Bahubali 2 2nd Monday Box Office Collection Update

Bahubali 2 2nd Monday Box Office Collection: The early trend suggests that Baahubali 2 has a good hold on its second Monday. There is a considerable drop in the occupancy which was expected after a record-breaking second weekend. Check out Bahubali 2 collection report for the 11th day.

Box Office Report:

Baahubali 2 has a good start in the morning shows. It recorded 25-30% occupancy in the morning shows. The drop was more in single screens as compared to multiplexes which are still maintaining a decent pace. Yesterday the film started the morning shows with 60-65% occupancy. So the drop is there as it had already consumed a lot of capacity in first 10 days.

Sill there are chances that it will show big growth in the later half of the day when families come in big numbers. Also, BB2 is surpassing expectations on each day so we never know if it can do the same today also.

Bahubali 2 2nd Monday Box Office Collection Update

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2nd Sunday

2nd Monday



Bahubali 2 11th day collection is expected to be in the double digit figures. The highest second Monday record is currently held by Aamir Khan's Dangal and BB2 is likely to challenge that.

Day 141.0
Day 240.50
Day 346.50
Day 440.25
Day 530.0
Day 626.0
Day 722.75
Day 819.75
Day 926.50
Day 1034.5
Day 1116.75
Day 1215.75
Day 1317.25
Day 1412.75
Day 1510.05
Day 1614.75
Day 1717.75
Day 187.95
Day 196.95
Day 206.25
Day 216.05
Day 224.15
Day 236.35
Day 247.80
Day 252.90
Day 262.80
Day 272.70
Day 282.70
5th Weekend6.97
Day 321.34
Day 331.22
Day 341.20
Day 351.15
6th Weekend2.90
6th Week4.70
Total505.98 Cr

All India All Version Collections:

    • Day 1: 121
    • Day 2: 82
    • Day 3: 101
    • Day 4: 80
    • Day 5: 57
    • Day 6: 50
    • Day 7: 44
    • Day 8: 40
    • Day 9: 46
    • Total: 622 cr
    • Overseas: 205
    • Worldwide: 1006

This is our last daily update of Bahubali 2 box office performance as now samples will be on the lower side. From now on, only collections will be posted if there is enough data. We hope that you enjoyed our daily coverage of India's biggest blockbuster. Give us your feedback in the comments section.

Also, tell us what are your views about Bahubali 2 2nd Monday box office collection (11th day) update.

52 comments on “Bahubali 2 2nd Monday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Thanks Bollyarena for the daily updates for BB2, it was a blast. Never imagined that Bahubali would break the records of Dangal with so much difference, wow. Thanks to Bahubali 1 & 2 I want to see more south movies. Aiming for Saaho, the next of Prabhas.
    And people don't fight over who is the better and greater star. Instead enjoy the movies from all India.

    1. Are Parshya kaisi bachon jaisi baatein kr raha hai. jb bb2 ab takk sare record tod reha hai to tum ne kaise soch lya ki je 11th day ko peeche reh jayegi

    2. Dude you're too cute.......just because we're aamir fans but that doesn't mean that no other film can beat Aamir's film's collections!!!!

      Also, remember, Bahubali has infact already beather Dangal hands down.......simple calaculation - what's the all India net figure?!?!

      And yes it will cross 400 cr net in Hindi too..........just imagine, its already 55 crore ahead of Dangal after 10 days.....even if the trend is not great from hereon, it should cross 400 cr net!!!

      BTW @ bollyarena - why is it that even after putting in my user name & password , it still keeps telling me to login?? Any clue?!?!

      1. @Lisa
        I agree withu u..but Dangal deserved more coz it is really good and non masala movie.
        Coz of south indian people it is lagging behind BB2 otherwise it would be neck to neck with bb2
        N thanks for ur compliment

        1. @ Parshya - Yes Dangal was a great film but anyway thats subjective as for many people Bahubali is also a great film, if not the better one.......

          here we're not discussing quality of the films...........but plain simple box office nos........obviously wom is excellent , else such record breaking business for second weekend cannot be justified.......

