Annabelle Creation 2nd Day Box Office Collection

The latest film in Conjuring franchise, Annabelle Creation is faring extremely well at the Indian box office. The film has shown very good growth on Saturday as it grossed 6.50.

The numbers are almost in the same range as Conjuring 2 which was released last year. That film went on to do 60 crores plus in its lifetime run. Annabelle Creation will cross 20 crores in its opening weekend and with that sort of trend, it can easily go over 40 crores or even 50 crores. It is set to emerge another clean hit from Hollywood this year.

  • Previews: 2.50
  • Day 1: 4.50
  • Day 2: 6.50
  • Total: 13.50 cr

11 comments on “Annabelle Creation 2nd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. So it looks like Annabelle weekend will be slightly better than Toilet. I really expected Toilet to remain the first by a distance... Anyway this proves that there's an audiance for horror in India, but Bollywood horror always look like b-grade products.

    1. @ ClemK : S, bollywood horror movies looks like B-Grade product..Bcoz bollywood mix up horror with intimate scenes.. In Bollywood horror movies are 15 + or 18 +, not because its that horror, but its bcoz of intimate or sex scenes..

      1. i agree with you. They have same story lines repeated again and again and as you said they get money only because of intimate scenes.
        the only best horror movies i found till now are Raaz, 1920 & 1920 evil returns & alone
        the highest a horror movie collected is 75 cr which is Raaz 3 which reached there mainly because of intimate scenes
        It's time that Bollywood movies should expand their horror franchise and please for God Sake donot copy from hollywood movie's like "Dobara"

    2. The audience for horror is very less in India. And whatever audience is there, they simply go for Hollywood movies. The 40-50 crore range is the max a horror movie can earn. Hollywood movies can survive in India with a collection of just 40-50 crore as they earn from US and other markets but for a Bollywood movie, earning just 40-50 crore will make it a failure. This is also the reason, why Bollywood producers cannot take risk of spending huge money in making a good horror movie.

  2. wow.....awesome collection
    jaha bollywood flop filme de raha hai waha hollywood hit or average movie to de raha hai.
    bollywood is worst.....

    1. Also, there is a section in India for whom anything which is foreign is good and anything Indian is bad... Hollywood is doing good in India only because of that section in India...

      1. No Bro, that's not totally right...if that would be the case then any Hollywood movie would be hit in India . Look at those movie which gets hit status in India those can't be competed against bollywood movies because of their grand budget and great cinematic experience.

        1. @Chinmay, it's only a small elite section of India which is like that... And that section only watches Hollywood movies and hate Bollywood movies, just to show off that they are from elite group... But that section has enough money to make Hollywood movies hit... In any case, Hollywood movies get hit status with just 40-50 crore collection... Jungle Book was the only exception which appealed to the masses of India and crossed 100 crores...

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