Bahubali 2 1st Day Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 1st Day Box Office Collection: The biggest release of the year, SS Rajamouli's Baahubali 2 hit the screens today. The film was carrying unprecedented buzz and hype before the release. The craze was unimaginable even in North belt despite being a dubbed film. Well, it seems that the film has not only lived up to the sky-high expectations but has even surpassed them. Take a look at Bahubali 2 collection report for the whole day.

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has literally set the box office on fire in all over India. As far the Hindi version is concerned, Baahubali 2 1st day collection is likely to be over 40 cr.

The film started the day with a bang today. The overall occupancy in the morning shows was in the range of 80%. All the major circuits Mumbai, Delhi/UP, Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, opened exceptionally well. The bumper opening in markets like East Punjab and West Bengal has ensured that the film is on a blockbuster ride. It did slow a little in the noon as it is not a holiday but picked up again in the evening.

Bahubali 2 1st Day Box Office Collection

This was undoubtedly the biggest opening of the year and could be the best in this decade if we consider the real terms. The initial was higher than other big openers like Sultan, PRDP and Dangal. But the fact that Baahubali 2 has done the same on non-holiday is simply staggering. The film has set individual all time records in most of the Hindi markets. It is a non-holiday opening record but can even challenge all time record when the official figures will come in the morning.

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In down South, Baahubali 2 has an Earth shattering start everywhere. The Telugu version was literally houseful for the whole day. In fact, the film has been sold out for the whole weekend. Tamil version has a slow start but picked up the pace in the evening. The morning shows were also cancelled which can affect Baahubali 2 collection in Tamil version.

Baahubali 2 1st day collection in all languages is likely to be over 100 crores nett. This is simply insane as none of the Indian films has even crossed 50 cr mark. The highest opening day record was held by Rajinikanth starer Kabali which collected 47.2 crore.



Hindi Markets
40 cr+
53 cr
Tamil Nadu+Kerala
13.5 cr
10 cr
116.5 cr+


Baahubali 2 The Conclusion is extraordinary in the overseas markets too. The film has collected a massive $2.5 million from Thursday previews in USA and has beaten Fast and Furious 8. It has become the first Indian film to top USA box office. The opening weekend is likely to be over $20 million.

More updates and analysis, especially about Telugu and Tamil, will be updated tomorrow. Do tell us your views on historic Bahubali 2 1st day box office collection in the comments section.

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  1. Watched Baahubali2 today and it was really Good! First Half was Superb, the Second half was Good too but not as good as the first Half. The Suspense (Why Kaptappa Killed Baahubali?) Was Superb! The VFX were average, some things looks fake, but there were some Beautiful Scenes too! The movie was a bit long. The direcrion Was Good, Story was Good & the climax(Last 5-8mins were also good). The Big War at the end of the movie wasn't as good as the War in the first Movie.
    Acting: Prabhas was Fantastic. Anushka was Very Pretty and did a good Job. Rana, Ramya, SathyaRaj & Nassar did good too.
    Overall it is a Very Good movie, It will be loved by all the sections of the audience.
    I'll rate the movie 4/5!

    1. Waaah nice ek din mai 100
      And srk ka lifetime 82 crore mai atak jaata hai
      And in Hindi it will be 40 and lifetime will be magical 1000

    2. First I thought this movie won't be able to do much out of India but now looking at the hype around the movie, this movie is going to set records that are not going to be touched for some years! I mean 5.5million first day on a thrusday and over 100cr net first day in India! WOW!
      India net: 450-550cr
      Overseas: 250-300cr
      Worldwide: 1000cr - 1300cr
      One of the greatest blockbuster to have every come out of India! But let's if it would get a tag of a classic in the near future!

  2. Robot 2 south me jarur iska record break kar sakte h par north me koi chance nhi h..akshay ki itne aaukat nhi ki 36+ cr opening hindi belt me dilwa de..!!!

    1. @Befikre Lets see 2.0 hindi will collect 45-50 cr. on day 1 if it gets 4000 screens in hindi...And will show the real power of Akshay Kumar...

    2. Just wait and watch 2.0north me 36 cr ka opening dega Akki ka bahut sal sa massy movie nahi aaya hai RR 2012 me 15 cr ka opening diya tha sirf 1500 screens pe

    3. Sahi kaha yaar rajni toh apna kam kar dega par akshay nahi kar payega.ye toh prabhas ki following hi itni jyada hai

    4. Robo 2.0 will not break any records even in south. Only in Tamilnadu it will collect huge amount.

  3. Salman kuch bhii nhi..eid k saath bhii 36+cr ki opening nhi de de payega..dekh lena..!!!!actually me koi king nhi h bss content h sab kuch..!!!

    1. Salman is the king bahubali saare language s me kad kar aur international markets ka bhi hisaab daal kar 100cr dikhane ka nahi eak hi language me pictures Nikal kar di khana hai maadar choir

  4. Criminal khan's idiotic movies won't get this collections in Hindi belt even in festival dates ... lol

  5. Bahubali should promoted by Aamir in china..if this happened then definitely 1500cr WW..
    Come on Aamir help rajamauli in china
    Without Aamir it will be very dificult for bahubali2 beat Dangal in china..
    Plz Aamir do the primotion of bahibali2
    It will be proud moment for india if u do this...
    Some haters will not agree with me but this is the need for bahubali.
    All r zero in china without Aamir.

    1. Teri Dangal is week K end mean khatam hai Amii KP boy jaker Christmas or rate bda kar critics kharid Kar manipulated figures btayein
      Baahubali The Conclusion Is unreachable

    2. bro can you please shut your mouth. Just go and watch the movie. Its only content that will stand any where not the faalthu image. The stars of Bahubali are not known to most of the people in India before its release, but too it created records in the collections. So better stop ur stupid imagination and just enjoy the movie. We are very proud that an Indian film that too film from Telugu film industry created this record.