          @ bollyarena - cleared the cache and browsing history but the problem persists!! :(

    3. Band bajaya baahubali me Dangal,pk ka ? that too in 5 days ? cartoon like u said TOH will beat baahubali ? do u think falti Xmas star can do 1000cr in 9 days ?

    4. @Parshya what makes you an Aamir Khan fan? The box office or his acting?

  2. hahaha....

    dangal 1st...800 crore ...


    bahubali 1st....less then ...700 crore....


    Bahubali 2 ko.....Dangal 2 ...jb aaye tb compare krna

  3. Dangal day 11th day collection is 13.75 cr
    then bb2 will 15 to 16 cr
    100% Deffinately

  4. or ye prabhas prabhas kya lga rkha h ??

    prabhas ki jagah...MAGdheera ka acter....Arjun kapur....ranveer singh...

    ya koi b dusra south ka acter hota....to yh movie etni hi kmati....

    Bahubali ko kisi....Bhadaaas ki jrurat nhi h...

    1. Ha Bhai jaise Chopraji said Dangal mein koi dusra actor hota toh itna hi kamati ha ha .

      1. bhai dangal release se phle sab....100 crore ki b movie nhi maan rhe the.....

        or esa kon star h....jo china me 200-300 crore de deta ??

        or esa konsa star h jo....60 saal k baap ka roll krta....akshay kumar ya prabhas ??

        or esa kon sa star h....jo 30 kg weight bdha leta...roll k liye ??

        or Aamir jesi acting kon krta ??

        or aamir se dar k 3 week free run kon deta ??


    2. Beta acting bhi kuch hoti hai......
      Ab to tu ye bhi bolega ki dangal mein aamir ke jagah tussar kapoor bhi hota to easily300cr India mein cross Kr jaata....

    3. Bhaisahab jara Prabhas ki personality to dekh leta

      Uski body Uske Good looks like Royal..........

      Aur body ...........

      Bollywood Aur Tollywood me aur dusara Itna
      Bahubali jaisa Highly lagata hi nahin Mere Bhai

      Aur itane bade sets me vo log sut hote kya??

      Pata hai koi kisi to koi aur ka bahut bada fan hota hai

      Par iska MATLAB ye thodi hota hai ki hum
      Kisi Deserveble Ko ignore Kare

      Isase kisiki insaniyat ka faisala hota hai

      Shame on u ... Guy

      Because u R An Indian

  5. Prabhas is not even no1. In telgu cinema that's pawan Kalyaan followed by mahesh babu so as with ss rajamouli's previous films stars don't make he films he makes stars thanks to his films.

    1. Prior to Dabbang Salman was behind Akshay Srk and Amir but after dat he is still the reigning one since amir Khan appears in 1-2 years
      Dats Wat Baahubali 2 is for Prabhas Now he is reigning one in Tollywood and will remain for long Time

  6. it should be one more open week for Bahubali
    325 crore in 10 days should be 380 crore + in 2 straight weeks so third week around if open week so 70 to 75 crore and rest of the week 25 to 50 crore …just a little close to 500 crore and even that mark is also possibility over there wow….but there is releases in this week so 45 to 50 crore 3rd week and 25 cr for rest of the running theatre period….450 crore + in hindi only and 900 crore + in all over in india is a great achievement for a indian movie. ..hats of…to all bahubali team...and haan prabhas nahi hota aur koi aur bhi actor hota toh 200 crore bhi nahi karti movie because of south indian audience love Prabhas and there all the other actor south ka business bhool jao hindi me bhi koi collection nahi kar paati...aur tum sab jan lo jab prabhas ki starting 37 ki age hai uski so itni age me toh aamir khan bhi itna bada star nahi tha jitna ab hai..so wait for Prabhas next Movie or Movies.....ab Bollywood ko actor ko takkar dene koi aa raha hai.....and yes wait for robot 2 ....

    1. and yes thanks bolly arena for daily updates of BB2 Collections..
      and i think today collection is 17 crore around....

  7. Now dont do the manipulation..

    @bollyarena, it should collect 10-11cr if d night occupancy somewhere btw 45-50%

    If producer gives 15cr collection then definitely manipulation is going on.

