Baahubali 2 Box Office Prediction

We are just four days away before the Baahubali storm will arrive. It is dud and dull phase currently at the box office, especially in Hindi belts. Trade analysts believe that this is mainly due to the anticipation of most awaited release of the year, Baahubali The Conclusion.

The first part of Baahubali released back in 2015. The film recorded the highest opening day ever in the history of Indian cinema. It collected a massive 42.1 crore nett on the opening day in all over India. Though Hindi version was on the lower side (5.15 cr), still it was the highest opener for any South film dubbed in Hindi. Eventually, the Hindi version also crossed 100 crore thanks to extremely positive word of mouth.

Now in 2017, things have changed. Baahubali 2 is keenly awaited not only in South but in all over India. The craze is unprecedented as the entire nation wants to know that why Kattapa killed Baahubali. The anticipation has increased manifold as the first part has generated high TRP on the repeated run on TV.

Baahubali The Conclusion is going to release in record 6500+ screens in all over India. The tickets rates are hiked at many places and it has sold many tickets already during advance booking. Thus it is easy to say that Baahubai 2 is going to rake a tsunami at the ticket counters this Friday.

Here is our final box office prediction for Baahubali The Conclusion in all versions.

  • Hindi: 30.50 cr
  • Telugu: 42 cr
  • Tamil + Malayalam + Kannada: 27 cr
  • Total Nett: 95-100 cr 

Do write your own Baahubali 2 box office prediction in the comments section.

64 comments on “Baahubali 2 Box Office Prediction”

    1. Beta parshya 300cr to sirf south se kamaigi
      Hindi viesoin me 220cr kamaigi
      India lifetime 550cr
      grosses 700cr
      overseas 500cr
      worldwide 1200cr

        1. Baahubali will squash Dangal day 1 100
          Day 2 120
          Day 3 95
          Week 1 450
          Week 2 200
          Week 3 80
          Lifetime :800 crore domestic
          Worldwide 1500 crore

      1. Pr bhai...

        Hindi virsion to...Dangal se km rhega na......

        No 1 pr to aamir ki movie rhegi...

        Or dangal ko lekar etna hype b nhi tha...

        Fir b...hindi cenema ki ...no 1 movie

    2. hi dude.......im no less Aamir fan than anybody......

      but just correcting you, highest grossing Indian film (Indian gross collections) is Bahubali the Beginning.........its ahead of Dangal by about 7 crores.......entertainment tax is different in southern states, hence fair to compare gross collections........refer to boi

      Bahubali is not a movie, its an EVENT........its the product which is taking over and outshining any star per say......if Bahubali 2 matches the content of the first part, we will have the first 1000 crore worldwide Indian film!!!!

  1. worlds biggest gigastar srk ka film raees ka lifetime collection ko ek din me bahubali paar kar dega

  2. is sal salman hi hai Jo Bollywood ki ijat bachayega
    Bollywood toh romcom or female centric hi bana rahe hai sirf salman hai Jo universal film bana raha hai is sal

  3. my prediction of bahubali 2 first day is
    Hindi 27 cr
    Telugu 25 cr
    Tamil +Malayalam + Kannada = 25 cr
    77 cr
    but producer will give inflated collection and collection will be 105 cr

    1. Hw can it be 25 cr in Telugu? It will easily cross 40cr without any doubt. Total single screens in AP/Nizam is 3000 nearly. There is no other movie that is running in Telugu currently. The craze of the film is earth shattering here!

  4. My Prediction for Hindi version 28cr.

    I just find out that Baahubali 1 was made 45lakh on Day 1 in Kerala...but Baahubali 2 is set to open with a historic record breaking 5-6cr (gross)opening in Kerala alone

  5. top 10 movies 2017 my prediction
    tubelight 305cr
    tiger zinda hai 250cr if clach
    bahubali 190cr
    srk rehnuma 170cr
    tepk 130cr
    judwa 2 125cr
    golmaal 4 120cr
    raees 145cr
    kaabil 126cr
    jolly llb 2 115cr
    pad man 105cr
    padmavati 160cr
    secret superstar 90cr
    sanjay dutt bio 120cr

  6. 90cr gross first day not doubt it will be record breaking in India but worldwide it won't beat Dangal or P.K because he overseas collection is too high for Bahubali to achieve it will just about cross 100 and fall behind 150! But in India it might cross 400cr

  7. if this film really crosses the 25 crore net in hindi on day 1 it will create a debate that whether big stars are needed for initials or not. because prabhas has no star value not even 3 crore net so if this film crosses 25 crore or reach 30 crore it will be historic. last year ms dhoni opened to 20 crore net only because of brand value of dhoni and this film is taking that further. these films are proving that only brandvalue is enough to give a film an excellent or bumper opener. a film to reach 25-30 core on non holiday needs 60% occupancy in morning shows accross the country. can a film without a big star only with brandvalue take that kind of opening from delhi to mumbai , from south to bengal to rajasthan from multiplexes to single screens? we all are waiting for an answer and we will get that answer when the film will release on 28 th april and the collections willl come on 29 th april.

    1. Abe gochu...

      3idiots jesi movie k 3 saal baad Talaash jesi movie bnayi....

      Etne bde stardom k baad bhi...Dhobi ghat (aart movie ) or talash jesi off beat movie bnayi....

      Aamir ko kisi bahubali....ki jrurat nhi h..............

