Bahubali 2 10th Day Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 10th Day Box Office Collection: The magnum opus Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has now crossed 300 crore mark in Hindi version. It has just taken 10 days to reach this milestone and is the fastest film to do so. Also, Bahubali 2 collection has crossed 1000 crore mark at the worldwide box office.

As expected the film was rocking big time on its second Sunday. According to the official figures, Bahubali 2 10th day collection will be around 34.50 crore.

The film had a bumper start in the morning shows as it opened to a huge 65% occupancy. The film was rocking post morning and many houseful shows were reported across all India. The occupancy went up to 80% in noon shows which is extraordinary considering that it was the second week. North India has performed very well over the second weekend and has now event set all-time records in some places. Bahubali 2 2nd weekend box office collection will be around 80 crores. It is even better than the first weekend of all films released this year. In comparison, Dangal collected 72 crore while PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan collected around 55 crore.

Bahubali 2 10th Day Box Office Collection

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Bahubali 2 box office collection in 10 days will be 327 crores. It has become the fourth film to cross 300 cr mark after Danga, PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan. It is also the fastest film to do so. Now the film can face drops on weekdays as it has already consumed a lot of capacity. But it will be interesting to see the hold in next few days as it is Bahubali which is

Day 141.0
Day 240.50
Day 346.50
Day 440.25
Day 530.0
Day 626.0
Day 722.75
Day 819.75
Day 926.50
Day 1034.5
Day 1116.75
Day 1215.75
Day 1317.25
Day 1412.75
Day 1510.05
Day 1614.75
Day 1717.75
Day 187.95
Day 196.95
Day 206.25
Day 216.05
Day 224.15
Day 236.35
Day 247.80
Day 252.90
Day 262.80
Day 272.70
Day 282.70
5th Weekend6.97
Day 321.34
Day 331.22
Day 341.20
Day 351.15
6th Weekend2.90
6th Week4.70
Total505.98 Cr

All India All Version Collections:

    • Day 1: 121
    • Day 2: 82
    • Day 3: 101
    • Day 4: 80
    • Day 5: 57
    • Day 6: 50
    • Day 7: 44
    • Day 8: 40
    • Day 9: 46
    • Day 10:
    • Total: 622 cr
    • Overseas: 205
    • Worldwide: 1006

Also, tell us your views on Bahubal2 10th day box office collection in the comments section.

44 comments on “Bahubali 2 10th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. 32 can't bilieve
      Everyday it is giving me shock by its collection
      Next 100 crore in 10 days to become 400
      And bilieve me faltu movies like meri faltu bindu and sarkar ke raaj ka end will not effect its collection

      1. Next 100 cr in jst 7days..... Confirm.... And then also complete next 100..... Total 500 cr in hindi

  1. If it does 12cr on monday then It will enter 400cr club in hindi else will not beat Dangal-388cr

    1. Hi...remember Dangal 388 cr is including all languages......

      So a fair number would be just Hindi collections of Dangal which are around 375 cr.....

      Bahubali 2 would surely beat that number......... 400 cr is a certainty I feel!!!

    2. @parshya n others

      Khan’s already scared n scared off next shanks Rajnikanths Robo 2.0. Getting scared off that’s y sallu attended Robo 2.0 hind launch as uninvited guest.

      Shanks or Rajkumar hirani need hard work to break Bahubali records. Other bellywood director’s n actors only can showe belly n body. No chance…..accepted south has 10 times advanced talent than bellywood. ..

      Don't compare hero's here just say which movie win's. Earlier to get big break through Amir went to AR murugadoss for ghajini that was his turning point him to get back to hit movies. Similarly Salman khan remade Tree Naam and wanted movies to get back to hits n gained star to superstar status

  2. Parshya:I think daily u might be praying to god that it will not cross dangal,but ur efforts are gonna in vain,it will cross 400 for sure,even 450 can't be ruled out,and ur sticking to 370 CR's!!!

