Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

The most awaited trailer of the year is here. Marvel's Avengers Infinity War will release on 4 May 2018.

Watch the trailer and tell us if you like it.

46 comments on “Avengers: Infinity War Trailer”

    1. Only 2 Superstars who belongs to Elite 300 cr n 200 cr club...
      1. Aamir Khan

      300 cr club - Dangal, pk
      200 cr club - Dhoom 3 n 3 Idiots

      2. Salman Khan

      300 cr club - Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan
      200 cr club - Kick , TZH (Expected)

      Who will be the 3rd Superstar to join Elite 200 cr Club????
      Yeah It's Akshay Kumar with 2.0
      1st Non Khan 200 cr Grosser is 2.0

      Top Superstars 200 cr club Entrants
      1. Aamir khan
      2. Salman Khan
      3. Akshay kumar (Non Khan starrer)

      1. For above comment ?
        Disclaimer : before any claims let me clarify once for all
        CE n GA belongs to Rohit...

          1. Top stars potential Grossers.... Predictions on realistic grounds

            400 cr club
            1. Aamir khan - TOH(Expected)
            2. Salman - Bharat, Race 3(expected)

            350 cr club
            1. Aamir khan - Dangal ? expected
            2. Salman Khan - ? expected

            300 cr club
            1. Aamir khan - pk
            2. Salman Khan - Bajrangi,? TZH (expected)
            3. Akshay kumar - 2.0(expected)

            250 cr club
            1. Aamir khan - Dhoom 3
            2. Salman Khan - ? expected
            3. Akshay kumar - 2.0 ? (expected)

            200 cr club
            1. Aamir khan - 3 idiots
            2. Salman Khan - kick, TZH (expected)
            3. Akshay kumar - 2.0 (expected), Kesari, Gold (Expected)
            4. Hrithik Roshan - krish 4 ( expected)

            150 cr club
            1. Akshay kumar - ? expected
            2. Srk - Dwarf (expected)
            3. Varun Dhawan - top contender
            4. Ranbir kapoor - yet to prove
            5. Ranveer singh - yet to prove

            So apart from 2 mighty khans Aamir n Salman top contenders for elite 200 cr club r Akshay kumar n Hrithik roshan
            AKSHAY 2.0 has every chance to join 300 cr club or 250 cr
            But 200 cr is bare minimum
            Hrithik has only one chance that too with krish 4.....
            SRK doesn't have much potential now so 200 cr for him no chance....

            1. Akki 2.0 Hindi version only
              2.0 south india collections belongs to Rajni sir for everyone clarification...

              1. So its official now...u still want Akki to be trolled along with your other partner who said he is ready for....war???

                Good...you know my capabilities and how i can be mean when responding??

                Had it bedn only you,no problem but your partner seems more interested??

                Go on....but note.. Where credit is deserved i am gonna always praise any actor be it Akki sir. Not hypoctite its just me(i dont hate any actor or user here like both of you)...rest depends on your comments....

        1. Bro 2.0.. robot to is belongs to rajini sir and shankar..samjha pagal .tere akki ki aukat 130cr ke ooper ki nahi hai ???

        2. Before CE,
          None of rohit film never collected 120cr
          Actually before golmaal 4 he never mentioned about rohit shetty
          Ajay sir is the 4th member to join 200 cr club after 3 khans and that's the truth.
          Ajay sir ne to 2.0 ki need haram kar di hai.

          1. @karan ok ok
            Then without Rohit SRK after CE
            Srk - HNY(175 cr - Multistarrer)
            Raees - 128 cr
            Fan- 85cr
            Jhms - 60cr +

          2. You are mad!!!! @2.0 2000cr

            Shah rukh Khan standards will never be achieved by Akshay Kumar!

            Akshay Kumar is a huge superstar, I agree but SRK! Come on be serious, I know you have a disorder of some sort but do you remember Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand, well that's what Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are for today's gen!

            THINK with what ever brain you have left!

        3. Highest Grossers of Bollywood stars..
          (No Top banner No Multistarrer)
          Acc to Boi
          1. Aamir khan - Dangal (374 cr)
          2. Salman Khan - Bajrangi Bhaijaan (316 cr)
          3. Hrithik Roshan - krish 3 (175 cr)
          4. Akshay kumar - Tepk (132 cr)
          5. Varun Dhawan - Judwaa 2 (132 cr)
          5. Ranbir kapoor - JZHD (177cr only one movie no consistency)
          6. Srk. - Raees (128 cr)
          7. Ajay - Sos (88 cr)
          8.Ranveer singh - Befikre (60 cr)

          1. Thats what i was talking about☝.

            You hardly see my comments giving facts of some actors and then include the name of an actor i hate in that list.

