Baaghi 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Baaghi 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection: Tiger Shroff's Baaghi 2 has created havoc at the box office by registering huge numbers in all over India. The film collected a humungous 73.10 crores in the first weekend.

After a historic opening day, the film sustained very well on Saturday by only dropping 20%. Baaghi 2 once again gained momentum on Sunday by recording a huge number of 27.60 crores. The single screens were extraordinary on Sunday as they went housefull in all over India. It also managed to set all-time records in some circuits.

The film has also registered the highest opening weekend ever for a young star by beating Ranbir Kapoor's Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. It is also the second highest opening weekend of the year after Padmaavat. The film will cross the lifetime collection of Raid and Padman in a few days only.

Day 125.10
Day 220.40
Day 327.60
Day 412.10
Day 510.60
Day 69.10
Day 77.95
Day 85.70
Day 97.30
Day 109.50
Day 113.80
Day 123.40
Day 133.10
Day 142.80
Day 151.75
Day 162.50
Day 172.95
Total155.65 cr

25 comments on “Baaghi 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection”

  1. sallu ka formula action + sequel and film is a blockbuster
    Action sequel main to tiger blockbuster movie dy sakta hai to phr sallu ka stardom lol!

    1. This proves stardom of Khans incl Salman is over-rated. A good star can bring the right content & genre mivie on large scale and challenge them.

      I can bet if Ranbir clash his Hirani movie with Dabang 3 and Ranveer his Simba with Race 3, both youngsters will win clash.

      In two years time you will see a number of stars clashing their films with Salman. Srk is already facing it. Amirs content is strong so some will still remain wary

      1. Tiger joins elite 25 cr opening stars

        1. Salman (5)
        2. Aamir (3)
        3. Shahrukh (2) & Ajay (2)
        4. Tiger (Baghi 2)

        ??? for Tiger. Zoomed ahead of Akshay, Hrithik, Ranveer, Ranbir, Varun to achieve landmark first. Always considered way behind akki, hr & other 3 youngsters yet he has shown his strength. Tiger is less exposed to media compared to others and bashed as non actor. I m very happy for him to achieve this landmark ahead of other prominent atars.

          1. Salman has fake stardom
            Without action movie and remake he is nothing
            Once he tried with tubelight and jau ho both were flops
            This shows megastardom of our local hero

  2. Kya hua bobby ka prediction ?
    My prediction 220. N huge blockbuster.
    Tiger rocks.

  3. TZH day 1 footfalls 27lakhs
    Baghi 2 day 1 ffs 24lakhs
    Genre is the biggest star. Masala films always open well
    Haters troll that 14cr opening of jhms but I bet even if u put Lallu or other star in the film with such marketing opening will be same or lesser

  4. Thxxxx Tiger Shroff for saving me from Akshay comedy Kumar. Entertainment entertainment and entertainment. Tired of so called social movies. Been starving for good actionaire for too long.

  5. Problem for big opening lies in genre and marketing
    Marketing is very important for opening
    JHMS was the worst marketed biggie in recent times. And undoubtedly a disaster film.
    One thing prople need to understand is that Rom com and love story are different genre
    ADhm was a love story and so was YJHD not rom coms and both were well marketed
    For big stas its about getting the genre right and most importantly marketing
    Marketing doesn't mean going to TV shows or city promotions
    Marketing means releasing good trailer, songs and promos in time...which Aamir does.

  6. I want sallu to do movies like Padman Raid October Housefull series... :P Even Youngsters like Varun trying different genre but wat stopping Salman to do this kind of movies.... haaaaaainmnnnnn koi batayega :P

  7. Tubelight ko dho dala baagi ne
    Maza agaya..

    Note : Tubelight was holiday release with 4500 screen

    SS was a small off beat movie with Aamirs cameo not full fledged role and had clashed with Golmaal4

    cameo work nahi karta indians audience ke liye...


  8. well done Tiger !! You deserve for that 150 crs pakka !! time for young lad's !!! Ranveer/Tiger/Varun/Ranbir.

