Avengers: Infinity War 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Avengers: Infinity War 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Avengers Infinity War has another huge day at the box office. The film collected approx 32.50 crores on Sunday which is an extraordinary number.

It went on to show some growth on the 3rd day despite the fact that it was already reaching capacity levels. The film was only released in around 2000-2100 screens. Also normally Hollywood films don't tend to show big growth on Sunday.

The first weekend collection now stands at 94.30 crores. The film has recorded the highest opening weekend of 2018 as it has beaten Padmaavat by a very good margin. It is also the 8th highest opening weekend of all time and has crossed films like PK, Chennai Express and Golmaal Again. It is interesting to note that all top 10 weekend grossers are festival releases.

The trending of the film is solid and it is likely to maintain a good hold on Monday. The lifetime gross should go over 200 crores but it has chances to even go higher.

Day 131.30
Day 230.50
Day 332.50
Day 420.52
Day 520.34
Day 612.0
Day 79.73
Day 87.17
Day 910.53
Day 1013.04
Day 114.90
Day 124.31
Day 133.80
Day 143.55
Total203.94 cr

16 comments on “Avengers: Infinity War 3rd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Salman mai or mrs khanna Diwali me lifetime 5cr kamaya 2009 me haha
    Srk ka 5 month baad my name is Khan 2010 me non holiday me 1st day Hi 8.6cr tha

    This decade
    Highest all time collection aamir
    Biggest hit dangal
    Highest all time grosser aamir
    1st 35cr opening srk happy new year
    Highest all time blockbuster aamir
    Highest footfalls dangal
    Aamir 2 all time grosser .srk 1 all time grosser ..salman 0
    Aise Hi kia hai salman ne rule ye decade

    Salman ne ye decade me eid me flop dia hai. .salute

  2. Matlab stardom jesi koi chij hoti hi nahi. It's all in mind only..

    Aur yaha kuch jahil gavar fans Kutto ki Tarah ladte hai..

    Shame all dishonest Sallu fans..

  3. Let’s see overall career:
    1993— SRK> sallu
    1994- sallu> SRK (due to Madhuri’s favour)
    1995-SRK> sallu
    1996—SRK> sallu( Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat>Khamoshi)
    1997—SRK> sallu
    1998—SRK> sallu
    2000—sallu> SRK
    2001—SRK> sallu
    2002—SRK> sallu
    2003—SRK> sallu
    2004—-SRK> sallu
    2005—sallu> SRK(Maine Pyar kyu kia> paheli. No Entry isn’t Gangu teli’s film)
    2006—-SRK> sallu
    2007—-SRK> sallu
    2008—-SRK> sallu
    2009—-Gangu Teli sallu 1 superhit and 2 Disasters>SRK absent
    2010—-sallu >SRK
    2011—-sallu> SRK
    2012—sallu> SRK
    2013—SRK> sallu(absent)
    2017- sallu> SRK
    So in 26 years 15 times SRK>>>11 times Gangu Teli sallu.

    This is THE OPENING.
    1992—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1993—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1994—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1995—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1996—-SRK> sallu (Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat opening> other Gangu Teli’s film)
    1997—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1998—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1999—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2000—-sallu>King Khan
    2001—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2002—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2003—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2004—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2005—- sallu> KING KHAN
    2006—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2007—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2008—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2009—- sallu> King Khan(absent)
    2010—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2011—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2012—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2013—-SRK> sallu (absent)
    2014—- King Khan>sallu.
    2015—- sallu> KING KHAN
    2016– sallu>SRK
    2017- sallu>SRK(as he has Christmas and Eid)
    So in 26 years SRK 16 times >>>> sallu 10 times.

    Srk se peeche hai rehga salman

  4. There are only 6 outright Hindi films which has higher weekend than avengers. They are tzh, sultan, dangal, bajrangi bhaijaan, prdp, dhoom3. 4 are Salman films and 2 are Aamir films. Out of 4 Salman films 3 are on holiday weekend, 1 was on non holiday. Out of 2 Aamir films both of them are on non holiday weekend, dangal had holiday on weekend but was wasted on Sunday.
    This film has beaten all the films of srk and that too having holiday weekend. It has beaten Ce and hny and both of the films had 3 back to back holidays in the weekend.actually srk films open big only on holidays. In non holiday his highest opening day is below the 4th highest for Salman on a working day tubelight. If you talk about non holiday weekend then Srk's highest is around 63 crore while Salman has reached 115 crore, his second highest is kick at 80 crore. Can srk change this with zero.zero has a complete non holiday weekend release. Can he give his first 100 crore weekend on a non holiday, infact he has failed to give 100 crore weekend even on holiday.so zero has to become Srk's first 100 crore weekend at if possible it has also to beat tzh weekend because release date is similar. And can srk give his first 30 crore opener on working day,can it beat tzh.it has to because release date is similar. So it is do or die for srk. Lifetime depends on content but opening on starpower. So srk can't fail in opening atleast.

