Avengers Infinity War breaks All Time Opening Record

Avengers: Infinity War has broken all time opening weekend records in both North America and worldwide. The film is expected to collect around $250 million in the domestic market which is an all time record.

It has beaten 2015's release Star Wars The Force Awakens which opened with $247.9 million. In overseas markets, it has grossed $380 million which is the second highest of all time after Fate of The Furious. Though Avengers Infinity War has not been released in China yet which is the second biggest market after North America.

Overall the worldwide gross is monstrous $630 million which is also an all time record beating Fate of The Furious. Below is the list of top 5 highest weekend grossers.

  1. Avengers Infinity War - $630 million
  2. Fate of The Furious - $541.9 million
  3. Star Wars The Force Awakens - $529.0 million
  4. Jurassic World - $525.50 million
  5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - $483.2 million

10 comments on “Avengers Infinity War breaks All Time Opening Record”

  1. Watched it today. Believe me, it was my best cinematic experience. So many Goosebumps movement(Thor's entry in Wakanda being the best)
    Marvel films for me:
    AvengersIW>Captain America:Civil War>Thor>Guardian of Galaxy>Age of Ultron>Ironman>Avengers>Hulk
    If you have not watched it, go watch it. But before that watch those above mentioned films+Doctor Strange...

    Was Expecting "I am here to bargain" dialogue by Strange, but nevertheless :D
    If you were fan of Bruce-Natasha love story, sorry for you. It ends....Also hulk fans will be sad but Bruce Banner is finally funny!!

    Spiderman was funniest. I liked Tom Holland in Incoming but loved him in IW....The conversation between him and Tony is expectedly funny

    Thanos is the best villain

    1. Yes agree the best mcu movie. What a movie what a Damm good movie. Everyone got their movement but thanks nailed it

  2. Top 10 grossers of last decade 2000- 09
    1.3 idiots
    4.Dhoom 2
    7.Lage raho munna bhai
    10.Chak de india
    Top actors :
    SRK – 3 films
    Aamir – 2 films
    Hrithik – 2 films
    Sunny- 1film
    Sanjay – 1 film
    Akshay – 1 film
    gangu teli Salman – error
    So it is clear SRK was the top actor last decade .ghanta rule kiya hrithik ne !!

    1. Kuch srk haters bolte hai hritik rule kia
      Hritik only 5 clean hits and 6 flops in 15 movies
      Srk 11 hits in 21 movies and only 5 flops

      Blockbuster HGOTY srk hritik ka barabar hai

      5 hits de ke decade rule vaah bhai vaah

  3. @skrian Safar
    C'mon dude why are you giving spoilers here, I mean there may be others who still haven't got a chance to watch it. Though I saw Saturday show and again seeing Sunday show too right now But still ?

  4. Amazing. Avengers is just crushing it. Only just opened and is already up there. By Monday morning could click past 1 billion. sorry for james cameron but Titanic and avatar might be in trouble.
    Hell yeah!!! Go Avengers go ?

  5. Whole world is talking about infinity war and this old prashant is still in past....grow up duniya bahut aage nikal gaya tu Abhi tak 2000-2009 tak jee raha hai....

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