An open letter to the makers of Mohenjo Daro

Guest Article from Zaibi:

"Hello, I am from Pakistan and live about 20 km away from the ancient Mohenjo Daro. I am obsessed with Indus Valley Civilization for obvious reasons. I love to do research on this topic and have visited the archeological sites many times.

I was waiting for Mohenjo Daro desperately. However after watching the trailer I am not only disappointed but also pissed off with the makers. I have no problem with the VFX they used as it is their right. But they have shown the civilization in a bad light. It is quite right to say that Mohenjo Daro name is only used for publicity and actually it does not resemble with the ancient civilization at all.

Here is my take.

Wrong Portrayal of Mohenjo Daro:

I was expecting the makers to focus on how this civilization grow with the time and highlight their achievements. But the trailer is all about the love story and Hrithik's revenge. So then why to use the name of Mohenjo Daro. Name it something else if you want to show the typical Bollywood story of a hero, heroine and a villain.


The costumes used in the film is a big letdown. There is no way that our ancestors used this kind of clothes. There was no silk at that time. Look at the dress of Pooja Hedge. She is wearing a modern dress and there are feathers on her head. How ridiculous?


People in Mohenjo Daro had dark-grey colored skin and they were actually proud of that as there was no racism at that time. But in the film, it seems that L'oreal Fairness cream was invented by them.


It is a well-known fact that horses were not used in the ancient civilization. The iron was also not discovered at that time. Little weapons were invented, though. There was a small market in the town. However, the trailer shows us the opposite picture.

Love Story:

Bollywood is obsessed with the idea of the love story in every film. Man, the civilization was 8000 years old and it is unbelievable to think that some women will have an outside marriage affair. And then there is a dialogue by Hrithik, "Tu meri sagini ha channi" and a french kiss. ROFL

Dravidian's achievements:

People from Mohenjo Daro knows as Dravidian were much more civilized and advanced. They were the first one to build a city in India. Women at that time play an important part in daily routine works and enjoys a much more freedom. However, nothing such has been shown in the trailer.

Weapons and War:

Early Dravidians were peace loving people. They do not like fights or wars at all. That is why Aryans beat them and invaded their cities. But the trailer shows many fight sequences.


It is obvious that Mohenjo Daro will be made in Hindi. No one in the world can understand the language used at that period. After thousands of researchers, it is still unreadable and is called unknown language. However, the accent used in the film should have been more Sindhi. Thus, it will get a realistic touch.

I respect Ashutosh Gowarikar and agrees that he should have his creative freedom while filmmaking. But as it was based on an actual civilization, he has completed distorted the history this time.

They have hurt our sentiments and show our ancestors in a bad light. This is not what Mohenjo Daro is all about. It was the most advanced city of its time, with remarkably sophisticated civil engineering and urban planning.

We want an apology.


Zaibi is an intrapreneur and guest writer for Bollyarean. Follow him on Twitter

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49 comments on “An open letter to the makers of Mohenjo Daro”

  1. are you a fakshay kumar supporter bollyarena?
    who is that guy do you know?
    when there was a leading team of researchers with Ag while directing movie..how can a single person's research can make it wrong
    bullshit article
    what if i upload a article about wrong facts of airlift ...will you upload it?
    nausense site

          1. okay! m sending and do remember your work is to let us know about what happening not to take down a movie ....
            actually akshay's pr team working day and night as you can see in comment section of mohenjo daro trailer so you dont have to work for him ...we liked the trailer we know the history if you dont like and then dont watch but dont create wrong thoughts ..goodbye and wait for my article ;) a good night ahead

    1. you're a fan of " silly, flop ex?" I'm happy for you, but your hour of death is near

  2. there is nothing you can't say i am also a researcher and i should say your site is dead and will over soon with such a wrong articles ... you can't start fan war because of your article now someone will post facts about rustom sultan srk etc etc. will you post those articles?

    1. Have you ever read open letters when Udta Punjab released? Did this letter bash Hrithik or any other actor?
      You look like a new visitor so for your information, BollyArena is an open platform where everyone can express their thoughts (but not bashing or abusing anyone).

