Bahubali 2 17th Day Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 17th Day Box Office Collection: Baahubali 2 has reached the end of its third weekend. The film has maintained a solid pace as Bahubali 2 collection has set another all-time record beating that of Dangal. It is still going strong and could dominate in the remaining weeks.

Bahubali 2 has shown excellent growth in its third weekend. After a massive jump on Saturday, it picked up again on 3rd Sunday. According to the official figures, Bahubali 2 17th day collection will be around 17.75 crore.

The film is showing a very good trend in the third week too. There were two new Bollywood releases but they have failed to affect Bahubali 2 collection. In fact it was the other way around. Bahubali 2 3rd Sunday collection has set the record for highest 3rd Sunday of all time. It has also set the record for highest 3rd-weekend collection and has become the only film who has crossed 40 crore mark in the third weekend when most of the films struggle to do the same in the first weekend.

Bahubali 2 17th Day Box Office Collection

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Bahubali 2 box office collection in 17 days will be 432 crores. Aamir Khan has given all time grosser since 2008. But now someone has challenged the supermacy of Aamir and this record could remain intact for quite some time. Now the film should finish in the range of 500 crores.

In all India, the total collection in all versions is around 860 crore. The film is its way to cross 900 crores but could fall short of 1000 crores. The worldwide gross of the film is 1300 crore plus in 17 days.

Hindi Version Collections (Producer Figures):

Day 141.0
Day 240.50
Day 346.50
Day 440.25
Day 530.0
Day 626.0
Day 722.75
Day 819.75
Day 926.50
Day 1034.5
Day 1116.75
Day 1215.75
Day 1317.25
Day 1412.75
Day 1510.05
Day 1614.75
Day 1717.75
Day 187.95
Day 196.95
Day 206.25
Day 216.05
Day 224.15
Day 236.35
Day 247.80
Day 252.90
Day 262.80
Day 272.70
Day 282.70
5th Weekend6.97
Day 321.34
Day 331.22
Day 341.20
Day 351.15
6th Weekend2.90
6th Week4.70
Total505.98 Cr

All India All Versions:

  • Day 1: 121
  • Day 2: 82
  • Day 3: 101
  • Day 4: 80
  • Day 5: 57
  • Day 6: 50
  • Day 7: 44
  • Day 8: 40
  • Day 9: 48
  • Day 10: 51
  • Day 11: 32
  • Day 12: 30
  • Day 13: 32
  • Day 14: 25
  • Day 15: 18
  • Day 16: 23
  • Day 17: 27
  • Total: 860 cr

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      1. he thinks only china...bb2 beats dangal every where incuding North america Aus Europe..still he thinks china china..lol

        1. ...biggest joke....


          Bahubali-1st ko ko...Kattappa ne nhi....

          Aamir ki Dangal ne maara...


      2. b'cos...

        "south india me bollywood movie ka kmana ,china me kmane se kam h k"

        fir b srk or salman se to better h...

      3. Bro,

        Dangal is Good And Bahubali is also too good... There is no comparison between both... Bcoz If you see standards of Bahubali 2 and Dangal..
        Then I would say Bahubali 2 is Mr. Modi And Dangal or any movie in indian history till date are like Arvind Kejriwal...it is the better truth that we should understand...

    1. BB2 lifetime in india will be approximately 950CR Bollywood to bs 300-400 pe hi khda hai.
      salman khan ki poori zindgi Bollywood main filmein bna te ho gyi kbi 400 cr nahi kma paye .Lekin prabhas ki yeh 2nd film hai aur 433 cr wow osm
      prabhas>>>>>>>salman khan

    2. bb2 hasnt released in china yet! they are planning to release it around july I believe!. And Dangal would be nowhere around after seeing bahubali's collection!!..

  2. Bahubali 2 is the movie of future's hope... Bahubali 2 (Hindi) today's collection will be around 7-8 crore ... and the third week collection will be around 65-68 crore ....

