Baahubali is a national film: Rana Daggubati

Actor Rana Daggubati says Baahubali is a career defining film for him as people from the industry now have more trust in his vision as an artiste. The actor essays the role of Bhallala Deva in the epic film which released yesterday to a record-breaking opening.

“My approach to cinema is very different. I am sure the film has increased my market value. If not Baahubali first part, it would have been tough for me to bring something like a submarine war film alive in India. Now, I can do a lot of alternative things and tell different stories in different languages as that’s what interests me.

“I can now get a lot of films green-lit. It was hard to do that earlier. People now have confidence in me. There will be more and more studios and makers interested in doing the work I believe in,” Rana told PTI.

“By working with such an amazing team you learn a lot. From Rajamouli to Prabhas, everyone is a veteran in their space. It has been five years with them. I have learnt a lot from them. The experience of working on the movie will have a reflection in whatever I will do in the future,” he says.

Rana believes Baahubali may end up changing the way movies are made in the country.

“We went over-budget in the first part but that never stopped us. The producers, the actors and the filmmaker, everyone just stayed in… It took us five years and finally it is out. It is overwhelming. To see what we made is even bigger than what we imagined is surreal. It is beyond being a regional film; it is a national film. I believe it is truly the first franchise film India has ever had,” Rana says.

“My next film is a political thriller in Telegu. I will start the shooting soon and it will be out somewhere in August. Post that, I have another film which is set in 1945. It is a love story,” he says.

4 comments on “Baahubali is a national film: Rana Daggubati”

  1. Now u r wrong it is international appealing movie
    And those who think only Hollywood movies r best
    Then see bahubali ,they will surely change their views

  2. you are wrong mr BHALAAL DEV its Internation film
    jeo jeo babhubali
    mujhy BHALAL DEV KE gadda chahiye

  3. Guys he is saying its the signature mark of Indian cinema action great Effects and high emotions something Bollywood doesn't know except Romantic crap

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