Baaghi 2 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Baaghi 2 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: Baaghi 2 has a solid hold on second Friday as it grossed approx 5.25 crores. This is around 35% drop from last day which indicates solid trending.

The total collection of the film now stands at 118.10 crores in 8 days. It is now sure to cross the 150 crores mark in its lifetime run and could even go higher. Baaghi 2 was made on a budget of 60 crores and it has already recovered the whole amount from theatrical recovery. The film is a blockbuster in India and is the second film of the year to do so after Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety.

Day 125.10
Day 220.40
Day 327.60
Day 412.10
Day 510.60
Day 69.10
Day 77.95
Day 85.70
Day 97.30
Day 109.50
Day 113.80
Day 123.40
Day 133.10
Day 142.80
Day 151.75
Day 162.50
Day 172.95
Total155.65 cr

10 comments on “Baaghi 2 2nd Friday Box Office Collection”

  1. after khans ajay dev gun, hritik roshan, ranbir kapoor, ranveer singh , shahid kapoor tiger shroff also is going to cross150 crore net. but when that 10 th fail gawar bade bade dantowala actor makkhi kumar will cross it. now the question is will canada ka mal cross 150 crore before people like pulkeet samrat does it.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen I found a site worse than indicine in terms of biased towards a star and that site is none other than real boxoffice twitter if you go there forget big b or dalip kumar you will think ajay devgn is the greatest superstar of all time and they absolutely hate aamir khan srk sallu akshay ajay hrithik are termed as super stars aamir ko toh star hi nahi mante.

    1. LOL. Who told you so??? Aamir is biggest superstar of all time. These actors are not even near his toe in his stardom. He kicks the ass of those haters who do that. The public knows who is biggest superstar and it's only Aamir. No other 2 rs star stands in front of his stardom. His stardom is much bigger than combined stardom of hakla, lallu, akki and ajay put together.

  3. All stars have won awards for acting akki srk aamir ajay but when will our buffallow khan win any big award for acting oh sorry the criminal non actor who doesnt even know how to act even after 30 years now question is can he even get the award before her favourite rakhi sawant

    1. A hero is not judged only just by his rewards. There has been many legendary actors in our film industry like Dharmendra JI and Jeetendra who have not got any single reward in their entire career. We cannot say they were less than any other their contempories. Even Karan Johar has once stated: If an actor is loved by his fans and fans come in numbers to watch his movie that is a big reward for that actor. I am not in support for Salman but big reward for an actor is the love of his fans

      1. Love by idiotic uneducated crass fans who live in poverty..most of the jobless slums are his fans. I have never seen any educated person as Salman fan.

  4. No other star has gone to jail but our Bhai has gone to jail,,,,,,Beat that!!

  5. A fan is always fan however which type of financial condition he has. who has set forth the rule a poor man or unemployed and uneducated man cannot enjoy any movie or consider any star as his favourite one. Majority of the population in our country are affected by poverty and big portion of them are not educated but they go to cinema in big numbers. our industry runs because of these kind of people. Very few educated persons go to cinema. A film got hit status because of these people however which actor star in that film whether Aamir, Shahrukh ,Salman or anyone Afterall they are our fellow beings we should respect them. if we disrespect them to show our hatred agaist any actor then we are more uneducated than them however how much we are accadamically educated.
    one more thing on the basis of which survey one can declare that Salman's fans are only poor, uneducated and slumdogs.

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