Bahubali 2 23rd Day Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 23rd Day Box Office Collection: Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has shown huge growth on its 4th Saturday. According to the trade estimates, Bahubali 2 23rd day collection will be in the range of 6 crores.

The film showed an upwards trend in North India. Though there were new releases this week but Bahubali 2 collection has witnessed more than 50% jump on 4th Saturday which is an extraordinary trend. The film is still breaking all-time records daily despite consuming a lot of capacity. It shows that film has tremendous repeat value.

Bahubali 2 23rd Day Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 box office collection in 23 days will be around 470 crore in Hindi version. It is now sure to go over 500 cr nett. The film has not lost its pace yet as it is still going strong especially in North. The big release Half Girlfriend seems to have a mixed word of mouth and can drop on weekdays which will benefit Bahubali 2. Though Hindi Medium can be the first choice in multiplexes.

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All India collection in all versions is 930 crores plus in 23 days. Bahubali 2 worldwide collection might cross 1500 crores today. Meanwhile, Bollywood film Dangal is giving tough competition to BB2 after its China release. It will be interesting to see which film will become all time number one film in worldwide.

Day 141.0
Day 240.50
Day 346.50
Day 440.25
Day 530.0
Day 626.0
Day 722.75
Day 819.75
Day 926.50
Day 1034.5
Day 1116.75
Day 1215.75
Day 1317.25
Day 1412.75
Day 1510.05
Day 1614.75
Day 1717.75
Day 187.95
Day 196.95
Day 206.25
Day 216.05
Day 224.15
Day 236.35
Day 247.80
Day 252.90
Day 262.80
Day 272.70
Day 282.70
5th Weekend6.97
Day 321.34
Day 331.22
Day 341.20
Day 351.15
6th Weekend2.90
6th Week4.70
Total505.98 Cr

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33 comments on “Bahubali 2 23rd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Producers and even analysts such as Taran Adarsh declared it crossed 1500 cr, can you explain why this difference please ?

    1. 470 nett Hindi
      250 Cr Telugu
      250 Cr Rest of Languages

      970Cr All India nett

      1300Cr All India Gross

      Worldwide collections 280Cr

      Total WW Gross ~1600Cr .... Second Dongal 460Cr All India nett.. lol

      BTW Only nett collections are Genuine and come to Producers pocket.

    2. 470 nett Hindi
      250 Cr Telugu
      250 Cr Rest of Languages

      970Cr All India nett

      1300Cr All India Gross

      Worldwide collections 280Cr

      Total WW Gross ~1600Cr .... Second is Dongal 360Cr All India nett.. lol

      BTW Only nett collections are Genuine and come to Producers pocket.

    3. just wait for china release..world wide will be min 2500 cr after china..if highly overrated films like dongal earns over 100 m USD...then mark my words movie of the decade the bahubali will earn minimum 200 m USD in china..

  2. Kitna bhagoge fake collection ke sath

    Phir bhi Dangal fake collection ko dho dalegi Wednesday ko. ??

    1. are parshya tu toh kehta tha ke bb2 370 cr bnaygi
      but iss ne toh 470 cr bna daala
      kahan gyi teri predication

    1. Real difference. ...dangal 15th day pe collection ki 6.5cr aur baahubali 23th day pe collection ki 6 cr......ohho yaha bhi dangal jyda kama gayi.....??

      1. Ohh hello Mr. Hasibdon123
        Dangal ww collection in 16 days
        India gross + overseas=740cr
        China=650cr(till Saturday)
        Bahubali ww collection
        =1520cr(till Saturday)

  3. Actually India gross is d main problem
    for bb2 collection

    They have given huge fig for it.

    That's why difference is large.

    1. You mean the pace worldwide. We all witnessed what BB 2 has done in India. Don't degrade BB2 because u are Aamir Khan fan. Are u so stupid, that u can't see 2 movies of India are doing extraordinairy business worldwide. No, your small braines wouldn't understand that.