  3. Dangal vs Bahubali 2 Comparison.
    1) India nett.
    US$60M US$50.38M*
    2) Overseas.
    US$42.6M* US$36M*
    US$130M* US$170M*
    4) Budget.
    US$13.94M US$39M
    5) Screen count.
    4300 India 6500 India
    (150-200South) (2500South/3500hindi)

    1000WW 2500 WW
    6)Demonitization, Non festive and ipl
    Intolerance remarks. period.
    7) Non Masala. Masala.
    8) Biopic. Franchise.
    9) 1.5 yrs in 4-5 yrs in making.(Once
    making. in a lifetime).
    10) Nitesh tiwari. SS Rajamouli.
    * Dangal has almost negligible screens in south, While BB2 has 3000+ screens(hindi).
    * No herione nd chartbuster songs in dangal.
    * Aamir acheivements; Dangal, Pk, 3idiots, TZP, fanna, lagaan, Dil chahta hai, Rangeela, QSQT, Raja hindustani, JJWS nd many more.
    *Prabhas acheivements; BB2, BB1, Mr perfect nd Rebel.
    *Keep everything in mind nd decide urself who is the megastar...
    * As far as i m concerned, Amir is the Global megastar.
    *For prabhas, i vl say; on the basis of one movie we can't call anybody a megastar or even a superstar, bt he has done pretty pretty well in BB series, hope he will continue. This is all i can say...
    *Dangal would have been still ruling had their been wider release in south.
    But yah Salute to Bahubali team in addition to Dangal, BB2 has done unthinkable.
    *As a movie Dangal>>>>>>>>>>BB2, although BB2 is now ruling at box office.
    *Aamir has maintained great consistency from past decade, and i am sure he will continue that in TOH(ATBB/HGOTY fr sure), and also we will see what prabhas next Saaho will do... Best of luck.
    *These were my views, thanks.

    1. I will be agree with u but you will be also agree with me..
      Aamir is biggest star in bollywood till know
      but at the age of 37 (Prabhas), Aamir also like Prabhas as he is in south but the difference between Prabhas and other star of bollywood is Bahubali 1 and 2 both movie collection around nearly 2000 crore WW.... no actor done this before in the history of indian cinemas...and Prabhas is showing is potential he would be Next generation superstar tollywood and bollywood I hope he will be seen in Dhoom 4 any more bollywood biggies and he will become the first Superstar in all over India...

    2. the same logic applies when you compare Kaabil vs raees.
      Or three Akshay film budget is equal to one Amir film budget, logic is same.
      Unlike Hindi films, Films in South run and collect good amount even after 5th week.
      you cannot compare Bahubali with Dangal

    3. we south people know y pakistanis love amir khan so much tats y his acting will not sell here...!!! we used to watch hindi movies when we were kids & our star was non other than Amitabh Bachchan.. but now bollywood has just become a copycat with no sense at all ... filled with vulgur & abuse women

      ie y even people across the world appreciate a good movie regardless of where it is made !!!

      sorry for not behaving like a true INDIAN but when we become capable of even capturing western markets then INDIAN FILMS WILL PROSPER !!!

    4. Pk and dangal and all khan films are the real masala films. Its funny this jealous guy is saying the other way around. Bhahubhali is the highest budget film which is made by hi tec CGI and costly live sets and extemely good cast and crew. It's a trillion times better than any dwarf khans masala movie. Accept the reality and get around.

  4. (Fri 19.75cr)
    Mon 10.5cr
    Tue... 9cr
    Wed... 7.5cr
    Thu... 6.5cr
    Fri... 4.5cr
    Sat... 7.5cr
    Sun... 9cr
    Remaining... 10cr
    ===>>> 65-68cr
    Total 325.25+(65) = 390.25cr
    It will not cross 400cr

    1. Exactly..
      Little bit modification
      (Fri 19.75cr)
      Mon 11cr
      Tue… 8.5cr
      Wed… 6cr
      Thu… 4.5cr
      Fri… 3cr
      Sat… 4cr
      Sun… 6cr
      Remaining… 10cr
      ===>>> 55-60cr
      Total 325.25+(55) = 380.25cr
      It will not cross 400cr
      Now every lakh is important..
      So dont do the manipulation

  5. Comment:Baahubali is opener of 400 500 600 700 800 crore club in India.
    and opener of 1000 club WW.and so on.
    It is smashing each and every record .
    #biggestblockbusterever in Indian cinema.

  6. dangal china me....72 crore ka weekend kr liya...

    vh b...hollywood ki biiggis se clash...low ticket price...Wanda byycott....

