Baadshaho 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Baadshaho 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: Baadshaho has faced considerable drops on second Friday as the film grossed 1.50 crores. The drop is more than 50% from Thursday.

In the first week, Eid factor had boosted Baadshaho collection by approx 10%. But it fell to normal levels on Wednesday and Thursday. Now the drop on 8th day has almost sealed its fate at the box office. Baadshaho was sold to distributors for 42 crores and it needs to cross 80 crores for emerging a success. Right now it seems that the film will finish in the range of 65-70 crores.

  • Day 1: 10.50
  • Day 2: 13.95
  • Day 3: 13.40
  • Day 4: 5.25
  • Day 5: 5.25
  • Day 6: 3.75
  • Day 7: 3.15
  • Day 8: 1.50
  • Total: 56.90 cr

12 comments on “Baadshaho 2nd Friday Box Office Collection”

  1. "I never had any bad phase" - Ajay Devgan who got only one clean hit out of his seven last films. And that too because of Rohit Shetty. Once again Shetty will save him with Golmaal Again but it's high time for Devgan to consider better his choices. The guy spends more time bragging that he just signed a masterpiece rather than reading his scrpits...

      1. India and its remarks on colour, disgusting! Never stops!

        You don't like him okay but why are you going to comment on his colour!

        @sumit whatever it is I'm sure he must look much better than you!

    1. Subh mangal savdhan 2nd friday 1.54 crore and Baadshaho 2nd friday 1.50 crore..
      This is the good phase of Ajay Devgan.. Not even better than Ayushman.. So is the better phase of Ajay..

  2. dear bollyarena ,
    baadshaho collections on its 8 day already done 67 crores but u r giving fake reports , according to trade analyst TARAN ADARSH teeeted .pls correct ur statement why r u giving wrong collections of baad shaho

  3. Bollyarena now the air is cleared abt real and fake figures... taran adarsh stopped giving the collections of Baadshaho and only released the collections of SMS

    Iam totally shocked that it collected 1.50 voz it was expecting it to be 2cr...
    2nd week end1.5+1.7+2= 5.2cr
    Remaining days 1.3+1.2+1.1+1.1 = 4.6cr
    2nd week end total collection = 56.9+9.8= 66.7cr
    3rd weekend 0.6 + 0.75 +1= 2.35
    Remaining days 0.5 +0.4 +0.35+0.35 =1.6
    Total 3rd week collection = 66.7+2.35+1.6 =70.6
    Life time 72cr
    Verdict: FLOP

  4. Another flop and his 2,4 fans compare him with akkki and khans even arjun kapoor is bigger star than him

    1. please don't compare some non-actor like Arjun with someone like Ajay.. Yes, I also don't like Ajay too much but that doesn't mean he has to be compared with some ill-childs of nepotism like Arjun or Tiger!

  5. @ClemK exactly, and SRK needs to sort out the way he chooses his scripts, they are brilliant actors but are still living in the past decade!

    Anyone could've guessed that JHMS would never work in India, the whole time I was thinking what the movie was about!

    The only genre that works in India now is Patriotic movies! Or maybe epic movies are working now!

    Biopics are off course king of all genres today!

  6. Kya Hua devgn pit gya ainda se aukat me rehna beta akki se competition mat karna nhi to main bataonga trolling Kya hoti hai

  7. Dear bollyarena your collection is rong badshaho done already done 67 crore above please correct your collection

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