            İ just call out the names give a brief on them and leave...even my last comments on movies am expecting 200 -300 crs...or Top actresses 1st Hits 90s era...did i Put Akki name in the bottom or even mentioned his name?? İ only called Nagma name when i saw @Abhijeet irrelavant comment telling me why didnt i include Akki name for movies am expecting such high grossers?!!

            The right thing to have done is under my comment give your view why He should be included or if i missed out an Actress whose 1st Hit with Akki in the era i was talking about,i should be corrected... Thats how to give a technical and non aggressive reply not being Angry i purposely skipped him...i have my facts to back my points,you then give me yours simple and easy!!!

      2. @2.0 do u know u are a piece of shit??if ce and ga belongs to rohit then 2.0 belongs fully to rajni and shankar..shankar is known to make big films and always his films have taken big openings..rajni's fan following increased after shivqji and enthiran..if 2.0 succeeds it a combination of everything..
        When highest grossers are listed ajay's name will be over akki and rohit shetty wont be written.. akshay still cant beat sr released way back on 2014..and akki got the best dates after edx
        May day,post ipl,gandhi jaynti,indepence and republican day..grow up dude..akki is more consistent than him bt ajay has rohit(its not ajay's fault that rohit comes to him with every script) so ajay has bigger openings and bigger lifetime total than akki

        1. @ceiling For your kind information Shankar is a top director no doubt but that's in Tamil n shankar last two movies Nanban(remake of 3 idiots) n I starring vikram bombed at the bo
          Rajni sir is a Legend n big Superstar but his movies never work well in Bollywood
          Even Robot was not a big success here...
          Mind it...

      3. Somebody is teasing you and you are getting away too.. Come on man. we like one person but
        that doean't mean we stop respecting all others...

        @karan singh
        @khiladi fan
        and me
        all tried to say this to you. Now all in ur hand. Throw back or accept...

        1. Rudra...remove Khiladi and Karan Singh out of that list including you....the rest dont see it that way!! Honestly had 2.0 be the only one always trying to involve me trust me he wld be ignored but for the other person .. He handles his fan thing so foolishly that even on that page everyone was giving @2.0 advise to stop ... Why was his comment filled with Dislikes?? On an Akki article for that matter?? Telling 2.0 to Give befitting or whatevef word he used .. Clearly indicating he still hold some grudges for some users.. You know who...!!
          So talking about real Akkians ....know that among them some hatred aint going anywherem. Fact!!; ....he is still Harmless . he talks any trash i can reply 10 hard hitting ones and this time trust me ....with names openly mentioned!!
          Otherwise...all is well from my side...!!

  1. Movie Ko 7months hai or trailer Abhi se ? Bollywood Aisa kabhi nahi kr paega
    Fan teaser record hai 8 months pehle aaya tha release ke

  2. Akshay is worst actor worst human being ..doing deshbhakti drama so that no one can answer about his Nationality ..he is all time flop actor ..he has no stardom only fans ..he should be kicked out of Bollywood
    Btw nice trailer
    May me avengers
    June me race 3

    1. @tiger vivek aree unpad gavar before coming to a conclusion about nationality and all try to educate yo self akki never changed his nationality he has honorary by Canada government he didn't applied for Canada citizenship do you know the meaning of honorary ka he pada kya if u do u won't raise such topics so plz read about it and talk if he is doing deshbakt drama tho kya hua atleast he is doing charity to the country for army people for farmers and he even gave 1cr to flood relief to tamilnadu government 2 yrs back atleast he is doing something for the nation not like other stars those have deshbakti if u can't appreciate someone what they are doing atleast keep quiet don't talk negative for yo time pass thing grow up

      1. Sri you dumb Akshay ne Canada ka nationality lia hai India ka drop kr ke smjhaaa jaake net pe dekh ..or ye bhi dekh le Canada Nationality kisko jisko honour Mila or agar honour me milta hai Nationality to tumhara Nationality India hi rehga ...Akshay Canada ka Nationality Lia hai is liye India me vote bhi nahi kar skta or Nationality Canada ka hai @sri

  3. Nice to know my dear friend 2.O is still so active and loves Ajay so much that he needs to mention him in almost every comment of his.
    After Golmaal collected more than Akshay's highest grosser in both overseas and in India it's quite amusing to see some lunatics trying to prove Akshay's stardom on par with Khans when he is yet to give a bumper opener in last 5 years.
    Anyway I don't want to engage in this stupid discussion and I don't have anything against Akshay,I respect him a lot for his humble nature so I won't troll him to retaliate.

    1. This is due to your friend cum mental kid @temp I had stopped for sometime but he can't bear my separation but I didn't bash Ajay......Mind u

      1. Stopped what??

        Did i bash Akshay? All those while i ignored and wen i saw it was getting out of hands by other fans i even intervened!!