    2. dangal 3rd Saturday 100cr real lagata h tunjhe aur bahubali Ka 6cr fake.....wah re parshya....tu ek no. Ka muh fat h

      multipluex mein dekh av bhi Bahubali ke show kitne jada h 4th friday ke baad bhi.....chal bhag yaha se

    3. Parshya : brainless !! do u know the difference between INR and Yuan ? 9.36 INR = 1 yuan !! ie, practically, 1 chinese ticket = 9-10 indian tickets. so 10 times more audience is there in india for bb2 than in china.

  4. Now please dont post predictions by that Canadian Bhaitard Bobby Sidhu

    His last two predictions-BKD and Half Girlfriend are terribly wrong.

    Opening predction can be done by visiting sites like Arena, Sallucine etc but that joker evendares to predict HG to collect 110cr

  5. After 21 days
    Bahubali 2 Hindi nett income = 460 crore producer figure for 21 days
    All india 957 Crore nett Producer Figure for 21 days
    1235 Crore gross Producer Figure for 21 days
    1500 Crore gross all languages producer estimates for 21 days
    $41.85 Million or Rs 272 Crore for 21 days
    After 23 days
    Bahubali 2 Hindi nett income = 470 crore producer figure for 23 days
    All india 976 Crore nett Producer Figure for 23 days
    1260 Crore gross Producer Figure for 23 days
    1530 Crore gross all languages producer estimates for 23 days
    $42.90 Million or Rs 277 Crore for 23 days

      1. Here comes Parshya the offical joker of bollyarena.Thank u so much for giving us comic relief in the comment section.Keep it up.

  6. Bahubali 2 23 days Total Gross income is 1537 crore
    Dangal 23 days Total Gross income is 1380 crore

    The difference between these two films is 157 crore

    1. mr. don.. dont dangal released on 26 Dec 2016.. its nearly 150 days.. not 23 days.. dont make fake news.. all time collection record in India particularly Hindi versionalso is BB2 not dangal. i think khans / dons investing their money in china for their fake Bollywood mass hero image..

  7. Prabhas abhi naya hain .jab bhi amir jaise star ka record tod diya Jo 30 saalo se hain bollywood mein .fake stardom of amir . himmat hain agar dum amir khan clash kare movie.jab phategi.srk has given 21 hit with a clash big actor .jawani mein to chale nahi . budape mein chal rahe hain .
    bahubaali are rocking .

  8. Prabhas abhi naya aaya hain .usne amir jaise budha star ka record tod diya.Agar amir khan mein dum hain to apni movie clash karke dikaye kisi bade actor ke sath .phat jayegi .uski planning hoti hain Christmas per kyuki 4 week tak to koi apni movie release nhi karta.srk has given 21 hits with clash big actor .esa kheta hain actor . bahubaali is rocking

  9. Because of BB2, Dangal has to take refuge in China!!!! Jokes apart, both films are good. One thing is proven. A director with good knowledge of VFX and graphics can take a movie to a different level. Apart from SLB, no one is even closer to Rajamouli in India. He has been trend setter!!!
    BTW, Telugu people consider BB2 are ONE of the greatest and not THE greatest. There are other all time classics like "Maya Bazar", "Nartanasala" (both are stories from Mahabharat) etc... I hope some one will remake Maya Bazar again. I consider this as all time great movie.

  10. Look guy's ✊?????
    Dangal trade 1410+ CR
    Makers 1420 CR deference 10 CR????

    Bahubali makers @taranadarsh&@rameshlous

    1538 CR ????
    Books& Andhraboxoffice
    1483+ CR taday 1500+ CR

    Deference 55+ CR

    But those film Proud for India??????

  11. Bollywood is unable to digest tge fact that BB2 overtook its market that's y all bollwood sites giving fake collections of dangal and showing less collections BB2..How can hindi movie in china earn 102cr on 3rd sat..definitely fake..Tingu is in hurry to beat bahubali with fake collections..Pirates and baywatch will put a break to tingu's fake collections in china on this friday..BB2 will win..Jai Mahishmathi..

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