Baadshaho Monday Box Office Collection

Baadshaho Monday Box Office Collection: Baadshaho has a decent hold on Monday with collecting around 5.25 crore. It has dropped by 50% from the opening day which is considered a fair hold for action films.

Eid is still boosting collections in Muslim dominated circuits which have held pretty well. But the effect will be over soon and these places can face considerable drops in next few days. Overall it is a decent hold and has given the film a chance but that will depend on how it lands on 2nd Friday.

Baadshaho box office collection in 4 days is 43.15 crores. The competition is weak in next few weeks as the next big releases is Judwaa 2 which will release after 4 weeks. So if Baadshaho can hold even at decent levels, then it has chances to emerge success.

  • Day 1: 10.50
  • Day 2: 13.95
  • Day 3: 13.40
  • Day 4: 5.25
  • Total: 43.15 cr

15 comments on “Baadshaho Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. salman vs srk vs aamir vs hritik( all time star ranking comparison)( 2000-17)

    the comparison is made from 2000-17 to make it fair for hritik roshan. let’s see who is the best and who is the worst among all these 4 stars

    1. blockbuster
    aamir- 5
    winner- salman
    2. all time blockbuster
    3. all time grosser
    winner- aamir
    4. highest grosser of the year
    aamir- 5
    winner- aamir and salman
    5. highest grosser of the decade
    6. record breaking opening day( solo films considered)
    7. record breaking opening weekend( solo films considered)
    winner- salman
    8. 2 crore plus footfall films
    aamir- 5
    salman- 8
    srk- 4
    9. 3 crore plus footfall films
    aamir- 4

    so the all time star ranking is

    1. aamir- he is winner in 5 of the major boxoffice achievements solo. in 1 he is joint winer with salman. so his total count is 6.
    2. salman- he is winner in 3 of the major boxoffice achievements solo. in 1 he is joint winner with aamir. so his total count is 4.
    3. hritik- he is winner in nothing and his total winning count is 0. but if you compare him with srk he is leading srk in 2 of the major 9 boxoffice achievements( 3 crore footfalls and record breaking opening day) and in the other 7 he is tied with srk despite of doing much lesser films than srk. so he finishes at 3rd.
    4. srk- he has the worst record among all the 4 stars. so he is bound to finish at 4th spot in all time star ranking

    1. @honestman firstly let's have an wild guess your an AAMIR KHAN fan BINGO!

      Few questions:

      Where do you get all your information from?
      What is aATBB?
      What is a ATHG?
      How many years are there in a decade?
      Why do you not count Flops?
      Why do you not count overseas?
      Are you sure Shah Rukh Khan has only 5 Blockbusters and NO ATBB?
      Are you sure SALMAN has no ATHG or Grosser of the decade?

      You know what you are just a dumb shit who's making up his own list the way you want to!

      Let me tell you know

      SALMAN has 2 highest grossers of the decade 80's and 90's MPK and HAHK!

      DDLJ, KKHH, OSO, CE all considered ATBB!

      AAMIR has only 1 highest grosser of the decade so far 2010 onward hasn't finished yet! Even then Bahubali 2 is the highest grosser of this decade even if you only count Hindi!

      I know you said it would only count 2000 onward, for hrithik Roshan, so because you have so much time on your hands, make a list from 1990 - 2007 to make it fair for Govinda, Anil Kapoor, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Jackie Shroff, and many more that way even Hrithik will be happy!

      You think I don't know what you tried doing, you basically took out all the flops AAMIR have in the 90's and also took all the blockbusters and ATBB given by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in the 90's!

      Go try this trick somewhere else you moron, it won't work here, honest your a bloody RAM RAHIM MAN!

      1. Sorry mate I don't understand that type of English what does 'gidda' even mean? Sort you English out first!

  2. Hey guys I'm bCk
    PTA chala hai honk Kong mein amir naam ki tsunami aayi hai
    Sab jagah sirf dangal dangal. ??
    Kk let's come to the post.
    Badshao was not that good for some who watch players
    But fr rest it's complete package dhamaka..
    Dialogues were mind blowing
    Lt may be 75-80cr...

    1. Pata chala hai AAMIR ki shaadi hai Fatima sana shaik ke saath, ?

      Ab tho wedding night pe Dangal Dangal hoga! Tarki KHAN!

  3. Movie achhi h pr lst k 10-15 Mintue Bht ghtiya yr kya bekar ending kiya h pta nh kya smjh k ending kiya shyd tk agee b koi prt bnee pr ending ne dimg khrb kiya h ..pr movie achi h ending bekr

  4. @ dishonest joker, abe gawar SRK have 10 blockbusters , 2 ATBB , 5 HGOTY , 6 record openers and many 2, 3 crore footfalls.Your are comparing hrithik's whole career with SRK career after 2000.if Hrithik debuted in 2000 so what we can do.is it SRK or Salman or Aamir's fault ? So true ranking is
    1. Aamir
    2. SALMAN

  5. Hrithik is his father's made star.out of 5 blockbusters in his career , 3 are his father's directed films.K3G success have nothing to do with Hrithik as apart from him SRK was a established actor at that time and there was a legend Amitabh Bachchan.And 1 other blockbuster is dhoom 2 which is YRF film and sequel to a hit film.so how many blockbusters he gave on his own ? Answer is zero.lets have a look
    KNPH - Blockbuster , after that his flop streak started
    Fiza - semi hit
    Mission Kashmir - average
    Yaadein - flop
    Then K3G - Blockbuster , SRK and Amitabh saved him
    Again flop streak started
    AAP mujhe ache .. - flop
    Na tum jano - Disaster
    Mujhse dosti karoge - flop
    Main prem ki .. - flop
    Koi mil gaya - Blockbuster , Rakesh papa again saved him
    Lakshya - Flop
    Krrish - Blockbuster
    So we can see he was nothing till 2006.his all blockbusters came with his father till 2006.After that he improved a bit and started to give tiny hits on his own.but after 2013 he again go back to his 2000s days.no clean hit in 3 years.so if anyone thinks he is bigger than SRK then i want to tell pls admit in mental hospital.

  6. Actual (Producer) Figure - 50.12 Crore
    LT Predictions - 93 Crore
    Verdict - HIT
    Fake BOI Figure - 42 Crore
    LT Predictions - 83 Crore
    Verdict - Above Average

  7. Sorry BA no manipulations this time. Baadshaho already 50cr plus so dont show fake figures. I think ur becoming more biased with some actors like aamir and akshay. Ur just hype daangal figures and tepk. Aur movies bi paisa kamati like philuari, naam shabana etc but u show them flop. Cheap.

  8. dear bollyarena team
    stop showing wrong repoort of baadshaho collections. the 4th day collection is 50.12 crores.acording to trade taran adarsh the 4th days collection is 50.12crore.pls correct ur statement.

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