Baadshaho Overseas & Worldwide Box Office Collection

Baadshaho has a reasonable opening weekend in overseas as it grossed approx $1.52 million on 422 screens. It has fared better as compared to last few films of Ajay Devgn.

Baadshaho performed best in Gulf where it grossed $877167 while it was low in North America and UK. Below is the territory wise collection.

  • North America: $268k
  • UAE: $877k
  • UK: $75K
  • Australia: $82k
  • New Zeland: $70k
  • Malaysia: $52k



India (gross)
64.96 cr


Shubh Mangal Saavdhan has collected $0.58 million in overseas which is slightly lower than Bareilly Ki Barfi. Meanwhile, Dangal has grossed a massive HK$ 14.19m in Hong Kong so far.

16 comments on “Baadshaho Overseas & Worldwide Box Office Collection”

  1. Because ajay is ugly, I'm sorry but it's harsh but it's the truth that's what everyone says here, Salman Aamir Shah rukh and Akshay are all good looking! Akshay Kumar is doing good, Aamir got away with surgeries, hair transplant, he even raised His eye brows like srk, his cheek bone is more structures now and regularly gets Botox done!

    Salman has done hair transplant, shah Rukh I know hasn't done anything because he is aging accordingly and Akshay hasn't done anything nor has Ajay!

    1. Lol @srk and varun dhawan uk fans base
      Have you gone mad?
      Where from you guys bring this idiotic logic?
      Around the world, mostly Indians people watch Indian movies. What do you want to say, all NRI Indians are handsome like hrithik roshan and they hate actors like ajay devgn. Lmao
      You are srk fan. Don't only listen his interviews but try to follow. Lol micheal Jackson was also not good looking so what you want to say about that.
      You don't know about this things. I can understand because you are fan of non actor varun dhawan who is not even 5% of ajay sir. I know, it's hard to accept that varun doesn't know how to act but it is truth.
      In 90s, ajay sir films were used to get better openings than all handsome actors.
      Srk says, art don't see color, gender, sex and religion.

  2. Top 2 highest overseas grosser ( Bollywood ) still belongs to SRK 's Raees and JHMS.stardom of megastar SRK.

    1. We are talking about overseas here not India, our taste is different than that of India, I mean Hrithik Roshan is on another level but Shah Rukh Khan ask people here you'll find out, sexy or good looking can only be judged through the eyes of a women and one thing I know is that women here find Shah Rukh much more fire than Salman Aamir or akshay!

      It's the truth, an ugly looking person just can't be classed King of Romance!

      1. Lol we guys have different taste than India.
        This guy don't know what to say
        Then why emraan hashmi s movies are not earning huge in overseas
        What you want to say he is not sexy
        In overseas countries, normally Indian families watch movies. Indian families hangout by watching India movies even friends do same.
        So, according to you families go to watch movie because actor is looking sexy and family audience is srk core fan base.
        I am fan of akki from childhood not because of he is looking sexy. In childhood, I did not even know that actor is looking sexy or hot and what that means. I just love to watch him from childhood because he just love to watch him and he is entertaining me from 25 years.
        And people love actors not because of he is looking handsome or ugly. They just love them and love them because of their acting and talent. And one more thing, what overseas taste and different taste, we all are Indians and we have same taste.
        If you guys have different taste, then you would have been janda fan of tom cruise or brad pitt.

    2. @MSDN srk looks better than all other actors. Handsome is not that someone has white skin. You know he is good looking because of his smile, expression, eyes and one of the best dressing sense in Bollywood and his screen chrishma is way better than aamir hrithik akshay and ranbir kapoor.

  3. You should collect in your country at first if your film is really well.Then we check the overseas result,not before that.So dear SRK fan kuch bhi bolne se pehle logic ka use karo and admit it ke SRK ka achche din is almost over.One more thing in recent time there are some SRK fan who are barking in social media but can't help their Badshah to collect atlest 100 crores aur aukad and looking ki baat karta hain..ha ha..get well soon.!!

  4. Top10 website where people from all around vote for the sexiest man alive and you know what in the top 40 barun sobti and Shah Rukh Khan are the only Indians in the list!

  5. Top20 greatest actors shah Rukh Khan only Indian! Remember this votes are not from only India it's all around the world and millions of people vote!

  6. something wrong with ur site

    when i came to comment an unknown emsil id and username appeared in my phone. wtf problem is that??

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