      1. Dear Akshay Kumar,
        You really are the Baap of all Khiladis.
        I say this after nearly watching Airlift, a film that you have so successfully sold us as a biopic of Ranjit Katyal, a messianic figure who 'saved' nearly 1,70,000 Indians from the marauding armies of Saddam Hussein.
        By convincing us of the heroics of a non-existent saviour of us Indians, you have proved to be the greatest actor of your generation - hence the epithet of the Baap of all Khiladis - and pulled off a great con job on the entire country.
        Take a bow Ajay of Special 26 for your heist this 26 January. As the unforgettable Shanti ji says in that film: Sir ji, asli film to aap bana rahe hain. Baaki sab to apni...
        'That's true but I cannot talk about him (Katyal). He's still alive and a big businessman today, living in Kuwait. But I didn't meet him. Raja Menon (the director) met him and spoke to him over the phone. But my character isn't completely based on one person. There were three or four people like him, who were involved in the operation. We've combined all their stories for the character but Ranjit Katyal was the main guy. We've changed his name in the film. I should bring to your notice that in 1990, he was a multimillionaire but he lost everything, got everybody back to India from Kuwait and today, he's a multimillionaire again. He's earned back all his money,' Kumar says in an interview when asked about Katyal.
        So, a few years ago, Ek Tha Tiger. And now, Ek Tha Ranjit Katyal!
        If that be the case, this Mr Katyal should get the credit for inventing an invisibility cloak much before JK Rowling thought of it. Unless he was wearing one while pottering around to arrange finances and transport millions of Indians from Kuwait to Jordan; simultaneously throwing a few punches at Saddam's soldiers and delivering rousing speeches and one-liners, there is no reason why nobody should have seen him.
        But, this, exactly, seems to be the problem. There is absolutely no evidence that such a man existed. "The truth is, no NRI helped us evacuate Indians from Kuwait. The entire operation was financed and executed by the Indian government," says Sureshmal Mathur, the Indian second secretary in the Indian embassy in Kuwait during Saddam's invasion, in an interview with a prominent Hindi daily.
        Mathur may not be there in your film, but he was there till the last Indian was airlifted from Kuwait. So, he should know a thing or two about the rescue operation.
        In 1990, when the crisis began, India and Iraq were not enemies. In fact, Saddam was considered a friend in Delhi and during the Gulf crisis, the Indian government was actually slammed for its pro-Iraq tilt during the Gulf crisis.
        To maintain its diplomatic ties with Iraq, the erstwhile VP Singh government sent foreign minister IK Gujral to meet Saddam, whose embrace of the Iraqi dictator actually turned India into a laughing stock for the world.
        Initially, India refused to support the US attack on Iraq. But under immense pressure from Washington and the rest of the world, it allowed US fighters to refuel in India, only to revoke the decision two weeks later.
        The short point is this: Evacuating Indians from Kuwait was a huge logistical problem. But the Indian government was not exactly racing against time to save Indians in Kuwait from the advancing army of a dictator bent on killing them.
        So, jingoistic chest thumping, fist pumping and flag hoisting could be riveting cinema, but it certainly isn't authentic history. Much of your Airlift is, obviously, fuelled by just gas. It could be a great film, but don't mislead us by saying it is based on the real heroics of a non-existent Messiah.
        The real story of the evacuation is this: After the invasion, Gujral reached Kuwait (he was the first foreign leader allowed to do so) and promised Indians eager to leave that the government will evacuate them and the operation would be financed by the treasury.
        Since operating flights from a potential war zone was difficult, Air India decided to fly Indians to Mumbai from Jordan. For taking Indians from Kuwait to Jordan, the Indian government hired an Iraqi bus operator. And the entire operation was coordinated by MP Mascarenhas, the AI head in the Gulf who was later on promoted to the post of the carrier's Managing Director, and the Indian diplomats in the region.
        The story of Ranjit Katyal is just balderdash. In his interview, Mathur says some people had come forward to help the Indian embassy compile lists of people to be put on buses to Amman. One of them had given the staff his house to use as temporary office.
        Everything else is a well-timed marketing con to make Indians brimming with R-Day inspired deshbhakti pay for their credulity by saluting a hero that never existed and ignoring those who were the real force behind the operation.
        So, congratulations for the gigantic success of the sequel to Special 26 and for making us all victims of your PR heist.
        Your audacious attempt at selling it as the story of a real man really tickles our funny bones.

        1. okay! sorry chill ...that was my mistake :) sorry for that cammemt of dead and over ... i was in hurry after reading this becuase me too is a researcher in jnu ;)

        2. Dear world yoga day,

          It is very easy to tear down a movie while looking from the outside, but very difficult to appreciate it for it's positives and correctly criticize for it's negatives.
          The son and granddaughter of Sunny Mathews, the partial inspiration for this story have come out to confirm the story. Still, Let's say we take what you said to be true at face value. Even then, with a dash of fiction, Airlift was extremely successful in showcasing this story to the people of India around the world. If it even got 5-6/10 facts correct, and mind you, that much it definitely did, I would say hurrah!

          But looking at the trailer of Mohenjo Daro, it looks like it will fail to get even those 5-6 facts right. The movie might surprise, but lift this plot and place it any given era- past, present or future and it will not be any different. So where is the personal connect to the Mohenjo Daro civilization. Where is that ounce of truth in pounds of fiction? And this is Ashutosh Gowariker. I mean the man is known to stick to the truth and use fiction sparingly. But the trailer looked like it was a Prabhu Deva or Rohit Shetty film. Instead of flying cars, we get flying crocodiles! Hurrah *sic*! It is not wrong, but now instead of the film catering to people expecting a real glimpse into that forgotten era, it will cater to people looking for a masala film -hero,heroine,villian. Definitely, not wrong, but what I thought would be a movie that will make me hold it in till the end, it will be a movie where I can afford 2-4 loo breaks.