    BB2 honeymoon period is over.

    Now only Dangal dhamaka in china.

    1. no it should be collect more than 15 crore or something around 17 crore or you should go and watch BOI figures also there is a 2 crore difference in both producer and Distributors Figures not like
      PK 742 Crore WW Distributors figures and Producers 792 crore WW figures
      Dangal 714 crore Distributors and Producers 744 crore WW.. believe it or not its upto your choice...

      1. bhai dangal k producer figur or distributer figur me jra b diffrence nhi aaya tha....abhi to esme Taiwan or net fix k 20 crore jodne baki h

          1. bhai konse gole pr rhta h.....vo dangal ka hindi collection h....375 crore


            387 hindi = tamil telgu k h

  8. Plz dont do the manipulation hereafter.

    Give d real collection but producer bb2 ko 400cr par kara hi denge..

    1. It deserves to cross 450cr in Hindi only....even if producers don't do manipulation....
      If you have any fought you should check boi and get satisfied that producers are giving 100% accurate figures....

  9. Baahubali 2 Trade and Producer figure lifetime to easily cross 400cr Hindi...... &:p slaps for haters...... WW figure is cross 1500cr...

  10. There is no producer figure for Dangal. The difference is between different sources like Taran adarsh,Bollywood hungama, Boi etc. This is due to gross figures. Dangal net collection is similar for every source but difference is due to net to gross and overseas gross.
    Anyways Dangal has now surpassed 800cr+. Same goes for PK.

  11. yaar aap log iss movie ko dangal se campare kyu kar raho .dangal movie bacchi hain iske aage 2.5 billion ki movie hain yhe . isne 1000 crore kama liye world wild .danagal jaise 5 movie bhi a jayegi to tabbhi 1000 crore nahi kar payegi. Bollywood wale soch bhi nhi sakte aise movie banane ko.
    dangal ka record to tublight hi tod dengi wait for khan movies

  12. Dangal me kisi ka bhi collection add kar le bahubali SE 500 CR below hi rahega,haan agar Uganda,siria,ethopia,jayre,Kenya,Zambia,Mali me ja kar 30 din tak promotion karo to Kuch baat ban Sakti hai dangal ka phir kehna aamir is megastar jisme Africa me collection kiya

    1. bhai tere haklu ki movie sab jagah release hoti h...

      or bahubali 1st b ...china release hui thi...

      or 2nd Pakistan...jha dangal release nhi hui.....

      .......dangal ne byycott kiya...aamir ne national antham k scene katne se mna kr diya....

      asmir bahubali or haklu ki tarah pakistan k liye mre nhi jata h.....

      sharm kro south walo.....pese k liye...

    2. Mast comment hai bhai chineresti actor african ban jayega use ese bhi hinfustan to pasand hi nahi hai

  13. Bahubali craze over, it will nt be able to beat dangal's collection day wise from now.
    Looking at trend, todays collection should be around one fourth of sundays collection, my prediction is 9-10.5cr, lets see.

  14. Are its only Aamir vs Bahubaali Baki Chote stars ke supporter Kiya Kar rahe Hain samajh nehi aaraha Hain.

  15. Hindi Collection Baahuabli 2: Fri 41 Cr, Sat 40.50 Cr, Sun 46.50 Cr, Mon 40.25 Cr, Tue 30 Cr, Wed 26 Cr, Thus 22.75 Cr, Friday 19.75 Cr, Sat 25.40 Cr, Sun 34.50 Cr, 2nd Mon 16.35 Cr*
    Baahubali 2 Hindi Version 11 Days 344.10 Cr

  16. Aamir woh saksh hai jo khud record banata hai aur khud torta hai. Kahi baar usne aisa kiya. Aagar prabhash mey itna dum hai to bb2 ka record uska aagla film mey Tod ke dikhaye. Pata chal jayega aukat.

  17. 11 day collection 340 cr...tue 15cr wed 15 thu 15 fri 15..so collection is 400 cr..and 25 cr 25 cr saturday sunday respectivity...so esay 450 cr...bahubali is like never seen before movie

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