  3. Ww go up to 1450 CR max.
    Waiting for dangal today collection
    If it will cross 50cr mark
    Then dangal is sure shot to beat

  4. Be happy with china. But do remember, this just first phase release collection of BB2 while dangal has seen its second phase release. However these small things matter to u n few others. But for most of us (Indians), we r proud of both dangal n bb2. Both showing true potential of indian cinema in current times

  5. parshya bro u should be happy about both the movies!!!! even u were most famous in indicin also!! mujhe lgta h thugs of hindostan China m 1000 crore krega

  6. My whole bollyarena friends apni family ko bhi bahubali 2 ,theater me le ja kar dikhaoo.aur apne aas paas ke friends ko bhi dekhne kaho .aur bhi jyada SE jyada logo ko ye baat bato ki bahubali Jaise movie Roz ,Roz nahi banti

    1. Aab tu Dangal ka Kamal dekhta ja..

      Har din 3.5 m$ Jada business Hoga aur Fri sat Sunday to tsunami ayegi firse ??

      #BB2 FINISH

      Aamir ??

      1. #Parshya. I dont know your culture, region or religion. But if this all comes down to this level, then remember Aamir will be known as Chinese Star. Indians will stop caring for him. Let him be happy in china. US films make more money than anyone else- it doesnt matters to Indians. INDIAN MOVIE IN INDIA is what matters. If Sholay was not hit in China, it doesnt mean anything to an Indian.
        And put some personal bet with yourself on Dangal. Baahubali 2 will remain the highest grosser. Its already more than 1000cr in India. FIrst Indian film to 800Cr, 900Cr, 1000Cr, 1100 Cr, 1200Cr, 1300Cr, 1400Cr, 1500Cr. Keep chasing.
        No Harm being Hopeful.

      2. BB2 All India Net will be close to 1000 Cr. Hindi net will be close to 500 Cr. First your Chinki Khan cross those totals of BB2. Then you come and talk. BB2 is dubbed Telugu movie. In South India people watch less dubbed Hindi films as they do not appeal to all sections. Even though BB2 is dubbed from Telugu the whole of North India is loving it because it has got content that is liked by every section.We care a foot for China Collections. For us Indians India matters. You keep barking like this China China all day and nobody is going to give 2 cents. Better you go to china and take your Chinki Khan too there.

  7. Dangal kbhi nhi hara payegi bb2 ko
    Bb2 -1400 crores worldwide after 17 days
    Dangal -1150 crores still 250 crores difference.

  8. Both Bahubali & Dangal are hallmark of success of Indian cinema. While Dangal has shown how an Indian movie can truly go International, Bahubali has showcased true potential of Indian boxoffice itself. While Dangal's stellar show is a surprise, its profits in International markets are not going to land in Aamir Khan's pocket. He will only get the price for which he sold the prints in those markets. Only with those countries where India has Free Trade Agreement can Aamir get share in the profits. Only benefit for him is his next movie will fetch a higher price. Bahubali otoh, has made it producers tremendously rich. Where Bollywood movies are struggling to cross 300-350 Crores, Bahubali is going to land at nearly 1000 Cr net. The longer it stays in cinemas, higher the bank balance of its makers. Which is why domestic Boxoffice returns will always trump International earnings.

  9. Please bahubali fan dikha do Indian box-office ka dum aur bahubali ka domestic collection ko 1500 crore ke paar kar do .please apne relative,friends ko movie dekhne bolo,aur apne family ko bhi dikhayo

  10. bb2 is a kind of movie which comes after a long time......so i advise each & everyone...don't miss it...just go for it

  11. If Dangal china collections are really true,its good for cinemas in india because even low budget regional movies can be dubbed in chinese langauge and be released in china where they will make more money then in india.

