Bahubali 2 13th Day Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 13th Day Box Office Collection (2nd Wednesday): Baahubali 2 is set to create the history at the box office. The Hindi version of the film will become the highest grosser of all time in Bollywood. Baahubali 2 collection will cross Dangal lifetime in just two weeks.

Baahubali 2 has done well on its second Wednesday too. According to the trade estimates, Bahubali 2 13th day collection will be in the range of 15 rores.

It has already crossed the Hindi business of Dangal which was around 374 crore. Aamir Khan starrer collected 12 cr plus in Tamil and Telugu versions and the combined business will also be crossed today. It is a phenomenal achievement that a Hindi dubbed film has gone on to beat the biggest grosser of Bollywood.

Bahubali 2 13th Day Box Office Collection

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Bahubali 2 box office collection in 13 days will be 374 cr. It will become the first film to cross 400 cr in India. The lifetime business is sure to go over 450 cr and has high chances to touch 500 cr also. Dangal collected 70 crore after two weeks and BB2 will be eyeing to go higher than that as the trend is better.

All India collection stands at massive 765 crore after 13 days. It will cross 800 crore in the third weekend and has now a realistic chance to go over 900 cr. This week we will see the release of Meri Pyaari Bindu and Sarkar 3 which are carrying low buzz. With weak competition ahead, Bahubali 2 collection is likely to be higher than all new releases.

Hindi Version Collections:

Day 141.0
Day 240.50
Day 346.50
Day 440.25
Day 530.0
Day 626.0
Day 722.75
Day 819.75
Day 926.50
Day 1034.5
Day 1116.75
Day 1215.75
Day 1317.25
Day 1412.75
Day 1510.05
Day 1614.75
Day 1717.75
Day 187.95
Day 196.95
Day 206.25
Day 216.05
Day 224.15
Day 236.35
Day 247.80
Day 252.90
Day 262.80
Day 272.70
Day 282.70
5th Weekend6.97
Day 321.34
Day 331.22
Day 341.20
Day 351.15
6th Weekend2.90
6th Week4.70
Total505.98 Cr

All India All Version Collections:

  • Day 1: 121
  • Day 2: 82
  • Day 3: 101
  • Day 4: 80
  • Day 5: 57
  • Day 6: 50
  • Day 7: 44
  • Day 8: 40
  • Day 9: 48
  • Day 10: 51
  • Day 11: 32
  • Day 12: 30
  • Day 13: 30*
  • Total: 765 cr

*Estimate. Official numbers from South awaited.

Note: Due to connectivity issues, updates are delayed on web.

Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Bahubali 2 13th day box office collection (2nd Wednesday) in the comments section.

68 comments on “Bahubali 2 13th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Maasssssive Achievement......500cr+ is onnn....even there is chance for 550cr .

    1. Itne dino baad bhi itni kamai kar rahi hai
      I can't predict looking on the trend

    2. Baahubali2 all India net collection will be 1000Cr in all languages
      sab kehte the ke yeh ww 1000cr ko touch kregi but iss ne to india main hi 1000 cr kma lena hai wow india's first film to do so
      Amir and sallu to 300-400 pe hi rahege kabhi bhi 1000cr ko touch nahi kr payenge india main

    3. @parshy .....

      bhai kyo aamir ka naam kharaab kr rha h .....

      .....logo ka leval nhi h , jo aamir ki movie acting mehnat ko samaj ske.....uski tarif kr ske....

      ...aamir apne time se bhot aage h....

      har jagah ...aamir aamir krke sirf nafrat peda hogi.....

    4. ignore parshya....

      vh aamir ka crazy Fan h......."Fan" wala fan h.....

      .........ek fan hi dusre fan ko samaj skta h.....


    5. Dangal is chasing the 1000 crore mark now with its business in China which should gross at least 300 crore to take it to the 1000 crore mark in all languages. This is a huge number but the problem is that Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion is making everything around it look small at the moment. Any other time Dangal registering 1000 crore Worldwide would be seen as a mega achievement but its come in the Bahubali 2 wave which had surpassed 1000 crore in ten days. The business of Dangal and Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion till date end of business 10th May) in all languages is as follows.Dangal - 866 crore (China going strong and should comfortable cross 1000 crore and maybe go to 1100 crore)Bahubali 2 The Conclusion - 1179 crore ( Strong run in India and Overseas also holding well though not as well as India. Will cross 1400 crore for sure and maybe go up to 1500 crore)The more interesting battle will in the Hindi version where eventually Bahubali 2 is a dubbed film but could challenge the Dangal worldwide number just on its Hindi format. That would probably be the biggest achievement of Bahubali 2 if its get there as the Hindi contribution from Overseas is limited so it would mean its mainly all from India.

