Baaghi 2 5th Day Box Office Collection

Baaghi 2 5th Day Box Office Collection: Baaghi 2 has held very well on first Tuesday. As per the official figures, the film collected 10.60 crores on the 5th day.

It has dropped around 12% from the Monday which is very much reasonable. Action films tend to open big and then falls on weekdays. Baaghi 2 has maintained a solid hold as it has collected in the double digit figures on Monday and Tuesday which is rare for such films.

The total collection of the film now stands at 95.80 crores. It will enter into the 100 crore club today and will also beat the lifetime collection of Raid to become the 3rd highest grosser of 2018.

Day 125.10
Day 220.40
Day 327.60
Day 412.10
Day 510.60
Day 69.10
Day 77.95
Day 85.70
Day 97.30
Day 109.50
Day 113.80
Day 123.40
Day 133.10
Day 142.80
Day 151.75
Day 162.50
Day 172.95
Total155.65 cr

24 comments on “Baaghi 2 5th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Dont know who will be next aamir,srk,ajay etc
    but Next Salmaan --- an actor or non actor who will utilise MASALA GENRE

  2. Baghi 2 ka 4th day collection akshay ka 1st day ka collection rhta h be chhi bezati fr b beshrm akshay k fans

    1. Tu aise hi jalta rah
      Increasing haters of akki shows that more no of people r becoming jealous of his success
      By the way padman is Oscar winning movie and I liked it very much

  3. The best ghost story is Ajay and hrithik's stardom. Just like you can hear about ghost from people who have seen them or from stories the same way you can hear about these 2 stars stardom from the stories cooked up by their fans. You will never see a ghost in your real life and in the same way you will never see hrithik and Ajay’s stardom in the boxoffice. Bas manne vale mante hai ke ghost hota hai or waise hi manne wale mante hai ke Ajay aur hrithik superstar hai.

  4. Similarity and dissimilarity between srk and tiger shroff.
    1. Both of them has only 1 blockbuster in their career without yrf,dharma and Deepika.
    2. Both of them has 1 blockbuster this decade.
    1. That 1 blockbuster of tiger was solo b2 but for srk it was multistarrer Karan arjun
    2. Tiger's blockbuster came on non holiday but for srk it came on eid holiday.

    1. Yrf dharma deepika tushaar abhishek honey Singh Leonardo de caprio sb ko ghuser de
      Dharma ko kisne banaya ? Dharma production ka 1st movie flop ..2nd movie kuch kuch hota hai all time blockbuster ..mtlb srk superstar ko ek Naya Naya production house ne bana dia ?

      Production house se kya hota hai mujheaaj tk smjh nahi aaya
      Yrf ka qaidi band lifetime 10 lakh ..aisa kyu?
      Or om shanti om jo deepika ka 1st movie tha or usme srk ko blockbuster de dia ?
      Chennai express blockbuster hua vo bhi deepika ne dia na ? CE se pehle lgatar 5 flops rha deepika ka ...mtlb just because of deepika in that movie mtlb credit usko

  5. Multistarrer Karan Arjun ? Good joke
    Before KA ,Salman's highest opening was disastrous 9 lack .And SRK's highest opening was 42 lack .KA was only SRK's film .having criminal Salman or not doesn't make any difference .

  6. In your country Pakistan good Friday May not be a holiday .but in our country India Good Friday is national holiday .

  7. Hindi medium BB ka life time collection todegi..

    Agar nahi toda toh Mai sallu fans ke against kabhi comment nahi karunga..

    In china

    Sallu fans Plz don't give excuses
    Ye nahi tha wo tha ..

    Arey paglo Puri duniya ne China mein release karne ke baad sallu ki entry hue hai aur sultan abhi Bhi pending hai..tab tk china Aamir ki TOH bhi release kar degi..


    Toh bb collection karegi hi na ...
    Aab dekhlo Hindi medium build kar rahi hai...

    Aamir aur Dangal ki vajah se china Indian cinema dekh rahi hai..

    Note:SS(Aamirs cameo)-7M LT-118M
    India mein cameo nahi chalta..

    So plz don't compare SS with ur stars full fledged role..

    If u want then compare with Dangal

    1. Parshya aunty me excuse nhi dunga lekin pagle tujhe pata hoga ki BB China me 8000 screens me release hua tha aur Hindi medium 18000 me hua h aur is film KO pasand bhi kiya ja raha h China me to Hume khush hona chahiye na aur pagle isse ye pata chalta h ki Chinese KO na amir pasand h na salman na irfan re pagle unhe sirf achi story wali film pasand h re pagle aur dhyan rakhna jab meri Rani mam ki film hichki release hogi China me to wo bhi dhoom macha degi ,,,,lekin ek baat samajh nhi aya ki MNIK China me kyu nhi chali ye srk ki best filmo me se ek h aur mujhe bhi kaafi pasand h.. Kuch samjha re pagle

    2. @parshya /sunill khurana/akshay ka fan
      But pretend karta ha aamir ka
      Such a idiot u r.....
      Tmne to kaha tha agar tzh pk ko cross karegi to tu sallu ka fan banega...
      Rahne de tu apni zindagi bita de salman ko troll karne me
      Bolta to aise h jaise iske troll karne se fark padta h....

  8. The comment about hritik and Ajay has not come from me. Ajay is bigger than srk in this decade and hritik is bigger than srk in overall career.

  9. Can anyone tell me what HR doing these days? A complete Hollywood material is doing back to back niche movies.. pehele kaabil now Super 30.. is he mad...why is he hell burnt in destroying his career. Akshays 100cr streak got ended coz of his wife...kaun pagal back to back niche movies karta hain...u cant take your fans for granted .. happened with Akshay now Hrithik Rosan..

  10. Todays superstars compared to 90s
    Salman Khan - Varun Dhawan
    Sharukh Khan - Ranveer Singh
    Aamir Khan - Ranbeer kapoor
    Akshay Kumar - Sushant Singh Rajput
    Hrithik Rosan - Tiger Shroff..

    NOTE- All combo have the same start and same carrier graph... The combination may vary according to hits superhits in future.

  11. Can see all SRK fans pumped up huh..
    good to see those dead fans breathing again.. :D
    Salman is more like our own Modi.. trollers keep trolling.. but salman keeps delivering blockbusters and modi keeps accomplishing his vision...!!
    Btw.. parshyaaaaaa.. tera asli naam kya hai be?? :P

    1. Post Hindi medium collection in china

      Maza agaya...
      Almost 3.50m on first day


      Note:SS(Aamirs cameo) -7m

      China aab Indian movies pasand kar rahi hai Coz of Danagl and Aamir !!

      Go Hindi medium go ..sallu fans ko dho dalo..


  12. Sallu fans Rona chalu Karo..
    Hindi medium ne tum logo ko dho dala..

    Irfan >>>sallu


  13. Abe parshya aunty tu sirf china,China hi karta reh samjha,,, tera kuch nhi ho sakta Behan,,,,ek baat to clear h salman sir KO chord ke tu sabka fan h re pagle chahe wo irfan khan,,,sunny Leone,, daisy shah,,,ranbeer ho ya Sushant,,,, isse pata chalta h ki tujhe bhi pata h ki salman sir kya cheez h,,,,,ab tu dangal,, dangal kar pagle

  14. My top 5 actors...

    1) srk ( acting)
    1)salman ( entertainment)
    1)anil sir ( all time great)
    Govinda sir( all time great)
    Ajay+ akshay ( very good)

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