        Address @Abhijeet for totaly changing everything again with that comment of abuse,hypocrite Ajay . etc. Just cos i gave an honest expectation of some upcoming movies!!!

        You ddnt bash Ajay.. So the comment above of R Shetty is what? But still had not been for your friend i wouldv even ignored that comment and not take it serious. !!

        Listen Dude. Both you and Abhijeet, when due i will continue to praise anybody. İf i see on twitter like what i saw yesterday and posted i will cos it got my attention.. Call it hypocrite or whatever. Am gonna be myself.....you and him keep striving for Akki sir...step boundry....whatever reply you get.. Know who caused it ...period!!

      2. i don't know who u r... nut have to admit that u're funny AF... actually u're trolling Akshay by writing shittttts here... ur sarcasm level s daaammmn high...

        2.O->2000cr :D :D :D :D :D :D

    2. Comment:Bhai ountmd 2013 only 1600 screens on opening day 12 cr opening opening note bumper ye kaun bataega

  4. Oh my god.....every super hero in one frame....thor with one eye awesome..... first 200 crores in india for Hollywood

  5. And 1 more thing 2.0 just accept that 2.0 is an ajay film because he is the main lead star and we can't take credit away from him he has done a remarkable job bro your stand is right for akki but accept that g4 is ajays film akki also will give big grosser and bumper opener with 2.0 case closed

    1. How come bro????
      Without Rohit, Ajay doesn't have a single 100 cr Grosser ...On what grounds u want me to accept it....
      1. GA is a rohit shetty film
      2. GA is a big multistarrer

      1. Then 2.0 @2000 cr
        What do you think it collected 200cr because of arshad, tusshar and kunal or Tabu, parneeti?
        Such an idiotic person are you
        You never troll akshay haters Because you are busy with your childish fight
        Can anyone tell me how much 2.0 predicted for golmaal 4 before release?

        1. @karan Then what do u think it collected 200 cr due to Ajay who yet to cross 100 cr on his own ......
          You r being childish n stupid......
          I said Rohit + Franchise factor......
          Don't misinterpret n get trolled unnecessarily....

  6. SRK don't have potential to cross 200 crore ?
    What a joke ? He already crossed in 2013 . but he have no potential then who have potential ?your star who not crossed 135 crore yet ? Just wait and watch , He will cross 200 crore again with dwarf and shut the mouth of haters who give credit of CE to Rohit.
    @ 2.0

  7. I know that brother but do u think that any other actor has such a big grosser like ajay in g4 I know it's also a rohit movie but with director you also need a hero otherwise director can't do anything and in all the stars of g4 ajay is the biggest crowdpuller u also know in your heart and it is also true that ajay has no 100 crore grosser without rohit which proves he is a inconsistent person with no consistency but with rohit his combo always works gingham returns was also not a multistarrer bro but it collected due to rohit and ajay combo which is case with g4 so on these grounds I can say this that it's a ajay and rohit film still I agree that he is not as effective without rohit given his track record last decade and this decade too

  8. Our chance will also come bro we akkians don't need certificate of anyone 2.0 Hindi belts collection will be due to akki and than there is gold kesari h4 so all these will be huge grossers leave all these things and enjoy bro just only speak when anyone attacks akki directly or indirectly but than reply in kickass manner as u said

  9. the costliest movie ever made. the ending begins of the biggest story arc ever told is cinema

  10. @2.0 you are over reacting for all the unwanted stuff and yo spoiling akshays reputation and I don't understand y Do u argue for everything what are u trying to prove here grow up kiddo or I have a doubt ru a truly akshay fan or else trying to act 1 so that u can spoil his reputation,even am a fan of akshay but I don't argue for each every thing like u this 1 is for avengers trailer so discuss about that for every article y ru getting akkis name, if golmaal is multistarrer do u accept houseful also a multistarrer Dimag use karo ji and ajay and rohits combination will be good that's y they creating record with g4 end of the collection speaks they both combination works big time nothing wrong in it ajay has gave 200cr that's fact and I don't understand why salman fans troll akki when salman and akki both share good friendship then why don't you fans share good rapo when you fav starts respect each other what's yo problem and true fans means they needs to give respect to their idol stars feelings also grow up people you people calling ur self as fans and spoiling the reputation of the stars Shame on you guys..

  11. @temperature I told in my last comment in previous article that I got carried away and now won't say anything but don't try to mention me everywhere and act oversmart I won't comment taking ur name unless I find something bizarre and u also should not threaten anyone like you can talk trash and i will reply with 10 hard hitting one's if u are willing to fight bring it on man but I don't want to indulge it was my opinion which I expressed openly in a nasty way but I am willing that no grudges are there so peace mate do ur work but don't try to threaten me and tag me again and again or else my 1 reply will force you to tag me 10 times rest is up to you mate u like piece or war of words

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