      Dangal ko bhi BoxOffice record bnayegi......esa soch kr...movie sign nhi ki thi

    2. Or duffer...

      Talaash..disaster nhi h.....

      92 crore kmaye the...2012 me....semi hit h...

      Aamir chahta ...to srk ritik ki tarah...100crore bta skta tha

    1. btw I predicted Noor 7Cr. It will end exactly at that figure...

      Mark my words:No movie will cross Bahubali2 collections for another 5 yrs in India--550Cr nett and Second Dangal 386Cr lol

    2. @jeet for this movie to cross 1100 Crowe worldwide it needs record breaking overseas collections with domestic collections and no actor in India is capabale of doing this other than the Khans, overseas only know 3 actors when it comes to box office and that the 3 Khans!

      1. Khans are 'zero' without festival dates, one khan failed to get festival dates remained at 130 Cr Max lol

        Anyway, i said it collects 1100+ means minimum.

        1. @jeet,what you said khans are zero without festivals,beta raees with clash on nonholiday collected 95cr and bahubali had collected only 72cr overseas and no south film apart from kabali has collected more than 100 while pk 313cr.i think u are southindian

          1. @jeet you don't know what your saying? Imagine Indian cinema without the Khans haha there's nothing left! Take away all the movies they made from Bollywood, it would have been finished and taken over by south and Hollywood movies yet you say they are nothing, tell Prabhas to make a movie other than bahubali it would not collect even half of a Khan Movie! Dangal was no sequel,
            Dangal did not have a huge director
            Dangal did not have a huge star cast
            Dangal was not an out and out action n masala
            Dangal was not shot on huge budgets and a huge scale
            Dangal did not have record breaking music
            But it still became the highest grosser in Bollywood! And Khans have ruled for over 25 years, so think!

        2. Kya festive festive lga rkha h...

          Ss mouli pagal nhi h...

          Yah best time h....film release krne ka

    1. Par 200 crore ki jrurat h....

      Masale ki jrurat h....

      Hollywood ki copy krne ki jrurat h...

  8. Bollyarena do u think it is possible to collect 20-25 cr from a single state in india on first day
    And u know it better that ticket prices in South are cheaper compared to the rest metro cities.

    Can you explain​ how??

  9. Oye Honest man stop underating Prabas. watch what our Superstar can give on Non holiday. How dare you call him not a Superstar? Apart from Khans what's highest openong of Hrithik Ajay Akshay? Non of them have given more than 22 cr opening on even a National holiday. You people underate south superstars a lot. Many South superstars have given bumper opening. In your Bollywood apart from The 3 Khan's nobody has opened a above 25 cr opening Box office talk more of 24 cr which Superstar Prabas will over trash it.

    1. beta singham2 1st day collection 33cr nett,bang bang 27cr.and don't forget bolly pays 40percrnt tax while south 10percent.and don't forget fixed hires done by south filmmaker.
      poor south indian
      #from a south indian

      1. @ real salman fan yo calling poor south indian film lol so called bollywood mein kisko aukat hai 250 crores jaise bahubali banane keliye aaj poora hindustan talking about bahubali and all you guys are desperate to watch it thats tha stamina of south indian films it will break all the records done by bollywood stars with in a week thats the stamina of south indian films and to talking about openings very funny for bollywood stars they need holidays for openings ganta in south stars like pavan kalyan, chiranjeevi,mahesh babu ,rajani kanth so on they dont need holidays but opening will be between 25 to 40 crores non holiday thats the stamina of south kisko aukat hai bollywood movie keliye 450 crores spend kara ne keliye robo 2.0 south indian film hai budget 450 crores so bfore talking better know the history so called bollywood movies release national wide but regional not like that but still our openings are high than bollywood that too non holidays.

  10. will bahubali 2 cross 350cr in one language that dangal did dangal hindi collection=372cr bahubali 150cr(hindi)+150cr(telegu)+200cr(tamil)=500cr nett

  11. 28 april bahubali storm shuru and on 5 may dangal storm shuru in china we want 250cr in china to cross it 1000cr club

  12. many are talking bahubali 2,robo2 dabang3,krissh4 but i am waiting for grand film 3 idiots 2 that can do 2000cr worldwide. I am saying this logically not unlogically said by srk an sk fans that their film do 1000cr world wide. 3 idiots2 will do 500nett in india or 700cr gross in india and 250-300cr in OS. and it will do 1000cr in china it get a classic status there and it stand 12th position in chinese top 250 movies website.

  13. day1 bahubali2 will be morethan 130cr from all languages and it will be colecting the same in lessthan 24 hrs which bahubali 1set in 36hrs 100 cr.last time..

  14. i think telugu version collection will be 40+ becoz fixed hires done by big south film makers,for bahubali the fixed hires was 10cr for part2 it will be min15cr.so 25actual + 15 hires=40cr.as a southindian i know this.

  15. Bahubali the conclusion review :good 1st half and a very much average 2nd half with flaws overall its above average flick but bgm and vfx are excellent and performances every 1 nailed it story in the 2nd half not so convinced if you guys want to know why kattapa killed bahubali ping me?

  16. Hindi version 250 cr
    all India 600 cr
    overses 400 cr
    worldwide total 1000 cr
    verdict ATBB
    highest grossing film until Amir Khan's SecretSuperstar

  17. Mark my word ye avg se uper nai jaegi. Hype na hoti to flop hoti. Review bakwas hai iske. Lengthy movie

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