Avengers Infinity War 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Avengers Infinity War 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection: As expected, Avengers Infinity War has shown excellent growth on the second Saturday. As per the estimates, the film collected 10.50 crores which is 50% growth from yesterday.

The total collection of the film now stands at 174 crores in 9 days. The film can become the highest Hollywood grosser in India today by beating The Jungle Book. It will also cross the 200 crores mark in the second week.

Avengers Infinity War has also become the fastest film to cross $1 Billion mark at the worldwide box office. While the domestic gross is expected to be $450 million after just ten days.

Day 131.30
Day 230.50
Day 332.50
Day 420.52
Day 520.34
Day 612.0
Day 79.73
Day 87.17
Day 910.53
Day 1013.04
Day 114.90
Day 124.31
Day 133.80
Day 143.55
Total203.94 cr

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  1. srk vs deepika overall career comparison( the comparison is made after deepika's debut in 2007. so srk's all releases from oso are considered )
    verdict-deepika wins
    2. all time blocbusters
    3. all time grossers
    verdict- equal
    4. highest grosser of the year
    verdict- deepika wins
    5. record opening day
    6. record breaking weekend
    verdict- deepika wins
    7. 2 crore plus footfall films
    verdict- deepika wins
    8. 3 crore plus footfall films
    deepika- 0
    verdict- equal
    9. hits
    verdict- deepika wins

    so deepka wins clearly as she has 5-0 lead over srk.
    srk fans can cry now but statistics don't lie

    1. Salman vs rakhi sawant nothing more to say ..ek chamia se clash haar gaya what a shame ..1988 se Bollywood me hai or 2007 me ek 2rs chamia se clash haar gaya vo ..what a shame aaak thuuu

  2. Man!!
    This guy(honest man) obsession with SRK is real!! This article is about a Hollywood film man
    Won't indulge in any discussion with him.
    He needs motivation, support in this phase.
    I hope god gives power to his family and him to recover from this prolonged illness.
    @honest man
    Power to you brother. You are a warrior and you will recuperate.....

  3. Which 2 HGOTY she had given ? OSO was her debut film . She has nothing to do with it.counting ATG , Record opener ,Record weekend in her list is completely meaningless . Her aukaat is solo 5 crore opening .She has nothing to do with the success of Padmavat .she only exposed her beauty in all SLB's film .in padmavat all hard work was done by Ranveer singh .
    she is nothing without SRK and Ranveer .

    1. i am counting padmavat as it is hgoty till now, so she has 2 overall. padmavat is a poem based on rani padmavati. so the name of the film padmavat shows that who was the main character of the film. if it was ranveer singh film then it would have been named allauddin khilji not padmavat. padmavat was a heroine oriented film .

  4. @Prashant
    Shame on you! It's idiots like you because of which mentally different/challenged people like @Honest man tend to worsen their condition. Give them love, support and be laissez-faire. Let them post what they want to.
    Read this excerpt from Times of India
    "Countrywide National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (Nimhans) study has revealed a shocking prevalence of mental illness in India. At least 13.7 per cent of India's general population has been projected to be suffering from a variety of mental illnesses; and 10.6 per cent of this requires immediate intervention.
    In all, nearly 150 million Indians are in a need of active medical intervention, according to the study, submitted by Nimhans to the Union ministry of health and family welfare on Monday."

    So support them, don't aggravate the matter.

  5. So Tommorrow Avengers Infinity War is going to become the Highest Grossing movie in India
    Congrats Marvel for this Amazing acheivement

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