Anil Kapoor to star alongside Salman Khan in Race 3

Bollywood star Anil Kapoor was the part of both films in Race franchise. Race 3 got bigger with the addition of Salman Khan however Anil Kapoor was not there in the original announced cast which was a bit weird.

Later on Anil Kapoor's Fanney Khan was announced to release on Eid 2018. But now in an interesting turn of events, Anil Kapoor has been roped in Race 3. Salman himself confirmed the news by sharing a picture on Twitter.

He wrote, "Inke Aane se Race3 ka cast aur ho gaya jhakas"

Anil Kapoor, who has played the role of a private detective named Robert D’Costa in the previous films, is expected to reprise his character.

Apart from Salman, Anil and Jacqueline, the film also stars Bobby Deol, Saqib Saleem and Daisy Shah, and is slated for an Eid 2018 release.

35 comments on “Anil Kapoor to star alongside Salman Khan in Race 3”

  1. So called bhaijaan pahele driving toh sheekh lo ,bina driving sheekhe gaadi chalaoge toh kitno ko marooge

    1. My prediction
      Dwarf 310cr agar next week simmba aaya to ..agar nahi aaya to 375cr +
      Thugs of hidustan if clash 150cr if solo 250cr reason - ..ye movie bhale achaa ho Lekin ye movie bhut advance hai or indian audience gawaar log se Bhari pari hai ..bhut se indian audience thugs of Hindustan Ko accept nahi kregi dekh Lena

      Race 3 140cr
      2.0 110-120cr (clash with avengers ..ab avengers chor ke 2.0 kon jaega dekhne )

      Dutt 135-150cr
      Padmavati 160-170cr
      Gold 135cr

    1. Dangal china me jitna kamaya hai ab utna koi Bollywood movie nahi kamaega chahe Aamir ka hi kyu na ho ..china me $30M + bhi nahi Hoga ab chahe Aamir ka thugs of Hindustan kitna bhi achaa ho

      Reason - dangal china me itna is liye kamaya kyuki china me is type ki movie ka bhut zyada craze rehta hai jisme tournament ke liye training Dia Jaa rha ho and all ...khud dekho PK $20M or dangal $200M ..3 idiots $10M ..Aamir ab future me kitna bhi epic movie banae china me $30M + nahi krega ab

  2. Sure flop movie,,,,,
    Chalo koi actor to mila Jo thik thak acting kr ske,,,,,,baki to SB worst h,,,,

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  4. Race 3 is ok but I want Salman-Anil combo in a comedy movie i.e. No Entry sequel. That should be the real Jhakaas movie

  5. It was shocking not to c super stylish anil in Race 3.... Now he is back and the sequel makes more sense...detective robert joins hands with salman's charcter and takes down bobby...twists and turns,double crossing etc etc

  6. Detective robert's assistants r always dumb and sexy a fun to watch
    anil-shalu rukh khan/nargis

  7. now the starcast looks much better. but still at the end of the day this franchise has never trended well. race despite of being a record opener was just a small hit and race2 was even not a clean hit despite of very good opening. this franchise is not for families at all which stops it from trending well even if you have made a good film and if the film is bad then anything can happen.
    so it can be easily said that thugs of hindustan is the best contender for the biggest grosser of the year . dutt the biopic is the dark horse and can do anything as it's a hirani film and don't underestimate ranbir kapoor he has a big following in multiplexes.
    according to me these will be the top 3 grosser of 2018
    1. thugs of hindustan( potential 400 crore grosser, can even challenge bahubali hindi version)
    2. dutt the biopic( potential 250-300 crore grosser despite of releasing on non holiday because of hirani's trackrecord)
    3. race3( potential 200-250 crore grosser keeping in mind how race and race2 trended. )

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