Baahubali 2 has a disappointing run in China

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has a disappointing run at the Chinese box office. After an underwhelming opening weekend, the film has dropped considerably on weekdays.

The film has collected approx $0.82 million on Tuesday which has taken the total collection to $9.38 million. The collections are low despite the fact that it has the biggest screen count for an Indian film. The lifetime gross is likely to fall short of PK, Hindi Medium and Bajrangi Bhaijaan in China.

  • Day 1: $2.43 m
  • Day 2: $2.94 m
  • Day 3: $2.30 m
  • Day 4: $0.89 m
  • Day 5: $0.82 m
  • Total: $9.38 million (63.19 cr INR)

With the ongoing trend, Baahubali 2 will be a box office failure in China. It also means that Dangal will remain the highest worldwide grosser for the time being.

22 comments on “Baahubali 2 has a disappointing run in China”

  1. China market is very strange .Baahubali 2 is biggest blockbuster of India , only hindi version collected over 500 crore .in terms of footfalls it is 2nd highest after HAHK .but in China its performance is very disappointing compared to Dangal , BB etc .its still mystery What China audience likes .

    1. Bahubali 1 china me sirf 7cr kamaya tha lifetime kyuki us vaqt Bollywood market nahi tha ..dangal ke baad se Bollywood market hua china me.is liye bahubali 2ka ye haal

    2. Who says HAHK footfalls are higher Dan bb2?

      No one knows d footfalls of movies which were released before 2000

      BOI is a fake site..
      Don't follow that crap site

      HAHK jaisi bakwass movie Maine aaj Tak nahi Dekhi balki HAHK bhi Maine Puri nahi Dekhi..


      1. Biggest duffer on this website....I can also say that Dangal did not earn so much money in China....what's your proof??.......

        Oh yaa....those fake chinese websites....Go to hell loser....Biggest jerk and Salman hater.....

        Jitna uchalna hai uchal le.... TOH will a flop because of its budget and old theme....Plus wahiyat Director.....I can bet on this.....Do you wanna accept my challenge??....Save this comment for future Idiot....

        This website always publishes his comments in spite of being sensible or dumb....as many as possible......why????

        1. Bilkul sahi kaha MK bro.... I agree uuu,,,parshya aunty is biggest joke on the planet

          1. Parshya aunty is always in coma bcuz of salman sir and BB2 Indian domestic collection.....

            1. Parshya aunty if HAHK is bad film then lagaan,,,dangal,,, pk,,taare zameen,,SS ,,are the biggest craps of these decade

  2. Overseas and WW mein Dangal ko beat karna asan Kam nahi hai..

    Sirf Aamir hi beat kar sakta hai..
    TOH ko china ne pasand kiy toh Dangal ka racord Gaya..

    Par TOH ko Kam se Kam 150M ka business karna padega china mein tabhi Dangal ko beat kar sakti hai..

    Kaha Gaye wo bahubali2 fans..
    Bol rahe the bb2 release ho Jane do china mein Phir Dangal ka game over..


    India king - bahubali2
    Overseas King-Aamir
    WW King -Aamir

    Honourable mention
    India queen-Sallu


    1. If dangal released at this competition dangal life time would be 15 million??toh box office is represent by baahubali...both baahubali,toh not belong to present generation... baahubali problem is period of film,same happen to toh ...in India all will compare baahubali,toh so toh all time disaster even in India???moreover still there is few markets for baahubali...will beat dangal,as dangal flop in Korea,Japan says it is only for china...while baahubali is highest grosser in Japan after 20 years

      1. Abe likhna Kya chahte ho.. seedhe shabdon mein nahin samjha sakte...Ager English mein paidal ho to hindi mein likh lo.

    2. Aamir sir is a brilliant actor..no doubt in that....

      But a cheap thinking person as an actor(talking professionally not personally)....He might not go to awards,TV or other places to promote his movies in India but when it comes to China/Japan/HK/Turkey or some other places outside India... you all will see him dancing/promoting on awards show/on TV/or whatever their production house need for running their movies successfully in that country......He will sell his a$$ off to promote his movies outside India...

      You may dislike my comment but it's a fact .....He just shows the world how good a person he is professionally as well as personally .....And his cheap mindset or his mental fans?......