  6. Beta parshya
    baahubali hindi 1st day 40+collection
    tubelight 1st day 50cr ka collection karegi
    tubelight 1st week cross 280cr net india me
    sultan ka 1st week ka collection 208cr that
    wait and watch
    love baahubali and salman khan

  7. Bok bok kornewale sabo karara jabab...Are Bhai aj tho koi holiday nahi tha na??? Or nahi Amir or Salman k movie....Wo v South Indian movie.. Movie ho tho Bahubali jaisa..

  8. North India me aamir NE promote kya tha bahubali ko .North America me aamir NE promote kya tha bahubali ko.bina logic ke baat mat karna bewkoof parshya .dangal 1st day collection 29.46 crore 4000 screen me ,bahubali 30+ crore in 3200 screen samjha parshya ab bol North India me aamir Khan NE promote kya tha.China me 100mn$ ka business karegi

  9. watched the film…….

    Bahubali 2 delivers and lives upto all the hype…..

    Bahubali 1 was marginally better though…….would say half star difference really!

  10. bahubali gave all north indian film makers a slap in face south indian rocks north india flops .

    1. No discrimination please.. Everyone words hard for success.. its just not their time.. but one day... Andha naal...


  12. Well, now this all clears up........for all those saying that salman is better than srk or Aamir better than srk (because of box boffice)...well in that case prabhas is baap of all khans.....but nowadays it's more about a better film than a star.....bigger star is just an added bonus......

  13. Epic start..A lesson for Bollywood cinema..Stop making crap movies...guys go & watch babubali 2 ??
    Time to support good cinema

  14. Tino khans amir khan salman khan shahrukh khan tino videsi khans ka aukaat yaad dila diya ek bhartiya prabhas bahubali ne jaise samrat Chandragupta Maurya ne aukaat yaad dilaya tha alexendar ya sikandar ko aur selucus ko yuddh me harakar bahubali 2sab ka record torega 1000crore kamayega

  15. The one who made fun of God In his films his film PK is all set to be squashed now
    Baahubali The conclusion is best ever made in India

  16. This film shows that Bollywood
    main hai dum,
    aur hum Hollywood se nahin hai kum
    This is the first movie which has the appearance like iron man rd junior

  17. Bahut log kah rhe h ki tubelight 50 core ka collection krogi bt me bta du o holiday pe krogi non - holiday pe krke dikhaye n ek bat aur ye south ki movie h kkk ...agar Hindi movie me dum h to south me ek din me 30 crore collect krke dikhaye tb Na Manu.....ye khans ko holiday pe hi release krte h taki achi kamayi ho sake....dum h to non-holiday pe krke dikhaye ......aj content ka zamana h ....star power ka ni.......ek din ka collection 100 crore above h world wide ....kahi kisi ne soch v ni hga......hats off razamouli. ......dil kit liya

  18. now i have a fear that people spent so much on bahubali that they cant go to watch tubelight lol

  19. Ata bohot vlo movie.but mene apphi bahubali 2 nehi dekha-katapa kew mara bahubaali koo.bolegi muge

  20. Pagal h box competition karne wale life me khud ka collection dekho movie's to time pass hai dekho aur bhool jao

  21. The south Indian never give that much screens for any Hindi movie..if they do so then even they know what the collections would be..especially movies of Salman and Aamir

  22. Bollywood should learn from our Industry. No Bollywood movie ever crossed 1000 crs. I wonder how many bumper opening bollywood gave since Salman film. Its a big shame their so called industry only three 3
    AFGHANISTAN actors and 1 Hindu Indian actor has given a 30 cr bumper opening. Forget Jadoo boy who without Shivering Papa kalkulator cannot even give 25 cr opening and Joker Kumar worst still chasing records of Sushant and my Favorite Ranbir opening. So Saddd. This is also show how Without Joker collection will not be 5% an issue since its been proven once public are badly waiting for a movie they will certainly show up in number no matter which industry the film is coming from plus dont forget its Rajnikant movie who everyone are aware of. His last movie Kabali on non holiday collected 3 times as much as Jokers SIB. Ranji will always be Rajni who before Joker is already a household name.


  24. Abe krishna unlucky ghode rajni ki kabali hindi me flop this janta hai wo akki ke karan hindi belt me robot 2 Chale give isliye liya usko thik hai u idiot itti hi dam hai to Kyo liya akki ko Kyo bheegi manti aamir sallu se movie ke liye ab bata beta zyada bola na to tera bap betha hai yha sala zyada u chlo mat aisa karunga na ki sil bhi nhi paega

  25. Abhijeet You Gawar Gobarian Ranveer Singh Hrithik Srk Salman Neil Mukesh all rejected 2.0 that is why greedy money Gobar jumped in. Sushant Singh 21CR Gobar Kumar 16CR BOI you understand you Fakhir.

  26. You and ur rajni is a fakeer if u have guts than why ur so called ghajini came to bollywood actors begging for 2.0 why not from south stay in ur Aukat you beggar you will remain our karzdar always ok u are a slave

  27. Thank you hindi people for supporting telugu film. Proud telugu guy and a proud telugu/indian film.Ahh whet a relief all the hindi/ tamil people who thought telugu industryis wate should may be shjt and sit now and also it didn't only set records in telugu but became the bes openerand will become the highest grosser of india.

  28. It is the victory of modern science and technology, no actor can take credit for this. Of course, credit goes to Raja Mouli without any doubt for his creativity and the way he has used the technology flawless. A mass hero only could carry any movie on his shoulders even all other aspects of the fail to prove.

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