.kam budget wali zyaada kamaaye to wohi zabardast huwa naa
    Merae hisaab se aamir khan ko koi superstar se compare nhi kar sakte,
    Aamir khan ne khud kaha thaa jo bhi pk ka record break karega mujhe bahut khusi hogi,
    Kyun ke record bante hain todhne ke liyae

  27. It's a awesome movie done by rajamouli. It will set a all time Indian record I think it will gross 1500+ on its life time collections.

  28. Bahubali 2 is really very nice movie. In part 1 question why the katppa killed bahubali? Part 2 give the answer perfectli and so interesting . Nice love story between prabhas and anushka .Really very nice movie

  29. I think every actor having own skill... But actor like prabhas gave it everything in Bahubali series and collection show hard work of all star cast related to Bahubali... Also Bahubali series is trend changer and trend setter.... I wish movie would cross 1200 crore mark which will put india movie as big contender in Oscar... still what Bahubali got it's not luck hence my All the best and wishes to Bahubali to make big journey ahead......

  30. Lol parshya has 214 dislike on comment
    He has more hater than srk
    Soon he will enter into 300 club
    Just kidding my friend
    But I liked your comment
    Bahubali 2 full masala, big budget, high vfx, sequel of biggest blockbuster = extended cameo of aamir
    But hats off to bahubali
    Never seen craze like this
    200 crore worldwide per day

  31. A film which can be termed as out of the world for sure.credits to rajamouli sir and their associates.thanks for uniting us in one world_baahubali

  32. @krishna ouatimd and housefull3 not big budget movies
    Tell your bahubali born star to make comedy and thriller movie like baby
    Then we will see his real aukat
    @abhijit superb comment against all those idiots who is barking here against akki sir

  33. Friends y u comparing actores. All individuals hav their personal skills and performance. Dont jealuse on any one.. enjoy d movement, we r indians, our film industry doing good job, who work heard, plan, etc they will win always.. bahubali is a vrrry good movie the make is superb.. un imaginable,, even dangal is a superb movie, but the storry and make r diffrnt i support all who do good work..

  34. Plz don't fight any one bahubali 2 is very good movie and first of all it is an Indian movie don't think it's bollywood or tamil movie,telugu movie just think that it's Indian movie our priorities to India only not state or regional language or hindi language.Any movie which is good and of any language in India Plz accept it rathar than fighting for bollywood tollywood aur tamil telugu movie why you guys are fighting you all are Indian na and bahubali 2 is an Indian so we all Indian have to proud of bahubali 2

  35. Guys what happen with you we all are Indian na and bahubali 2 is Indian movie so if we proud to be Indian than we have to proud on bahubali 2 great movie

  36. Guys, I think those days are not so far jab hum Hollywood Ke collection ko overtake karenge. Need two-3 directors like rajmouli and see the opened mouth of world in upcoming years. #Marvelous creation bahubali

  37. All other Indian films are slippers of bahubali 2. Khan's,kapoors,singh,bachans are slept with a fever called as bahubali 2.jai bahubali jai mahishmathi

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