      1. But Rajamaouli sir is planning to release the Bahubali 2 in China in June then Bahubali 2 definitely cross the 2000 mark on Box office

      2. Y r u crying....in china...nothing will be plain report. Every media reports published after seeking government permission.

        Shankar movies usually released in china. Dangal bought for 5 crores only by Chinese distribution... I live in china released by Indian origin hotel owners and students. My hotel owner released for 40 odd people.....nothing big jere

    6. Bollyarena, you are saying that Bahubali 2 will cross Dangal lifetime collection in 2 weeks while it has already crossed Dangal Hindi collection today... Didnt Bahubali 2 crossed Dangal lifetime collection on 5th day itself??? When you are comparing All India lifetime collection of Dangal, why are you not comparing it will All India collection of Bahubali 2 and comparing it with only Hindi collection of Bahubali 2??? Comparing only Bahubali 2 Hindi collection in all statistics is an attempt to show as if Dangal is just slightly behind Bahubali 2... Whereas the fact is that Dangal is way way behind Bahubali 2... There is no competition at all...

      1. They are comparing just like other movie trade analysts only the Hindi version of both movies in India now as BB2 is already way ahead than any Indian movie in collections within India and worldwide, though not just in overseas yet. Next they are comparing the Dangal total collections in India including 12 cr from Tamil and Telugu versions with just Baahubali Hindi as Dangal was originally Hindi however thats absurd as they should compare BB2 Hindi also with Telugu and Tamil and then it's already way ahead by more nearly 200 cr.

      1. Shah Rukh Khan has Fans all around the world but what can a man do, he lives where his heart belongs, but some Indians like you @Parshya don't understand that it's a blessing to be able to say that Shah Rukh Khan belongs to India! Same goes for Aamir Khan, why do you keep linking him to Pakistan, is it because he is a Muslim? Cause Aamir Khan is also a Muslim! But your just here to spread hatred so try going for politics! This will work for you ?

    1. sai kaha bhai wo India jaise incredible country mein rahna deserve nai karta, use India intolerant lagti hai na china hi jaye phir use apni aukat pata chalegi

      1. aamir nahi uski biwi ne kaha tha india intolerant hai tumhe shayad pata nahi jake pata karo fir baat karo aadhi baat sunoge bas naam k aage khan laga hai to uski biwi ka statement bhi aamir ka hi bana do, media jaisi harkatian mat karo aadha sach aadha jhoot

      2. Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan both addressed a problem within the country that your politicians are scared to address and instead of supporting him your telling them to get out of the country! If them two go what will happen to Bollywood, collapse! India is their home and they asked everyone to take their shoes off when you enter so you don't spread dirt in the house but you people said NO! We will keep our dirty shoes ON! So who's to be blamed! THINK!

        1. Bollywood will not collapse but will actually grow... If a telugu film like bahubali can earn so much, imagine how much hindi films can earn provided it comes out of the clutches of these Khans...

  2. Baahubali will remain all-time highest grosser in India 700 from 1 & 1500 credit from 2 totalling to about Indian rupees 2200 cr.

  3. BB2 in Noth india

    Dangal in China

    BB2 beats Dangal badly in indian
    market whereas

    Dangal beats BB2 badly in overseas market including china.

    Dangal(os)-100m(expected after china)


    Aamir-The global megastar beats brand BB2 that too in alien market

    Big big salut Mr.Aamir.

    BTW congrats BB2 team.

    1. Are ye parshya toh amir amir hi kar raha pehle bol raha dangal ka record nhi todegi bb2 india me ab jab dangal ko 2weeks me hi hara diya toh china china kar raha bb2 is greater than dangal! !!!!!! Accept it!! Ha dangal ne bollywood ki laaz bachaai lekin bb2 hi all time indian highest grosser he in hindi and worldwide! !! Accept parshya

    2. Dangal beating BB 2 overseas? China is NOT the only country in overseas. In NA (US and Canada) BB 2 is leading by more than 50%!!! There is a reason on why BB didn't do well in China as they already have similar successful movies made. Dangal, PK and 3 Idiots are different kind of movies. Salute to Amir for these kind of movies. BTW, do you know Dangal hardly made 15 crores in Telugu and Tamil? BB 2 is appreciate all over India :-) 375 in Hindi and 385 in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam!!! Is there any Hindi movie which has audience all over India?

