Baaghi 2 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection

Baaghi 2 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection: Baaghi 2 continues to do very good business at the box office. As per the official figures, it has collected 7.50 crores in the third weekend.

Baaghi 2 has now crossed the 150 crores mark. The total collection of the film stands at 155.65 crores after 17 days. It still has one more open week as there will not be any competition in the 4th week. The lifetime gross is likely to be in the range of 165 crores.

Day 125.10
Day 220.40
Day 327.60
Day 412.10
Day 510.60
Day 69.10
Day 77.95
Day 85.70
Day 97.30
Day 109.50
Day 113.80
Day 123.40
Day 133.10
Day 142.80
Day 151.75
Day 162.50
Day 172.95
Total155.65 cr

38 comments on “Baaghi 2 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection”

  1. Prdp trade fig - 194cr
    Producer fig 215cr
    Difference - 21cr

    Kick trade fig 210cr
    Producer fig 236cr
    Difference 26cr

    2 movie ka difference 47cr ho gaya or kuch salman fans chilla rhe

    Jhms trade 62, producer 64cr
    Fan trade 84cr producer 84cr
    Raees trade 129cr producer 135cr
    Dilwale trade 141cr producer 148cr (chahta to 2cr brha ke 150cr kr leta )

    Sb srk jaisa nahi hai na .collection kam ho rha fir v producer fig brhaya nahi

    1. srk's whole career is standing on manipulation. heppy new year 44.97 crore fake, on that basis many people feels proud about srk's initial pull but ideall it is only 36 crore which is only 4 crore more than dhoom3. dhoom 3 released on non holiday and hny on national holiday.
      then ce and ett both released on national holiday but ce failed to beat ett despite of coming after 1 year with more screens and ticket prices which clearly shows that with a commercial masala film released on same day salman has way bigger initial pull. but srk manipulated ce collection to show that he can also beat opening record like salman which in real world is fake. take out these 2 fake things the initial pull of srk will be exposed.
      srk's everything is fake. whether it is his films boxoffice collections or his nummerous fakefare awards or the wig he wears to hide his hairless head or the numerous cosmetic surgery he has done to hide his real beauty.
      without these things he is a ugly, takla person who has achieved nothing in life.

      1. Whole career ?
        Mujhe ek simple baat bata dilwale 148cr kia to 2cr brha ke 150cr kyu nahi kar dia srk ne ?
        Fan 84cr ..to brha ke 100cr kyu nahi kia ?
        Raees 129cr .brha ke 150cr kyu nahi kia ?
        Jhms ka trade or producer fig dono same kyu ?

        Or haan dabnagg 2 ka bhi opening me 3cr ka difference hai trade or producer me

        1. Un filmo ke collections badane ke bad bhi flop rahega. Lekin kisi bhi khan ki film agar national holiday pe release ho to expected hota hai ke wo Naya benchmark banayga. Isilye hny ko jabardasti 40 crore pay phochaya. Ce to record opener bhi ban Nahi payi eid national holiday pe Jahan Salman bade bade margin pe record todta tha. Agar wo newspaper me ata to srk ke beizzati hota Isilye usne Ce ko manipulate Kiya kiyun ki newspaper producer figure deta hai..jabki Salman ki prdp trade ke hisab se record opener tha lekin Salman ne hny ke producer figure ko todne ke like manipulate Nahi Kiya aur sab bolne lage Salman record tod Nahi pai.
          Aur sabse badi baat ye hai ke srk twitter me akar apne fake collection ko defend karta hai jo Salman nehi karta. Srk said defending raees manipulated collection " I know the collection of my films till the last penny"

          1. Honest man chennai express ka Thursday evening ko previews shows bhi tha or usme 6cr kia tha
            CE ka trade 31cr or producer 33cr tha ..previews nhi rehta to 35cr krta 1st day smjhaa

        2. To bhai Salman ki ek tha tiger 199.50cr tha to 200cr kyu nahi Kiya tzh 350cr kyu nahi karvaya kick Ko 250cr kyu nahi karvaya.tumhari aisi comment par se pata chal jaata hai ki tum kitne bade looser ho

          1. KK ETT 100% fake collections. It collected 185 cr according to trade and 199 cr producer figure which means it was surely manipulated.