    Ab b hatters ....tum yh bologe...

    ki....XMAS release h....3 week run h...no clash....


    1. 9000 screen pai release karke utna hi kya bc ???? bahubali ne pure world mai 9000 screen pa release kare 200 cr kama liya ek din mai???

  7. dangal 1st......800 crore club...

    bahubali 1st.....less then ..700 crore....


    compare krna h to 1st ko kro....1st part ko kro......


    Baap bahubali ko Dangal ne dhoya.......or...

    bete Bahubali ne.......Dangal ko......


  8. Here bahubali2 is breaking each & every recordsrecords of Bollywood but few re saying it will not beat dangal.....it has already beaten dangal and will cross 400cr+ in Hindi only.....
    Jaago munna jaago...
    Dekh lo kaun hai ye ----bahubali....

    Pk overseas record will be crossed by bahubali2 by 3rd weekend and remember pk was released in China and the screens comparison of pk and bahubali2 is that pk get highest screens in overseas(including China) and released on Christmas.....

    1. bhai...dangal ka...total...80 md hoga....or...bahubali 40 md b paar nhi kr payega ...overseas me. .

      or bahubali 1st....7000 screens me b...sirf...7 crore life time china me kmaye the...

      eska duguna...dangal 1st day me kr diya....

      haklu fan

  9. Kaha compare kr rahe ho bhaiyo kaha Blockbuster Bahubali aur kaha dangal
    And don't forget that Bahubali is a south indian movie

  10. Ye kuch Aamir fan mentaly disturb lag rahe hai bahubali 2 ke collection se
    Dekho ek do kahi kam na ho jaye bechare faltu me tension le rahe hai

  11. Bahubali haters kch v bolne se pehle yeh sochlo yeh non-holiday mein itna kamayi hai holiday hoti to Rab jane kya hota
    5 star for bahubali
    Appreciate kro inki mehnat pr aage v aisi movie bne nt lyk craps

  12. Bahubali haters kch v bolne se pehle yeh sochlo yeh non-holiday mein itna kamayi hai holiday hoti to Rab jane kya hota
    5 star for bahubali???
    Appreciate kro inki mehnat pr aage v aisi movie bne nt lyk craps jo bnte aye hai

  13. Bahubali haters kch v bolne se pehle yeh sochlo yeh non-holiday mein itna kamayi hai holiday hoti to Rab jane kya hota, upar se south ki hokar Bollywood ko hila daala
    5 star for bahubali???
    Appreciate kro inki mehnat pr aage v aisi movie bne nt lyk craps jo bnte aye hai

  14. Bhai log kuch b bolo south ho ya much b par ma bhen kar Di saare records ki..... One of the best India movie not south or else...

  15. @parshya n others

    Khan's already scared n scared off next shanks Rajnikanths Robo 2.0. Getting scared off that's y sallu attended Robo 2.0 hind launch as uninvited guest.

    Shanks or Rajkumar hirani need hard work to break Bahubali records. Other bellywood director's n actors only can showe belly n body. No chance.....accepted south has 10 times advanced talent than bellywood. ..

  16. hey guys don't fight dangal movie ticket avg price in India was Rs 350 but bahubali is Rs 700, and overseas dangal was 12$ but bahubali 25$ so in that strategy any one can make 1000cr. both are not a best movies but hard work appreciated,

  17. Hahaha enough is enough I am following this site since bajrangi bhaijaan was released but after hearing so much bad about salman Khan I today decided to comment at this site...
    Every one here knows that bahubali was way better than bahubali 2 the conclusion but what happened to bahubali when it clashed with salman Khan bhajrangi bhaijaan it was thrashed from all corners and it broke every record which bahubali made at that time and finally the victorious was salman Khan as bhajrangi bhaijaan collected 626crores and bahubali finished at 577crores....
    Now here are some stupid idiots like parshya roric jeet who say aamir Khan and prabhas are bigger star than salman Khan but I want to challenge them give aamir and prabhas some balls to have the guts to clash with salman at any time at eid Christmas Diwali non holiday any time and I'm 110% sure that the winner will be salman Khan the greatest superstar megastar....

  18. Salman is wested star...nothing good in him...only entertainment and his mostly movie copied...

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