Badrinath Ki Dulhania 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

Badrinath Ki Dulhania 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: According to the official figures, Badrinath Ki Dulhania 2nd weekend collection is 17.56 cr. It has done very well despite the releases of new films.

There was very good growth on Saturday and Sunday which happens with accepted films if there is a lack of competition. This is the second highest second weekend collection of 2017 and is in the same range as Jolly LLB 2.

After 10 days, Badrinath Ki Dulhania collection stands at 91 cr. It is on its way to become superhit and will cross 100 crore after the end of second week or on 3rd Friday. The film has also chance to beat Jolly LLB 2 lifetime collection.

Day 112.25
Day 214.75
Day 316.05
Day 412.08
Day 57.15
Day 65.95
Day 75.06
Day 84.21
Day 95.90
Day 107.45
Day 112.72
Day 122.45
Day 132.30
Day 142.05
Day 151.35
Day 162.35
Day 173.25
Day 181.12
Day 191.20
Day 201.10
Day 211.02
Day 220.50
Day 230.72
Day 240.89
Day 25-281.14
5th Week1.10
6th Week0.12
7th Week0.08
Total116.68 cr

16 comments on “Badrinath Ki Dulhania 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection”

  1. Jolly's second weekend is 17.75 CR's.then how did badri crossed jolly's second weekend collection?

  2. jyada khush nhi kag rhe ho Bollyarena no excitement at all
    Bura lag rha h kya ki Superhit hokar Jolly LLb2 ko cross krne wala h

  3. varun dhawan has given no flops in his first five years while srk has given many flops in first five years of his career like guddu, maya memsahab, english babu desi mem , zaaman deewana, oh darling ye hain india nad many more. varun dhawan's success ratio is 100% and his hit ratio is way better than srk in his first five years. so we can say varun dhawan from 2012-17 is a way bigger star than srk 1992-97, and this was despite srk being continuously helped by yrf . srk is ahead in big grossers in first five years due to yrf unless he is a smaller star than varun dhawan.

    1. Listen my friend.. srk in first five years had given over 3 all time blockbusters and his movies were making more than any other movies around at that time.. in the 90's actors use to release about 3 movies a years and for srk he would release sometimes 6 a years including cameos so it's easy to get a flop in between
      Varun Dhawan for me is the best amongst the new generation but to compare him with someone who has given Bollywood so much would be stupid.. YRF must've seen something in Shah Rukh Khan to make him the biggest collaboration with yrf and it wouldn't be stupid to say that where was yrf and dharma productions before shah Rukh Khan but using him as backup they've become the two biggest production houses in India today!
      So don't ever say without yrf and dharma productions srk is nothing because I'd say it's the opposite.. without srk yrf and dharma production would not have made it!

  4. Biggest fight was BTW varun vs govinda
    Winner:- varun
    Varun beats him govinda extremly .....
    New comer beats experienced lolll

  5. @ honest man, abe idiot Salman had also given many flops in his 1st 5 years like Kurbaan, love ,suryanshi,ek ladka ek ladki,jaagruti etc.so from your logic Varun is also bigger star than your gangu teli.and like YRF Salman also had Suraj barjatya .lol !

  6. Why you all are fighting bros, I don't believe in stars I believe in the content, as you know "content is the king" content decide whether the film is a hit or flop. What if DDLJ's or HAHK's content BE BAD then neither Salman nor SRK would have survive as a superstar.

  7. Wow 2017 is an extraordinary year for hindi cinema every month we're getting a 100cr grosser pressure is on sarkar3 and bahubali to deliver in April can't wait haven't seen this period since 2006

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