      1. yhi to rona h bhai....

        south india me mximum 15 crore hi earn kiye h bollywood ne....vo bhi dangal se....

        kya dangal....indian movie nhi h....jo dubbed dangal ko south indian nhi dekh rhe h ...???

    3. illeterate lollll in US,UK,australia baahubali broke dangal record in 5 days,in gulf,mexican territories,newz land bb2 broke dangal in 3 days,in nepal,fizi islands bb2 broke dangal in 7 days....lollll in india hard earned lifetime is at foot of baahubali at end of 5 days .....same repeats in china with in 3 days all pk,dangal will b broken....this time no jackie chan,tony jaa movies releasing in china with baahubali lolllll then i wish to c ur face after china release of baahubali

    4. Abe Parshya USA ka naam suna hai tune Australia New Zealand ye sab janta hai na tu ki sirf China hi janta hai. Ja chek kar kisne kitna collection kiya hai har jagha baahubali ka naam pad pad ke behos mat ho jaana.
      Abe dangal bahut achhi film hai or Aamir bi par Parshya sara zehar tu ghol raha hai teri samja se upar hai baahubali to chup raha kar yaar.

    5. Please edit that China as BB2 is yet to release in Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Even though BB1 was not great in China we are yet to see how BB2 will be received there so the total international market collection of BB2 is not over soon. People say is there any record to break for BB2 and it's the overseas collection of top bollywood movies.

    6. @parshya

      Bahubali 2 is the biggest grosser of all times in international market. it is the first indian film to cross 100cr mark in USA and remained in No.3 spot in US top-ten. It crossed Dangal collections in new zealand, Australia , In Russia its a biggest grosser after Raj kapoor and Mithun movies and is a leader in Gulf countries too . Bahubali 2 is a celebration ...and a miracle whose records have set benchamark for indian cinema globally , Dangal is good but please dont compare with this masterpiece and talk sensible facts and figures not fan-mantra..BTW Bahubali will soon release in China and Japan and believe me you will see Dangal records shattering there also as well

  4. Bahubali 2(Hindi) lifetime Collection will be 475-480 crore for sure but have a chance to cross 500 Crore. Bahubali Today's Collection is around 11.5-13.5 Crore ..........Jio Bahubali

  5. Now
    It will takes 5yrs to beat bb2 in india.
    But Aamir will beat bb2 ww

    Same way no one can beat Aamir in chin except Aamir himself..

    10 bahubali bhi aajaye to bhi china me Aamir ko hara nahi sakte..

    Aamir-the biggest global megastar

      1. China ab do cheez ke liye mashhoor ho gaya hain, ek ghatya maal produce karna aur dousra ghatya film dekhna

    1. Bahubalu 2 Ko relesase to hone de china me fir dekhte h kon kis ko piche karta h Bhai......just wait few months

    2. 1000 aamir aaye toh tamil telugu me baahubali ko beat nahi kr sakta..... dangal 7-8cr in tamil telugu ????

    3. Dekh bhai....Parshaya

      Dunia me har cheez ka ek Weak zone hota hai aur ek strong zone hota hai

      jeeta wahi hai jiska strong zone dusre ke strong zone se bara ho

      chal maan lete hai ki Dangal ka weak zone south hai aur Bahubali 2 ka China

      aur Bahubali ka weak zone north india aur Dangal ka China

      Bahubali 2 ko uske strong zone se 400-450 crore mil rahi hai
      aur Dangal ko uske strong zone se 200-250 crore

      Bahubali Dangal se kafi aage hai

      chal maan lete hai ki Dangal overseas me Bahubali 2 ko beat kar degi....
      ek example deta hu bhai. (((maan le ki tu ek cricket ka match khel raha hai aur tu usme 140 run banaye....aur dono team ka koi bhi player 100 se jada nahi bana paya.....
      is trh tu match ka highest scorer ho gaya....par teri team Match haar gayi....to fir teri 140 run kis kaam ke jo apni team ko jeet na na dila sake))))

      mai maanta. hu ki Dangal China me Bahubali 2 ko beat kar dega
      pr wo jeet kis kaam ki

      Overall me to Dangal Bahubali se haar hi gaya na

      1. bb2 is best movie ever. i dont give a damn about earnings.i just loves bb2 and dangal had nothing in it to praise about...

