Baadshaho 5th Day Box Office Collection

Baadshaho 5th Day Box Office Collection: Baadshaho is steady on its first Tuesday as it collected 5.25 crores. The collections are being boosted by festivals in areas like UP, Nizam and Kerala.

The film is faring well on weekdays but the actual trending will be known in next couple of days and especially on 2nd Friday. Though it has given the film a chance and it is now in a better position. Overall Baadshaho only needs a decent hold and masses should be steady which can sail through the film at the box office.

Baadshaho box office collection in 5 days is 48.40 crores. The film needs to cross 80 crores for emerging success which still seems a long way. But the competition is weak in next few weeks and Baadshaho can take benefit of that.

  • Day 1: 10.50
  • Day 2: 13.95
  • Day 3: 13.40
  • Day 4: 5.25
  • Day 5: 5.25
  • Total: 48.40 cr

12 comments on “Baadshaho 5th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Both day 5.25 on the dot! Ab kuch garbar hai! I'm not sure but this doesn't match up, I could be wrong.

  1. The film has chances to score and to be well received, it's such a shame producers are spoiling everything by giving non stop fake numbers :/

    1. i doubt if the producers numbers are fake... coz taran adarsh is updating the collection on his twitter account.. if it was fake he would immediately stop it as he did for kaabil and Raees.

      Aur agar producers ko figure exactly manipulate karna hi hota and after a saturday of 15.60 cr why did they reduce the collections of sunday to 15.10cr they could have made it to 17 or 18 cr

      There is some cofusion and iam sure it will be solved within next week. If they are fake then taran adarsh will stop updatng its scores

      1. Taran Adarsh gave the update for Shivaay, Krrish 4 and many other films with manipulated figures. I think producers are playing it smart, if you don't give unrealistic numbers you can gradually show bigger numbers without making it too obvious you are manipulating the figures... Just a theory though, but I trust BollyArena for actual figures :)

          1. Krrish 3... And going by the Rakesh Roshan trend we can expect Krrish 4 to have fake numbers as well xD

  2. How do u know producer's are giving fake collection. My friend in movie business only the producers and the cinema owners knows the exact numbers and figures. So forget about all this portals website u never kno they can be fans of some movie star and give wrong figures for other stars.....

  3. Lol we guys have different taste than India.
    This guy don't know what to say
    Then why emraan hashmi s movies are not earning huge in overseas
    What you want to say he is not sexy
    In overseas countries, normally Indian families watch movies. Indian families hangout by watching India movies even friends do same.
    So, according to you families go to watch movie because actor is looking sexy and family audience is srk core fan base.
    I am fan of akki from childhood not because of he is looking sexy. In childhood, I did not even know that actor is looking sexy or hot and what that means. I just love to watch him from childhood because he just love to watch him and he is entertaining me from 25 years.
    And people love actors not because of he is looking handsome or ugly. They just love them and love them because of their acting and talent. And one more thing, what overseas taste and different taste, we all are Indians and we have same taste.
    If you guys have different taste, then you would have been janda fan of tom cruise or brad pitt.

    1. I'm no saying that! @karan Singh I personally watch all Ajay devgn films and I like his movie too but I'm telling you the truth when people insult someone over here they just say you look Ajay devgn and start laughing!

      I personally think he's a bloody ripped up worth superstar!

  4. It will not be a hit but if it does same collection in next 3 days same as today then it will beat jhms

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