  9. so the weekend of baaghi 2 is more than any srk films weekend apart from the 2 films which were directly released on eid and diwali holiday weekend ce and hny. many people are talking about tiger shroff being a threat to salman khan but salman khan's highest weekend is 115 crore without any holiday in first 3 days while this is 42 crore behind with a partial holiday on day1. what this film has proved is that multiplex audiences are more loyal than single screens. we always talk about salman's single screen following but today baaghi 2 has matched tzh collection in weekend there, so where is his loyal following. actually it is the multiplex following of salman which has saved him unless baaghi 2 would have similar weekend like tzh.
    so you can look at this in 2 way. either you have to accept there is no following in single screens. you make an action film with anybody the result will be the same. or you have to accept that tiger shrofff has grown a following in single screens which is equal to salman and now he is a star. we have now wait and see where he goes after this film because tiger shroff does only action films the most . but still he can be only a threat to salman if he matches his multiplex following.
    still for me the biggest threats to the khan in initial came from ranbir kapoor. baaghi 2 has done well but has not broken any records. yjhd actually broke the non holiday opening of dabangg 2 and also it's weekend. so he was a far bigger threat and yjhd was also not a action film. so if he can fall from there then tiger shroff can also fall , so let's wait and watch.
    and people should check boxoffice datas before commenting anything. who told them imtiaz ali films don't open well? do they know that love aaj kal was the second highest opener of all time after ghajini. jhms failed to cross the lifetime of tamasha and rockstar which were same genre and directed by same director. so if srk can't beat even ranbir kapoor with same genre and director then what is the advantage of taking srk in the film. what is the difference between him and ranbir? why is he paid more than ranbir?
    srk fans who are targetting salman after baaghi2 should know that tiger shroff has not beaten salman in action genre, he has just done well. but ranbir has beaten srk in lovestory or rom com whatever you say. make a comparison between the boxoffice numers of jhms, yjhd, jthj , adhm etc you will easily figure out that.

  10. Tiger ne akki Ko uttake stadium se bahar dala....on Twitter all fans r nicely trolling akki fans...akki fans r badnaseebs.. their actor cant cross 25cr on first day n 200cr lifetime

  11. If baaghi 2 had got 4400 screens then it would have beaten Sultan opening day collection of 36.5 crore which also released on partial holiday.in action genre even tiger can give bumper opening.then kya ukhaad liya Salman ne if he had given record opening to dabangg,Bodyguard etc.so tiger 's Stardom is equal to Salman's stardom.

  12. Baaghi 2 success proves that crazy hard work pays off. I m happy one the nicest guy in bollywood got his due in bollywood. This success is hard earned more than most people think . Being accepted as action hero is really a tough thing not just in bollywood everywhere around the world

  13. honest man bhai....
    tiger beaten sallu in multiplex also.....
    tzh winter vacation release, 5000 screens & double ticket ka daam .but baghi2 small release compare karke

  14. @rojan. Then what about srk who gave 14..crore opening in the winter vacation of Xmas and was beaten by hritik whose agneepath released on dull January period and gave 21 crore opening
    Tiger zinda Hai had a 60 percent opening compared to b2. B2 is also lesser than kick's 80 crore weekend released way back in 2014. By the way if screen is the way to compare then raees and baaghi 2 both had similar kind of screens both were action films but baaghi 2 s weekend collection is way better

  15. ha ha ha,,, tiger ki 1movie s akki fan n srk fan bhai ka saat compier korna soro kr diya,,, sale o apne mukki, flop king kiwa owakad diya

  16. abe dishonest man don 2 was non holiday release whereas Agneepath released on 26 January .Don 2 was highest non holiday Friday collection.kitne dino tak wrong facts dikhakar apne hrithik ko bada batayega

  17. Also Raees was released on Wednesday .it had only 1 holiday in 3 day weekend.
    Whereas Baaghi 2 has 2 holiday in weekend .facts manipulation me tere ko award milna chahiye .

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