Baadshaho 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection

Baadshaho 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection: Ajay Devgn's Baadshaho has faced considerable drops in its third week. As per the trade figures, Baadshaho 3rd weekend collection is approx 1 crore.

The film might have been a profitable venture for producers but the distributors of the film have lost about 8 crores of their investment. It is a box office failure.

  • Day 1: 10.50
  • Day 2: 13.95
  • Day 3: 13.40
  • Day 4: 5.25
  • Day 5: 5.25
  • Day 6: 3.75
  • Day 7: 3.15
  • Day 8: 1.50
  • Day 9: 2.25
  • Day 10: 3.50
  • Day 11: 1.10
  • Day 12: 1.0
  • Day 13: 0.95
  • Day 14: 0.90
  • 3rd Weekend: 1.0
  • Total: 67.60 cr

11 comments on “Baadshaho 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection”

  1. Bollyarena please give article on top actors and top actresses. Why r u so late in this. I know will listen to my request . Thak you.

    1. So far this year:

      Akshay kumar
      Shah rukh Khan
      Varun Dhawan
      Salman Khan

      This list will change with
      Salman Khan
      Akshay/Varun depends on judwaa 2
      Ajay devgn depends on golmaal
      Shah rukh Khan will remain in top 5!

    2. If expectations meet next year with all Akshay kumar next year Akshay kumar will be the top star of box office!

      Aamir Khan can't compete 3 big Akshay kumar movie with one of his movies even if he collects 400cr with TOH!

      Padman min: 130cr
      2.0 min: Hindi net: 150-200cr
      Gold min: 140-150

      Total min: 420-440cr
      This is minimum!

      1. Who on earth are you to judge a megastar like aamir khan? Aamir's one movie is enough to thrash your Akki, srk, salman and all the rest combined. Get a life jerk. Your chongu mongu actors can't even dream to achieve the stardom which Aamir has achieved. Aukaat me reh. Thugs of hindostan alone will earn much more than 2.0, padman and gold combined. Last year Dangal >>>>>> Airlift+ house empty 3+ custom. LOL. Even with 3 films combined gobar kumar can't come near megastar aamir khan's one movie. Stay within your limit gobar fan.

  2. Dont underestimate powar of king akki………Akshay the Biggest King ne abhi tak bolloywood ko bachaya hai……har bar lagataar blokbuster movie karra hai ye bollywood king akki……..sab se zyada blockbuster movie diya king akshay ne aur super duper hit films bhi ……..akki is baaaaaaaap of bollywood and khans

    1. Why do you not understand that some stars have been labelled with tags along the years which cannot be taken away from them!

      Shah rukh Khan may not be the ruling star at the box office right now but the tag of king of Bollywood can never be taken away from his, it was made for him!

      Same way, tags like Khiladi of Bollywood and recently hit machine of Bollywood has been given to Akshay kumar and can't be taken away or given to someone else!

      Akshay kumar can never be baap of khans, khans have achieved much more success over the years of their careers!

      Same way khans have not been able to give 4-5 consecutive hits in a year!

      So let's not compare anyone, I think @bollyarena should make a list in which they should put the collections together for a year of an actor and not last 3 movies!

  3. Baadshaho already 77 cr plus. Dont show fake figures. Dont biased to good movies. It may cross 80cr. So dont forced ur manipulative figures on others. Ur totally biased and just sing chaaploos tune for dangal or akki.

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