  5. This film will collect 220 crs to 250 crs in India and approx 2.5 billion worldwide....May even break Avataar record in future... but it's tough journey ahead......Film is entertaining and well made but this film is not in the league of epic movies like the Dark knight or Inception...... Avataar was a visual treat and still after 9 years no movie has visuals like that plus in 3D......

    Avengers IW is a hurricane at box office....It will continue to shatter records in upcoming days also.....

  6. This is a huge body blow for Bollywood. Where the footfall for Bollywood cinema is shrinking, regional cinema & Hollywood is stepping in to fill the void. Huge success of Bahubali last year & Avengers this year is a testament to that. That Avengers is going to go over 200 Crore is by itself a big thing. Add to it the fact that it will do with mere 2000 screens makes it a watershed moment. It would mean that the Infinity war concluding part to release next year will command 4000 screens very easily. Just like Indian politics, Bollywood too is averse to evolution. It fails to believe that today’s audiences have matured & are well connected with the rest of the world. They are not going to be entertained by mere rehash of 80s cinema. The intellectual bankruptcy of Bollywood producers is apparent when they decide to make an exact copy of Salman’s 20 year old Judwaa.

  7. Guys please stop this bullshit fight for your favourite stars as it will ruin your own life and mentality...All are equally good and successfull....Some are more or less...but They all are.....Also please live in present days not in past.......

    Please stop comparing among people.... Be it Bollywood, Cricket or any other field....

  8. abe honest man your are comparing Avengers to 3 and 4 years old CE & HNY .what about high ticket rates ? Its ticket rates are highest ever and it is 3D film .It had beaten Tubelight with 30 crore margin which released on 4600 screens compared to just 2000 screens .

  9. @honest man
    Gone are those days when opening depended on star power
    See Infinity war opening
    It is much better than TZH as TZH did 34cr in 4500screens but IW did in 2000 screens
    Opening depends on appeal, looks, action, music, trailer etc
    Get that in your head filled with crap

    1. Before this decade opening was even lesser dependent on starpower. Go to 90's you will see anybody giving big opening.Akshay Kumar,ajay dev gun were much ahead of khan's in opening.even body deol gave huge opening. In last decade a debut actor's film took record opening.Saif Ali khan has giving bumper opening.
      Now come to this decade only Aamir and Salman films have opened big on consistent basis.srk was close to them till 2014 but has fallen after that.look at Akshay Kumar who used to give big opening in early 90's and late 2000's has not given a big opening for the last 6 years.his last big opening was rr in 2012. If opening is dependent on genre then why the opening of films like brothers, sib,h3, gib,boss etc are low.ajay dev gun has given only 2 huge openings this decade. He was the biggest in 90's in terms of opening.one on one he has beaten all the three khan's in opening in 90's if you make a year by year comparison. But today many of his Masala action films like himmatwala,bol Bachchan, action Jackson are failing to open anywhere close to Salman or Aamir.forget about salman's action Masala films how many stars in bollywood today will even cross tubelight opening on a working day even if they have Masala films.
      And lastly prdp was not a action film.you watch the trailer of prdp you will not find any action apart from Salman holding a sword, hny trailer in comparison has much more action hny was a Masala and prdp drama.both had similar release date, prdp had more ticket price and it crossed hny's collection. So I expect the same thing from zero, it is releasing on similar date like tzh, tickets prices will be more so collection should be better. And zero is a Masala film which has 2 300 crore heroines, Salman doing item song, a song having all 90's heroines. This film is similar to om Shanti om. Agar ye sab ke bad bhi excuses Dena pare to Sharam Ani chahiye srk ke lachar stardom pe.

  10. How stupid can people be?
    How can they compare action masala film opening with a drama?

  11. Dishonest man is an idiot, sayar.always compares TZH with Zero .Zero is comparable to TZH only when if it gets same 4600 screens .FAN,JHMS ,Talaash Padman type of films never opens to 25 or 30 crore even on holidays .Appeal is more important .

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