    1. China doesn't allow more than 20 foreign language movies to be released. And that includes Hollywood too.

  12. Parshya tu china ke chakkar me ye bhool gaya ki Bahubali ne India me Dangal ki band baja di h......hahahaha

  13. Chinese midia ne dangal ke collection ko lekar koi bhi reaction nahi diya h abhi tak ,but bahubali ke bare m jarut bat ho rahi h .... Na hi india kisi news chanal ne aisa kuchh btaya but dono hi movie achi h or dono hi Indian h im proud of both movies jai mahismati and dangal dangal but abi to bahubali hi aage h ... Because dangal ne jo 5,6 month m kia h bahubali ne 17 din m kia h , international release abi baki h agar hoti h to I don't know kiska kya hoga

  14. Excellent. A rare feet by an Indian film. Let's wish pan India appeal films may start coming (Bahubali, Dangal). However makers should not spend money blindly because magic may not repeat..

  15. It seems that dangal even not beat bb2 after China run.
    Bb2 inching closer to 1500 crores worldwide.
    Bb2 Hindi version will earns 100 cr more to take it's total 500 cr nett.

  16. please all b clear that movie makes money only if ticket prices are high, and bahubali 2 had starting ticket price of 500 minimum in normal single screen theaters and 900 in multiplexes, which is 5 times higher in normal and 3 times in multiplexes. If ticket price is as normal as other films then it would earn around same as that of other movies.now at present till today only sharukh and salman movie ticket price are normal, where as even Aamir movie ticket price is higher.

    1. Wrong study bro I have seen in many theather movie tickets from 120 to 220 in maxi theaters... I watch 4 times got ticket in this range in all different mutiplx...
      Where have you watch in 500 let us know..

  17. After some days baahubali 2 will be releasing in china, then it will smash the records of amir in china also. ????????????????????????

  18. Dnn compare Baahubali with Dangal ...both r good movie and both r indian movie ..u should appreciate there progress Dangal is beating Hollywood movie collection in China ,Dangal was given 55000 screen for Saturday and Sunday which is massive ..

  19. In just a 6 days baahubali 2 beeten the dangal and pk lifetime collections.
    In just a 9 days baahubali 2 collected 1050 crores.
    In its 3rd weekend baahubali 2 will be croses the 1500 crores.

  20. BB2 already crossed 1000 cr in India and heading towards 1500 cr worldwide. Just saw BB2 in Telugu and Hindi today in Brisbane, already saw in Telugu on 1st day and later Tamil in Toowoomba. Saturated with Baahubali. In Australia BB2 is running until its 3rd week Thu May 17th.

  21. Dangal will never beat bb2 . ..if BB2 will release at china then no one stop him.....

  22. BB2's 17th day collections is much more than the 1st day collections of many bollywood movies lol

  23. dangal is a really nice movie...but bahubali is the next level,...so don't even compare it dude...bahubali is just awesome.

  24. Bhai, content lagta hai famous hone me liye, Bahubali bad dikhawa hai..uske jaise hazaro Hollywood films China walk me dekhe hoge...
    But dangal was something which the Chinese people identified themselves with. Even if bb2 releases it China it will hardly earn 100 crores that too least possibility.

    Still I respect both these films, someday I hope they will rule Japan USA and Europe too...
    Thank u

  25. baahubali baaaaaaaaaahubaaaaali wah nre baahu maan gaye gadar movie hai desh ke liye bade garv ki baat hai ke apne desh me aisi movie bani hai director ya hero koi bhi ho jo bhi hindustani aisi film banayega usko grand salute hai India is the best

  26. bahubali2 9000 screen pe ayi aur dangal china me 9000 screen pe ayi fir bhi bahubali se pche rah gayi

  27. whats this comparing Bahubali 2 with dangal can't u see what happens
    Bahubali movies sits on The Royal Chair. now about dangal where it stands nowhere.

  28. Please... Compare these two films, after the phase 2 release (post release) of BB2. They are planning to release BB2 in china n japan and some other countries soon.
    And You're comparing BB2's hindi collection with Dangal's all india collection.

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