Baahubali – A textbook to study for other filmmakers

Baahubali 2

Lesson 1: Films are made with sweat and blood:

This is an important lesson to all those who think that bringing things from here and there and putting them together is called filmmaking. Sometimes they steal story, lyrics, music and sometimes they even go to the extent of taking up entire work of anyone. Then they will do some easy changes like new cast, different location etc. and finally they will wrap it into some beautiful looking packet and sell it to the market.

They don’t know there are persons who are residing in their own fraternity and are giving their huge chunk of time, money and labour to a single product. Like in this case actor Prabhas have been said to have given his 3½ years to Baahubali and you can imagine how much time its makers would have given to it – from writing to constructing sets would have taken lot more years.

Lesson 2: How to handle big budget:

You can remember the films like Bombay Velvet, PRDP etc as these are the films which are supposed to be made in half of the money what they actually put in them. When you watch these flicks you can’t imagine these films are made in excess of 100 crores because you can’t see the grandeur or scale of big movie types. Sorry for the quoted figure as the latter has been made with around 180cr. Yes, it seems unreal but it is true.

In North, we have only director in form of ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali’ who can really decorate the movie with expensive looking sets with artefacts like Devdas, Ramleela, Bajirao whereas in down south, they have two directors - one whose you have seen the latest offering in form of ‘The Baahubali’ and is ready with another instalment of the same, ‘Mr. SS Rajamouli’ and other is ‘Shankar’ the maker of  ‘Robot’ who is also readying the next instalment of Robot franchise which is rumoured to have laden with world-class VFX.

Lesson 3: How to make sequels:

In India, we have seen in recent past how rotten products are being sold with the name of successful films. They are not only ruining the classics but also destroying the trust of the audience in a big way as the audiences have started hesitating to come for sequels in big numbers as they have doubts over sequel culture in India. To name a few we have Dabangg 2, Dhoom 3, Force 2, Kya Kool Hai Hum etc. Now, we see how to make a sequel from Baahubali.

First, they are not making it just because its first part worked well and trying to cash on its name which other makers usually do. Instead, they are continuing the same story which they couldn’t tell in 3 hours long time. The end result is that anticipation level for next part is damn too high. People are ready with their time and money to know the story of another half. No star, no stupid songs, no any cheap marketing gimmicks like city tours, through Pan masala ads etc. But still, the buzz surrounding it is at the level of Rajnikanth movies in the South and Salman Khan starrer in the North.

This is called the art of filmmaking which is full of sheer hard-work, dedication and passion of the entire team members. The entire nation is waiting for it. That is Baahubali for you.

The article has been written by Prashant Yadav. You can follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/BeingPrashant96. Also if you want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected]

14 comments on “Baahubali – A textbook to study for other filmmakers”

  1. Mast article tha
    Zamke band bajai salman ki prdp and dabang2 wali line mast thi
    And see they r making dabang 3...
    Kaun samjhae is salman bewkoof ko

  2. Bollywood seekho kuch tm log to bss clash k chakar me maar rhe ho..!!!isse badiya ache movie bnao aur solo release karo chaiye non holiday ho jyda paise kamaege..!!

  3. But Prashant y many scenes of bahubali1 and conclusion are copied from Hollywood movies-can you tell me y?

  4. Nice article, and yes one should agree, no big names no big music and promotions. But the buzz is higher than any, even we r not south indian but we r waiting for the movie to release......

  5. Parshya ye line sunkar teri to bahut jali hogi
    " But still, the buzz surrounding it is at the level of Rajnikanth movies in the South and Salman Khan starrer in the North. "

    Your idol is missing here....????

  6. You are comparing Dhoom3 Dabaang 2 with Kya kool hain hum 2 are you out of your mind. The buzz was unprecedented even for Dhoom3 and Dabaang 2 and neither they were rotten movies. Maybe not up to the level of previous ones and just one movie does not make Prabhas a bigger star than Khans. Just wait for his next film and then talk.

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