      2. Who has achieved nothing in life ? Hahahahaha??? yaha salman ka baat nahi ho rha. Or takla to salman hai .uska fake body fake aadmi sb fake hai
        Srk kuch achieve nahi kia haha even srk haters ko bhi pata hai srk ne bhut sa cheez achieve kia ..Bollywood ko famous kia bahar me
        Salman ne kya achieve kr lia ye bata to?

      3. 100% agree with u honest man
        sarook is fake.his fans are victims of over-marketing or clever marketing,paid news etc
        sarook hair is real
        only positive thing about that garbage
        his face is super ugly without touch-ups

  2. Upcoming collection of these non superstars
    Ranbir : dutt - 150cr
    Brahmasastra - 160cr

    Ranveer - simmba 135cr
    Gully boy 80cr
    83 - 60cr

    Shahid : BGMC - 55cr

    Varun : October 40cr
    Sui dhaga 55cr
    Dance movie 115cr
    Shiddat 90-110cr
    Ranbhoomi 120cr (Diwali clash )

    Sidharth : biopic - 45cr
    Ek villain 2 - 80cr

    John : parmanu 50cr
    Satyamev jayte - 40-45cr

    Emraan : captain nawab 50cr
    Cheat India 60cr (clash with super 30)
    Jeetu Joseph thriller - 50-55cr

    Tiger : soty 2 - 110cr
    Hritik vs tiger - 180cr
    Baaghi 3 - 160cr
    Rambo - 130cr

    Mtlb upcoming movies me ranking kuch is tarah hoga


    1. Salman 1988 se hai Bollywood me or 2007 me rakhi sawant se clash haar gaya hohoho hahahah

      Bara uchal rhe salman fans ki tiger ke post pe kal akshay ko troll ..abe action masala me koi bhi kama lega ..rowdy rathore 135cr kia 2012 me

      1. Abe 2.0 tu 135crs me hi khush ho raha h ,,,hahahaha,,,,,, ab ek baat bta akshay KO masala filme karne se kisne mana kiya h bol,,,,,sirf excuse pe excuse.... Akshay KO bol rowdy rathore2 laye aur race3 se clash kare aukaat pta chal jayega,,,,

  3. Upcoming collection of these superstars
    Srk : zero 350cr (only if simmba pospone or else 300cr )
    Salute - 350-400cr
    Don 3 - 200-225cr

    Salman : race 3 230cr
    Bharat 130cr
    Kick 2 275cr
    Dabnagg 3 180cr

    Aamir TOH - 300-325cr (Diwali hai)

    Akshay : gold 140cr (clash ho gaya )
    2.0 180-200cr (Hindi )
    Kesari 140-150cr
    Housefull 4 - 150 (clash ho ga Hi )

    Ajay luv ranjan rom com 90cr
    Total dhamaal 110cr
    Singham 3 160cr
    War drama (housefull 4 ke saath clash hoga shayad ) - 180cr

    Hritik : super 30 90cr
    Hritik vs tiger 200cr
    Krrish 4 - 250cr or agar clash hua go 200cr

    So upcoming ranking
    Aamir (aamir ka 2020 tak fir koi movie bhi nahi shayad )

    1. Lol
      Zero 180cr hit
      Salute 250cr superhit
      Don 3 160cr semihit

      Race 3 210cr hit
      Bharat 120cr flop
      Kick 2 250cr superhit
      Dabnagg 3 130cr average

      TOH 250-260cr superhit

      Gold 180cr superhit
      2.0 350cr blockbuster
      Kesari 250cr blockbuster
      Housefull 4 215cr blockbuster

      Super 30 75cr semihit
      Hritik vs tiger 150cr hit
      Krrish 4 215cr superhit

      Ajay rom com 65cr flop
      Total dhamaal 100cr hit
      Singham 3 145cr hit

      1. Upcoming movie prediction by me
        October :40cr
        Race3 :300-340cr
        Gold : 150-180cr (if solo)
        Toh : 300-350cr
        Zero : 175-200cr
        Simbha : 120cr
        Next yr
        Super 30 : 130cr
        Kesari : 200cr+
        Bharat : 200cr
        Bhramastra :130cr
        Don 3 : 180-210cr
        Housefull 4 : 250-300cr if solo
        Dabangg 3 250-300cr
        Thanks to read

  4. Upcoming overseas collection (without china )
    Zero - $30-35cr
    TOH $25M
    Race 3 $14-15M
    Gold $6M
    Super 30 $6M
    Ajay rom com $2-3M
    Dutt $9-10M
    Simmba $7-8M
    Sui dhaaga $5-6M