  6. Must be 500 +CR lifetime
    And China should be approx $15+ MN
    100+ CR

    So lifetime.1500 cr

  7. Note:

    #BB2-Fully masala movie

    #Dangal-Beutiful film with no masala

    #Also Dangal has low budget

    On d basis of these points


    1. bb2 poetic movie,dangal d grade commercial entertainer in name of bio pic with high difference between real life of mahavir poghat n reel life shown in dangal ....dangal festival season n baahubali non festive season n also no tax exemptions for baahubali n none in bollywood supporting it ....hence baahubali >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dangal

      1. kya baat h...

        bahubali akela....lakho seniko ko maar de....

        yh kya masala nhi h ??

        full south indian masala h....bahubali...hollywood ka copy h

        1. Yeh lo ek parshya kam thaa jo, dusra pagal aa gaya.

          Hollywood ki copy hai naa, hollywood movie kaa naam bata jiski copy hai

  8. Baahubali2 all India net collection will be 1000Cr in all languages
    sab kehte the ke yeh ww 1000cr ko touch kregi but iss ne to india main hi 1000 cr kma lena hai india's first film to do so WOWWW
    Amir and sallu to 300-400 pe hi rahege kabhi bhi 1000cr ko touch nahi kr payenge india main

  9. collected 17cr not 15cr Ramesh Bala trade analysist has tweeted baahubali2 collected 17 cr on 13th day and some sides like Koimoi & talkingmoviez.com also updated 17 cr. plz reply there is always delay in replying.

  10. Congrats To Aamir fan for dangal...
    but dont comment here if you are not appreciate the mega success of indian cinema...
    I think Bahubali on a roll or even the china media is talking about of Bahubali collections...
    So in the first phase 1500 crore and the 2nd phase which is Chinese Japanese Indonesian and English in various parts it should gross 2000 crore 300M$ it is just amazing..
    I think Indian Cinema could be the bestest this year may be 4 or even be 5 1000 Crore WW movies on the board...
    1) Bahubali - 1500 Crore Expected
    2) Dangal - 1000 Crore 2nd phase (Expected)
    3) Tubelight - 1000 Crore WW (Because of chinese actress the movie would done a better business than India)
    4) Robot 2 - 1000 Crore WW (Because of Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar and a Masterclass budget with a tremendously action CGI in cinematic Vision...it also has chances to cross Bahubali figures if the story or action are world class)
    5) Tiger Zinda Hai 1000 Crore WW (but here is a question mark because this movie depends on trend story and good actions scenes and of course there is salman khan....)

  11. BB2 has thrashed records of every bollywood movie at every place including overseas markets.It has now become highest grossing Indian movie in US . Will be at about 1250cr WW gross after today's collections.It is expected it will reach at more than 1600cr after first phase , let us see what it does in its second phase of release in several other countries.#RIPBollywood

  12. Ithink Dangal 1st Phase Collection 702 Crore WW in hindi and 714 Crore in all Languages.
    would be Break by Baahubali Hindi Collections in India Itself WOW...
    and 1200 Crore WW Ho gaya Hai Enjoy it..

  13. Dont Dislike my comment I love Bollywood But I Also Love Tollywood..
    LOok at What they are Doing They are trying to do what bollywood doesnt think in this period..
    a 250 Crore Budget Movie Bahubali 2
    a 350 Crore + Budget Movie Robot 2.0
    A 500 Crore Budget Movie Ramayan
    And A 1000 Crore Budget Movie The Magnum Opus epic Mahabharat...
    Think that what are they trying to do is fight with hollywood not Bollywood but some Bollywood lover disrespecting this iconic moment they are thinking what is south is beating Bollywood but south Indian is doing what they are saying Indian cinema is not that that others or any other not India was thinking before now we are creating history in what bahubali does in north america and Dangal Does in China so be selfishless and watch come in next when some biggies come around....in few years but Bahubali is a Trend Setter.....

  14. Dangal ka budget 70 c.aur bahubali 2 ka 250.ab tak dangal ne 900 c yane 830 c profit.aur bb 2 1100c yane 850 c profit..means koun great .only aamir

    1. Dangal's budget 135 crore and Bahubali 1 & 2 combined budget is 250 crore and Bahubali 2(Hindi)'s budget is 85 crore ........... So .....

    2. BB2 - Hindi cost 90 crores
      Telugu+Tamil+Malayalam - 160 crores

      Net Hindi - 400+
      Telugu+Tamil+Malayalam - 500+

      Karan Johar must be more than happy with the profits he made in Hindi (300% + profit). Same with other languages.

      I am not sure why some people feel bad about BB 2 beating Dangal. In fact every Indian should feel happy that our films benchmark has been raised. If TOH or Tubelight or 2.0 or any other movie breaks BB 2 records - we should be happy and not feel sad.

