Avengers Infinity War trailer breaks all viewership records

Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War trailer has smashed all viewership records on digital media. Earlier a special trailer was shown at San Diego Comic-Con and it was leaked on YouTube. Yet the new trailer has generated record views.

Avengers: Infinity War became the most viewed trailer on video streaming sites within 24 hours of its launch, garnering 230 million views. The film has broken the record of horror film IT which recorded 197 million views in just 24 hours. It is also the most liked trailer on YouTube as the likes are more than 2 million.

Below are the most watched trailers on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in first 24 hours.

1. Avengers: Infinity War - 230 million views

2. It - 197.0 million views

3. The Fate of the Furious – 139 million views

4. Thor: Ragnarok –136 million views

5. Beauty and the Beast – 127.6 million views

6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 120.1 million views

7. Fifty Shades Darker – 114 million views

8. Incredibles 2 – 113 million views

9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 112 million views

10. Captain America: Civil War – 94.7 million views

Avengers Infinity War is scheduled to release on 4 May 2018.

34 comments on “Avengers Infinity War trailer breaks all viewership records”

  1. Eqgerly waiting for this movie. .
    Off topic..bt I feel sad when ppl talks bad about abhishek bachchan...he is better than many bollywood actors..bt expecting him to be nxt big b...bt he gave really good performance in guru, yuva, kank, sarkar, bol bachchan, hny..he is actually very good in roles with grey shades.one of th most underrated actor

    1. Salman Khan is worst actor in the history of Bollywood ..agree ?
      Amajon obhijaan Salman ka ache se lega hahaha


          I want unity of AKKIANS in Bollyarena n everywhere else.........
          Akki fanbase is the most happiest fan base.........
          Coz for Akkians it's celebration all through the year n audience as well for 3 - 4 times a year.....
          When Akki movie releases everyone celebrates producers, distributors,Akkians, audience n everyone involved.......

          Collections r secondary.......

          We r very much happy with Akki for the kind of movies he is doing of late.....
          Even if he doesn't do fully commercial mass movies no problem.....
          We r always with u Akki sir......

          Missing one Akkian @utsav here....

          1. One more thing we (AKKIANS) should praise other superstars n give the credit to deserving one or rather stay neutral....
            N if someone bashes Akki we should troll them together.......

            1. Really missed u.. . Increase your comment rate.... Be frequent...
              I like ur kickass replies to haters.. .

    2. @Ceiling... The irony here is that you have a very decent and honest actor whose fault is that He is the Son of a Legend that has set a Standard Benchmark in Acting Excellence. If not Abhishek is a very good actor.

      1. Agree, Abhishek was one of the actors which i liked in the period of 2004-2009, he was growing as an actor in comedy and grey characters but his choice of movies and the Big B's son tag (which helped him good way early in his career) never made him the lovable star for many. He is definitely a solo actor but he should continue his role in supporting but important characters from here.

  2. Where is Batman VS Superman record y do u guys ignore DC films anyway
    Avengers infinity war will squash all records at the box office

      1. Bro it did as far as wiki is concerned it did not mention the three trailer records for dat film
        Dats y media is said tonne biased towards Disney products

  3. TZH 1st 400 crores in india....
    Par chee ya ghanti ab royegi aur bakwas comment kregi bechari old lady....

  4. 22 years of Ram jaane & Akele hum akele Tum. SRK won the clash against Aamir .

    1. Though they weren’t paired together in the movie but still SRK-Juhi jodi in those 1990s was just ?

      Both Ram Jaane & Akele Hum Akele Tum were nice movies

  5. trailer hi nahi , captain america ke beard look ne bhi record tod diye .
    20k twitter mentions in 7hrs ,only for captain america beard style.......
    india 200crore+
    north america - $700million+
    worlwide - $2billion
    india release date 27 april 2018 , bollywood abhi se bhagta firega release date se

  6. Secret superstar started well in Taiwan. It has collected 77% of what Dangal earned in the given run so far. Let’s say of secret super star runs just only about 25% of what Dangal run in china, it would collect whopping 350+ cores. That’s just insane !

  7. Doesn’t matter.

    This will be no match to the brilliance of Gurmeet Ram’s MSG The Warrior movie.

  8. @temperature I read your last comment and I understood your point it's said that all is well that ends well so finally all confusion is over you cleared your point I mine so next time it won't happen in future but just 1 thing that day I asked for your no not because of grudges but to tell you something so that this fanwar gets over but I now know there is no need of that so I liked ur comment 1st time to be honest and I hope that this good trend will continue I am sure it will continue but if I will find something wrong I will correct you in a courteous way mate so continue your good work no grudges with you peace mate finally something positive I hope and am sure it will remain the same

    1. Glad for the clarification from both of us.
      Bcos I always believed praising all actors most times does not mean you are seeking for attention(hypocritical) rather acknowledging their works and making their Fans aware that they are highly appreciated trust me there's nothn more nice seeing other fans givin good gestures to your Hero, that's why you see atimes am so critical with those who always comes trying to spread 1st class stoop low negativity on their works(trolls is inevitable but it's degree too)

      About d phone issue I was naive and I guess unconsciously made you a victim of transfer of aggression due to an undeserving Fan boy. Had I known it was for a good cause trust me wldv never postd that comment. All is well mate and thanks for d understanding too.

  9. The trailer was simply awesome.

    I hope some day we get to see such a movie in bollywood with top stars (Khans, Devgn, Kumar) together in it.

    Far fetched thought & wishful thinking but still enjoying thinking about it.

  10. @temperature welcome bro it's nice on your part keep praising all actors there should be no place for hatred when I joined bollyarena I also used to do the same but some shits have prompted me to bash their actors I hope they also get some mental help from god and you got my point thanks to understand me and yup I always secretly told myself that maybe I am misunderstanding you you are a neutral and remain like this there is no place for hatred mate but u also know when there are some fangroups targeting akki than definitely a befitting reply is necessary so this will be my way rather sky way and last but not the least it's nice to see a soldier here because it's one of my favourite professions and thing that you protect your country and I congratulate you for this u know my idol has also done the same thing in a film for which he got a national award so respect and salute to all soldiers whether it's army navy air force

    1. Yes Akshay has played the Role as a Naval Officer Beautifully Thats why anyone who criticise Rustm gettn a National award i will always ???? anybody!! (Am being selfish here).

  11. Just 1 thing .ore temperature I know you are matured enough but whenever you want to reply someone don't keep tagging that person and repeating it again and again 1 or 2 replies should be the way forward because it leads to irritation and increase in fight just a suggestion mate if you want to follow can go for it than see the results

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