As per producer figures, Shivaay has beaten ADHM on 2nd Friday

For the first time since release, Ajay Devgn's Shivaay has crossed Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. This has happened on the second Friday. Though the trade numbers are less but producer figures are different.

Check out the producer figures for Shivaay. There is a difference of around 11 crore in the collections between official and trade numbers.

Day 110.24
Day 210.06
Day 38.26
Day 417.35
Day 511.05
Day 67.40
Day 76.05
Day 84.61
Day 95.40
Day 107.08
Day 112.50
Day 121.90
Day 13-141.50
Day 15-183.60
Day 19-211.15
Day 22-240.90
Day 25-280.75
Day 29-310.23
Total100.03 Cr

21 comments on “As per producer figures, Shivaay has beaten ADHM on 2nd Friday”

  1. I dont knw wat is the problem [email protected] and other trade analyat critic.
    -You and other critic gave ur review on Thursday before the film release wid a 2 star(i knw r from middle east) but why not adhm? Ok it was length But literary is was not that bad wat u all made.BMS and IMDB which is user rated sight gave it 7.5 which is far better than adhm.Then the producer gave official figures u say they are manipulated.

    1. Jeet , you are spot on , everyone worked together to make shivaay flop, it wont happen , tomorrow i am going again to shivaay

    2. Who told u the reviews are from middle east.Ajay arranged a press screening on Thursday.So definitely u will see the reviews next day.Google for the press screening news.So Ajay is solely responsible for this mess.

  2. ADHM is ok movie but not some blockbuster. But I don't understand why some ppl think Shivaay figures are manipulated why nobody is questioning ADHM figures. To me Shivaay was much better than ADHM. If Shivaay figures can be manipulated so can ADHM figures. I didn't like ADHM at all.

  3. now brace yourself as the fans of (SRK) Happy New Year & (HR) Krrish 3 are coming to teach you a lesson on manipulation

  4. From first day onwards I m seeing that @Bollywood arena is taking favour of Adhm!!

    Remember when srk manipulated 11 crores on the first day itself!! !!! ????

    1. S.. true....
      Dats why on 1st Monday, I mean 4 th day of ADHM/SHIVAAY movie bollyarena predicted Shivaay taking lead over ADHM.... Rt???
      Grow up guys...

      If bollyareana in favor of ADHM then they will always show good result of ADHM.. Here the case for 4th day was reverse..
      Finally when all declared ADHM collected more then SHivaay on 4th day, lastly bollyarena adjusted shivar collection and said ADHM took lead over SHIVAAY..

  5. what manipulation according to you shivay collection is manipulated then what you say about Happy new year trade figure 170 cr production figure 205 cr ab bol

  6. Read today’s times of India news paper
    critics rating: 3.5
    audience rating: 3.2

    critics rating: 3
    audience rating: 3.7

  7. Ajay was 2nd to announce his date. & once he announces he becomes insecure & starts creating all drama's like he did with SRK in last diwali (Ja tak hai jaan vs son of sardar).

    kajol madam -- pure duniya se apne mr. pati ke liye ladna shuru hoti hai - "irrespective of he is right or wrong"

    Ajay should learn from akshay & srk - As akshay film once upon a time in mumbai & Srk Rais was classed on dates but then didnt play any politics like ajay does.

    Ajay feels he should release his film on grand holidays - like diwali / eid & chrishmas but bhaisaab bhool gaye -- For releasing on this dates he needs to built box office rapo...& then khamaka hungama & Misses Kajol also joins cheap drama. this was not expected from u mr. Devgan...

    Have patience...always u being at wrong side...still u create drama..

    1. hahahahaha joker keep barking fan was out and out commercial movie..kitna read krega paid media ke article.. have u even have watched fan…plz go and watch again…if u compare fan and Shivaay than there are more aspects of fan to be more commercial than shivaay but still hakle ko beat kregi with clash and 5000 screens vs 2500 hahahaha lol srk fans se digest nahi ho raha he…..

      1. Comment:@Akki,fan more commercial than Shiaavy!U and ur flopgun are pathetic souls.No one can save u guys from this disaster shivaay.

  8. shivaya at least 110 corore life tim baap betu ki emotional nd shandar kahani he shivay betu ki jeet ki kahani he shivaya ,baap ke sanghars ki kahani he shivaya,sach ki jest ki kahani he shivaya

  9. If u want to consider Trade figure Than PRDP scores highest first day record not like manipulated HNY

  10. This time bollyarena mention that difference is 11cr in 7 days of official and trade while manipulation king Mr. Srk which is now equally popular like KRK did 9cr in just 1 day which is in HNY movie.but you didn't mention it. And why not Thursday review of ADHM while it's screening in Dubai if you wont believe me then go and watch the kapil sharma show a Lady tell that she gonna watching that movie on Thursday at Dubai and both ranbir and anushka agreed on that.but you didn't review it.

  11. Very gud movie shivaay,a must must watch.bollyarena you should not be biased.go and watch shivaay to all ,..

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