Avengers Infinity War crosses 200 Crore

Avengers Infinity War continues its historic run at the Indian box office. The film has now crossed the 200 crores mark after 13 days.

It is the first Hollywood film to achieve that milestone. Overall it is also the 13 film to cross 200 crore mark and will beat the likes of 3 Idiots, Chennai Express, Kick and Golmaal Again.

Day 131.30
Day 230.50
Day 332.50
Day 420.52
Day 520.34
Day 612.0
Day 79.73
Day 87.17
Day 910.53
Day 1013.04
Day 114.90
Day 124.31
Day 133.80
Day 143.55
Total203.94 cr

22 comments on “Avengers Infinity War crosses 200 Crore”

  1. Below are the accumalated adjusted nett gross (average in brackets) for the biggest 10 films of each actor since 1994.

    Salman Khan - 3200 crore (320 cr per film)

    Shahrukh Khan - 2755 crore (276 cr per film)

    Aamir Khan - 2625 crore (263 cr per film)

    Hrithik Roshan - 1950 crore (195 cr per film)

    Ajay Devgn - 1640 crore (164 cr per film)

    Akshay Kumar - 1520 crore (152 cr per film)

    1. Stats can be manupulated either way and its very rigorous task to have acute ccamparision. If taken an example salman have recent hits on top ten so his average goes higher and aamir's top ten goes to ver back by which he faces disadvantage. And I can also make the comparision on the basis of global gross then aamir has recent giants which take his average to another level where any other actor cannot be there. So basic point is comparision is not a better way to judge the actor.

      1. It is manipulated
        Like karan arjun and rangeela is release in the same year 1995

        Karan arjun made 25cr
        Rangeela made 20cr

        But when it came to adjusted figure karan arjun is multipled by over 11 and made into 285cr adjusted where else rangeela is multipled just by 9 and made into 180cr adjusted.

        Adjusted figure are based on money value over time . As rangeela and karan arjun released in the same year their adjusted multiplication should same ,both should multipled by 11.

        Same goes for bb and pk what they did is laughable .pk actually came earlier

        1. It is calculated over ticket prices dumb.....SS ticket prices are always less than Multiplexes where Salman is way ahead of Aamir and Srk but Viceversa for Aamir at multiplexes.....

          Don't challenge a trusted website which was launched way before you were able to understand calculations....

          1. @mk
            rangeela and karan arjun is before multiplex era
            so why the difference explain that genius lol

    2. The comparison is not fair..all are superstars..bt aamir does way less films than everyon.so his films were supposed to get higher money..also hritik who does 2 films in 3 years..the category might be same..bt for akki l..in every 3/4 months he has a film..back in 2005s he had a film after 2 months on average...so its hard to calculate..bt I think its like this

  2. Sanju vs race 3 kon zyada kamaega

    Sanju 3500 screens non holiday
    Race 3 4500 screens eid + sequel + action masala

    Like for race 3 dislike for sanju ..voting starts now

  3. huge success . craze matched bahubali but word of mouth failed to match that. stilll these films are proving hype and good word of mouth is important, with these two things film can score huge even without edx.

  4. Avengers infinity war china advance booking almost double of furious 8 which opened with 185m
    baahubali 2 will out of thearers this friday with under 15m
    Aamir ko beat karna kisi ky bas ki baat nahi
    sallu to sapny main b aamir ko nahi beat kar sakta

    1. Hum sab ne dhoom3 kaa haal dekha thaa china mein @Mr. Perfect btw utni collection toh koi bhi nahi kr sakta infact october agar release huyi hoti china mein tab uski bhi collection bhi dhoom3 se zyada hoti?

  5. Amazing acheivement from India
    Thats to the people of India for creating such a wonderful history
    Now wait for the part 2 which release on may 4 2019

  6. Can someone tell me where is @INDICINE nad why it is closed?
    Has Salman's PR removed the site from their work?
    For those who don't know, Indicine's headquarter was in Galaxy Apartment/

  7. Highest grossers 2018

    Race 3
    infinity war
    manju,sorry sanju

  8. Acchay kukumar and deepika rukh rukh khan(DRK) still trying hard to cross 200
    hope they does it b4 2050

  9. Bollyarena...i have not seen any article on FAQ session posted over here , like you used to do earlier...

    You people stop posting those over here or stop conducting FAQ ?

  10. Adjusted grosss depends on footfalls .KA ff was 2.99 crore .Rangeela was 1.83 crore .so how their adjusted fig could be same .Adjusted gross means to adjust it in today's Average ticket price of footfalls received when a particular film releases .

    1. No even if the calculation methods are correct you cannot exactly replicte the sceenario to have fair comparision. Different movies are affected by different factors so to have fair comparision you have to adress all the factors which is almost impossible so comparison is just the easy stunt to attract dillluded fanboys otherwise it is just nonsense.

  11. no its not prashant. i checked . than the adjusted gross would have been same as footfalls. i think they made a weird calculation between total footfalls and total gross. if they did lol than this calculation doesnt fall in the world of accounting

  12. BOI adjusted gross works on this method .They adjust every film's collection in present ATP , how much footfalls a film received when it was released .But it is not a certainty that If HAHK released today it will collect 700 crore .so no point of disagree .

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