Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Trailer

The much awaited Baahubali 2 trailer is finally out. Baahubali 2 is directed by S.S. Rajamouli Starring Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sathyaraj, Nasser, Ramya Krishna, Subbaraju in the lead role. The film releases on 28 April 2017.

Baahubali is a two part Indian movie that is simultaneously being released in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and in several other foreign languages.

Wacth the trailer in all versions, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi below and tell us if you like it.

Hindi Trailer

Telugu Trailer

Tamil Trailer

25 comments on “Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Trailer”

  1. Trailer is grand this might be the 2nd film to cross 350 Crore in India and 3rd to cross 700 Crore worldwide

  2. This is an example of a PERFECT trailer...
    Everything is perfect..be it the visuals..the background score..or the editing.. thats a 20/10 rating.

    South India rules

  4. Comment:this is an extradinary trailer good luck prabhas...I hope so this movie all record break up....

  5. Superrbbvb trailer no words to explain it
    In India it can touch 200 becoz craze and hype is beyond limits
    But 2.0 will break easily all records of all movies till date

      1. I m talking about Worldwide collection
        Dangal-900cr(After china n pk)

        1. even for day dreaming there need to b limits....dont cry much after 2 weeks u wont c pk r dangal on list....just because pk did 100 cr in china dangal dont do100cr again it will flop due to indian nativity excessiveness....dangal 721,pk 792 after china.....take my words.....baahubali 10 th day collection 735 cr,15th daytotal 800 cr,25th day total 1000 cr...lifetime 1225 excluding china....dont worry pk will setlle in 3rd position after baahubali,robo 2.0....comapring a local film like dangal with baahubali is comedy.....dont b a fool by saying baahubali cant break dangal

          1. then tell me...why bahubali failed to break PK'S record in china even if it had great wom.on the bassis of this i m saying bahubali2 will do max 750cr with china.
            no one will beat Aamir in china so top position will always held by one n only megastar of bollywood Aamir khan.

            1. Bhai itna mat uchal salman bhai ab tak release nahi kiya jab karega to tera tingu khan second ne rehga n baap to hamesha pegle hota hai samj gaya na

            2. for ur kind info ur saying baahubali didnt broke pk in china.....then what abt india??there is almost 100cr difference in indian gross,net share of pk,baahubali....if ur aamir so big mega star y he couldnt beat atleast baahubali 1 with pk r dangal.....do u remebered the name its just beginnning...nothing showed except introduction of characters but broken every record domestically including pk...even dangal with 1300 more screens domestically n 40% higher prices couldnt beat part 1....now ur saying part 2 will b less than dangal.pk??bro 750 cr will b done at end of 10 days....to break pk it needs 2 weeks thats it

            3. now to ur other doubt on chna....pk released 3.5 m after indian release....baahubali released after 13 m of indian release in china.....aamir released 3 movies n baahubali was prabhas first movie in china......importantly baahubali was available in internet at the time it was in theaters due to excess delay which was not problem of pk.....most importantly jackie chan,tony jaa movies released along with baahubali on same day which made baahubali to avail only 700 screens while pk 3500 screns with no competition....but still it pullled someone to theater n had decent collections....now dangal,pk will smash with in 2weeks excluding china....750 is matter of 10 dsays n pk is matter of 2 weeks.....understood now....aamir is only for bollywood not for indian r world cinema where prabhas rules

            1. Dangal 721 but it was inflated to 730 n ur still inflating it to 740 ....moreover dangal released in pak....in China dangal has no market....it won't release there

  6. We will see arijit tum Jaise log apne ap ko bhut hoshiyaar samajhte ho dhele bhar ki a kal bhi nhi hai jabki

  7. B grade trailer.....blood shed....i hate this kind of movies...

    love FAN,SULTAN,

  8. Movie is larger than life and i have no problem because it is my favourite choice

    Dhai minute ke trailer ne goosebumb de diaaaa

    Much much and much more better than bahubali 1

  9. if the film matches up with the first, it will be the BIGGEST film of the year….

    almost certain to the third indian film to cross 700 cr worldwide…….maybe even more!!!

    Together Bahubali 1 & 2 have a shot at 1500 cr worldwide…….INSANE expectations!

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