    Ab salman fans aise react krenge jaise salman baap ho overseas ka ..sb ko pata hai overseas me kya AUKAAT hai salman ki ...tubelight eid me $7M kia ..jhms fan $10M non holiday me ..eid me aata to $15M ..tino movie ko negative reviews tha

    Tiger $19M only ..dilwale in clash and negative reviews $26.6M

  5. Talking about CE and HNY manipulation .Who started this manipulation ? Salman .ETT - opening day - 30.61 crore to 32.92 crore .lifetime - 186 to 198 crore
    PRDP- 195 to 213 crore .
    blabbering about his awards .he win awards for his excellent acting .he won best actor awards for DDLJ, Devdas ,Swades, Chak de India , MY name is khan .all were classics and his acting was superb .non actors don't get awards .Salman's stardom is nothing who have 3 times flops and disasters than his blockbusters .he lose clash against new comer Ranbir kapoor .he gives flops in every festivals.only surviving on masala .to hide his numerous crimes he started to do some fake charity .totally fake person and fake stardom.
    lanat hai aise actor par !!!

  6. If SRK achieved nothing in life then criminal Suraj made fat gangu teli Salman is still in his mother's womb and yet to see the world .

    1. Low IQ wala prashant
      ur salarukh is just a 3rd class over-actor a big zero without yrf-dharma thats y he is doing a biopic calld zero

      1. Lo bhai kya din aa gaya ..srk ne dharma production ko banaya (2nd movie dharma ka kuch much hota hai tha )or ye ultaa bol rha
        Agar yrf se kuch hota to qaidi band 2016 me yrf ka 10 lakhs kyu kamaya ...ek baar yrf ka dusre actors ka performance dekh le or ek baat srk ka dekh .salman bhi sooraj batra made star or south remake star hai

  7. king ka fan,,,, zero 300cr,,,, nice joke,,,
    salute 350 very funny,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,, or china may zero300,,, ha ha ha,,,

    1. Have u seen mukki fans predictions above
      kesar badam-200 blockbstr
      laugh to death
      mukki and salarukh fans rocks

    2. James bro gold and kesari and house full 4 milkar bhi 350 se zyada nhi collect kar payegi aur akele race3 hi in teeno KO destroy kar dega,,,,ab deshbhakti ka drama nhi chalega,,,,padman 200crs kaha h ,,,hahahaha

  8. Congrats tiger u did it joind the 150cr club without the support of a top heroine or director but king kong yet to do it without deepika and also flop machine kumar

  9. Shameful moment for fan-less bade bade datowale chakki fans
    5 movie old tiger beats 100+ movie old joker kumar

  10. Tiger beats all over acting expert salarukh's movie's without deepika
    salarukh star with deepika without deepika sharookaun

  11. Tu ne kya achieve kiya dishonest man chal bata.what's your contribution in your family ,in your society for your country ? Or in Bollywood ? How many blockbusters u given ? How many record openers u given ? Maa ka doodh piya hai himmat hai to bata be saale loser

  12. Honest man 2.0 has lost the plot likh lo srk ne JHMS ke saath apni stardom ki bajaa di if word of mouth is good max zero will do 250cr and that’s being kind. There’s more chances of akshay getting 150cr grosser than srk getting 300cr grosser. Salute would have been considered big big only if aamir was in it with srk if it does 150cr srk fans will say content movie ko 150cr tak pauncha diya true star power lol.

  13. Shame on Srk without Deepika 148cr......Now even Tiger cross 150cr mark......Ghanta Ka Stardom hai Srgay ka.....LOL

  14. 100% agree with u honest man
    sarook is fake.his fans are victims of over-marketing or clever marketing,paid news etc
    sarook hair is real
    only positive thing about that garbage
    his face is super ugly without touch-ups

  15. @ali
    millions of people dnt watch bollywood movies of becoz sharook's cheap naach-gaana,over acting,romeo movies you are seeing only the one side

  16. @ chor, being ugly is far better than being murder.SRK doesn't kill a man by his car .he didn't kill blackbucks.its your father made gangu teli .

  17. Millions of people don't watch Bollywood movies because of non actor Salman and his 4th class acting .
    My 1 comment is enough for all non actor fans .

  18. Oh, Good. This is the real Collection or either Fake. By the way, Baaghi 2 is awesome. I Liked it and I must you have to see this movie one time. Please update latest upcoming movie. So I can make a plan to go for that movies. For getting other movies, you can watch sri anjaneyam with us.

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