      It's my bet that TOH will not earn more that 230 crs in India...Woh bhi Diwali ke wajah se....Dangal was watched by all fan clubs(380crs is only possible then).... but now Aamir fans itna jyada uchal rahe hain na...woh sab apne muh ke bal girenge ..for sure....

      1. @MK be honest. Doesn't your Salman do cheap promotions for his films???? By the way Bajrangi bhaijaan also was watched by all fan clubs and neutral audience but Salman fans are showing too much attitude. Stay grounded and shut up.

  3. Sultan ka bhi chalna mushkil lag Raha hai

    And sallu fans plz Aamir ka naam leke promote mat karo..

    BB ke time Aamir ka naam leke bahot Kama liya..

    Sultan will be in danger..

    1. Sultan China jaisi fraud country mein chale ya naa chale isse tuje kya milne waala hai Idiot??....

      BB earned 45 million $(personally I don't trust chinese websites) in China isse Salman sir ko koi matlab nahi tha toh ab Sultan se kyon hoga? Teri star ki tarah woh China mein promote kaene nahi jayenge woh.....Kuchh Salman fans ko chodkar....

      Aur agar us movie ne 50-100 millions $ ka business kar bhi liya toh Salman sir ko koi fark nahi padne waala.....

      Kya tune kisi hollywood star ko India mein aakar nachate dekha hai? tere Aamir ki tarah.....India mein kabhi nahi par jab outside ki baat aati hai.. he would do anything for promoting his films......waah re cheap thinking??..

  4. If you watch bb2 without watching bb1 it’s a confusing film because it’s 1 big film divided into two parts that’s the main reason for it’s failure the small reasons are these kind of films are regular fodder for the Chinese market and offer nothing different but bb2 is still the highest grossing film in hindi cinema regardless.

  5. my prediction for the highest grossers of the year

    1-TOH 400cr
    2-Padmaavat 285cr
    3-Sanju +250cr
    4-Zero 230cr
    5-Race 3 210cr
    6-Gold 170cr
    7-Baaghi 2 160cr
    8-Total Dhamal 120
    9- Student of the Year 2 110cr
    10-Simmba +100cr

  6. Bahubali is hindi traditional mythical movie. Why would china or the world watch the costumes and culture of other nation. While successful movies like dangal, SS, Hindi Medium have worldwide acceptable contents. Bunch of idiots are here and always taking th8ngs in their own perspective

  7. Wow! To be honest I already had a feel that BB2 wouldn't work in China the way it did in India but this sort of performance is shocking. I mean it seems like Chinese audience is pretty clear about what they want to see and they aren't going to compromise with their taste of movies. Looks like their favorite choice is the content movies and then may be superhero/Action genre movies like Avengers(Civil war), black panther & Fast n Furious etc as these movies did a record business there. Even Hindi Medium did more than BB2 I mean this is crystal clear now, release only good content movies in China and not masala movies. Not sure whether TOH would work the way Dangal did. I mean TOH is kind of a period drama, similar looks to Pirates of carribean. So let's see what'd be the fate of TOH in China, opening may be super high but lifetime might be less than Dangal.

  8. @Prashant
    HAHK is not the biggest blockbusters. There are a lot of films from 70s/80s which sold more tickets than that.
    It's all Rajshree's tactics.
    The writer of BOI(Harminder Sandhu) is some close relative of Barjatyas and a former distributor in Mysore Circuit. He resides in London. Both HAHK and DDLJ sold 6cr+ but less than 7cr tickets(Excluding Maratha Mandir run of DDLJ). HAHK was 6.9cr and DDLJ was 6.1cr... But as a part of PRDP promotion in 2015, HAHK ffs were increased and DDLJ ffs were decreased.
    Infact Gadar:EPK had sold more tickets than both DDLJ and HAHK.
    Dangal has sold 10cr+ tickets worldwide. Baahubali also 12cr around....

    Salman's PR tactics is "Sirf aapna mat badhao, dusro ke kam bhi karwao"

    The ffs of Mohabbatein were also decreased from 3cr to 2.6cr.

  9. Bahubali 2 is over the top action war movie chinise people likes content cinema likes dangal, bb , hindi medium , sec sup
    Only indian people likes fake action i think if padman or tepk release then both movie done good collection bcoz both are content oriented

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