      Now we are competing with Hollywood at box office and not movies from China or Europe or any other. We are world class.

  15. Record Broken 375 Crore wowwww
    today will be 15 More Crore so 390 Crore in 2 Straight week i was predicted 380+ but wowww the 3rd week should be around 60 to 70 or 80 Crore would be possible if 45 crore weekend because screen count is very well after the 2 competition MPB and S3 if 450 Crore around in worst condition my prediction 460 Crore. if 450 then the remaoning 50 days till Tubelight Bahubali earn 25 Crore from single screen itself in Hindi so I think it will Cross 4th week 35 Crore and rest of time add another 25 Crore...520 Crore looking Possible which is almost 725 crore grossed in Hindi in india in Worst to worst condition it will grossed 700 Crore....Just Woww
    and the other version look like not stop in single screen very much chance of 450 Crore total 580 Crore 700 + 580 = 1280 Crore grosse in india itself woowwwww and overseas not released in many much languages so 250 to 300 Crore without china Taiwan Japan And more Russian Country what is more than Expectation...Hats Offf 1500 Crore WW just Awesome....

    1. No But a Bollywood Director Producer Karan Johar Produce a South Indian Movie Because he Know the Potential of south Cinemas...
      kuch karna hai toh karke Dikhao...thoda bada banke dikhao kamyabi jhak marke peeche aayegi jara kaabil bankar toh dikhao...
      jis hrithik ne bahubali reject ki thi usi ne Theatre me jakar Movie Dekhi ...
      that is SS Rajamouli ji...

  16. pk bh. amir ki mehnat mehnat chilla rahe rahe ho agar prabhas juniar hai aor or usse aage nikal gaya
    to zyada tarrif ka haqdar to vahi hua na kuchh log is fillm ki tarakki hazam hi nahi kr pa rahe hain.

  17. Kaha hai 3 khans.. why don't they say a word about Indian blockbuster of all time Bahubali 2.

    Amir - God knows where he is.. I guess in China watching Dangal in Chinese..
    SRK - Is koh har ek gante ek tweet karne ki aadath hai but ek tweet nahi karta about BB2..
    SALLU - he is still working on another remake movie.. this time from Hollywood..lol
    Since 28 April, all 3 khans have disappeared and no one seems to come before media..

  18. Bahubali Is the best movie. After Sholay all the characters in the film never forgettable.
    In sholay you never forget Jai, Veeru, Basanthi, Thakoor, Gabbarsingh, Mausie,
    Jailor, Radha, Are oh Sambha, & etc. In Bahubali you never forget Shivagami, Kattappa, Bhallaladeva, Amatendra Bahubali, Mhendra Bahubali, Devasena, Avanthika, Kaalakeya, Bijjaladeva, Kumaraverma, Bhadra & etc. Now lets talk about Amir Khan
    Once i am also Amir Khan's Fan After Dhoom 3 I stopped watching Amir's movie,
    controversy In PK about religion and after that his statement about intolerance in india.
    How should a movie collects 700 cr Rs if intolerance in India. I think if Three Khan's give any comment's on Bahubali 2 will help Bahubali 2 collection's because some of the Khan's Fan's doesn't saw the BB2 and commenting against the movie, there is huge Fan following. There is no Bollywood, Tollywood and any wood and there is no North India film South India film in India. I think there is only Indian film industry. If a movie doing well in box office the producer get profits and make another movie. If a movie failed in box office the producer losts his money, so who is the gainer and who is the looser, both are Indians. Why should we fight against Bahubali 2 and Dangal, In my knowledge Movies are for Entertainment, lets see and enjoy don't fight.

  19. Well said, Amir is good actor but, bahubali 2 sab records break kar diya. Hindustan is getting bigger :)

    #Dangal is doing in china good for indian film industry.

  20. Bahubali 2 has not released in china and japan bahubali 2 sab jagah saare record tod rahi hai chinese aur japanese ek jaise dikhte hain bahubali 2 ki Rajinikanth ne tareef ki hai or khud ko prabhas ka sabse bada fan btya h aur Rajinikanth japan mein utna hi famous h jitna india mein

  21. Zara sochiye bahubali 2 ek regional film hone ke bawjood 1000cr par kargya ! Aur agar shahrukh-salman-aamir ke jaise prabhas ka fan follower hota to kya hota kahan tak iss film ka kamaye jata. Mujhe is baat ka dukh hai ke south industry itna advance hone ke bawjood unhe south movie kyun bolte hain log use indian movie kyun nahi kehte kya bollywood hi india aur koi nahi

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