  3. here comes only people who view bollyarena fakshay fans ?? now they will say what i am doing here ...because my one friend send it to me ...good bye people enjoy your life ;) this is a nice article it desrves a padam bhusan happy it is so nationlist that now akshay kumar will have to do less chamchagiri of govt ?? as we saw in recent time while everyone was supporting udta punjab btw too long comments i cant afford it bubye nationlist guys from a bad researcher

  4. please delete my comments ...thank you :)
    but again i am sayong this article is conpletely work of akshay pr team nothing more bubye

    1. Hahahahahaha u r joke to indian democracy lol thts why we nri are far ahead of u fools.....jnu hahahahaha u deserve tht scum.

  5. Open letter to Bbudde khans super hits.Their BS story line

    Bhajarangi bhaijaan

    Simple Ph Number (or) Address of paki girl from embassy or from telephone directory (online) game is over.

    WTF! Alein came here to India to find 'Hindu-God' and join paki-Indian lovers WTF

    Can write 300 errors in each movie but not interested

  6. hats off to u bolly arena for posting this letter...love u...for ur work and for ur respect for the freedom of speech..i solute u and admire u...

  7. Bhai ke fans ye aap ka bhai beign human…hahahahaha lol his charity does not do anything all he wants for him self is sympathy so he can get away with anything….this eid dont watch sultan u prayed and fast the whole holy month of ramdan and watching on holy festival of eid sultan…

    My this comment on indicine is still on moderating why coz that site always favours khans..

  8. Don't give importance to a man who is from Pakistan as they always wants India to let down....
    Jab Pakistani actors and singers ko pak industry mein kaam nhi mila to Bollywood spoil krne aa gye.....

    Agar har movie mein logic, facts,emotions and message khojoge to mat dekho movies....agar koi filmmakers ek aisi movie bana de jisse uska investment bhi recover nhi hoga only to not show entertainment then that is not called a movie......
    Movies and entertainment are two related things which no one can split can sandy and sundi....hahaha

  9. Good Article absolutely agreed.
    Makers of the film should have portray the film as well as Name of the film as Fictional one. Then it will has a outside chance to click, if the story is there. It is a typical love story nothing new, even costumes and location are ordinary in the Trailer, also the Trailer is not well received by other critics...

  10. There is nothing wrong in trailer.it is impossible to create a world that has existed 4000 year ago. Nd dear pakistani frnd cow was not known to harrapan civilization. Horse bone has been found in suktagendor nd amri they were important harrapan site. Merchant were ruling class in harrapan society. Harrapan were first to produce cotton in world. Harrapan age was also known as bronze age because many tool nnd hathyar were made up of bronze..,,nd who the hell care for language . Harrapan language has been deciphered by anyone. Wollen nd cotton cloth , gold nd silver all these items were used regularly.,only french kiss was waste thing that has been shown in a trailer. Nd u cant decide any movie verdict by seeing it 2 minute trailer.,. So just wait for 12 aug. One last thing i m big fan of akshay nd i will watch rustom first. But appreciate gud thing. Bollyarena is losing it credibility they are giving 4 to 5 star to crap movie like kick ,fan , dilwale trailer.

    1. You really are fool maybe movi didnt work but Fan trailer was the best in 2016 not only bollyarena but all channals and media has praised.... dilwale was bogus amd bollyarena has given 2.5 , wen kick was relesd bollyarena was not there.

  11. Good lettee bro i think ur all point is right but i mention one more thing the total budget of film is 100 corore nd out of that ritik fee 50 corore ,minus 20 corore marketing publicity nd in last deduct 10 corore of remaining star cast fee s simple 20 corore me yahi farzi vfx mileaga so film complete in 20 corore

  12. Nothing wrong in letter actualy problem is worship of superstars in bollywood they are bigger then film their fee omg 70 percent of movie budget so thts a reason of failure of mohanjodo trailor how ny director create mohanjodro lik big scale movie in 20 corore

  13. I don't like outsider using indian website to insult intelligent director like Ashutosh ji. They only find reason to pick fight with indians. You must remove this post before it harms the movie collections, the movie in india are always made with imaginations & a touch to reality. I am on your website 3 to 4 times a day & i don't think you want to lose your readers. Thank you.

  14. Its Evidently Visible since Real News is Negative Comments are blocked and not being shown on #Mohenjodaro Trailer ...Sooo Whose PR team is working behind...UTV/AGPPL/HR ..so think before what you comment.

    Akshay Kumar is a Person who has never badmouthed any1. Just few min before Launching d #Mohenjodaro Trailer ...Hrithik UNFOLLOWED Akshay Kumar on TWITTER.

    One side where Akshay is busy holidaying with his family and follows moderate Promotion that too depends on Production House...HR busy on Over d top Promotion nd ended up giving a Half Baked Trailer just to Sabotage Akki.Thats called Insecurity.I am sure if They have brought d better Prepared trailer it wld have worked wonders.I am sure Mohenjodaro wld be a far much better mv than as it looked in Average Trailer.

    Its often said instead of Working on Making others Look Down..one must concentrate on One's own Strength nd Quality.

  15. I have always liked HR over so called OverHyped Khans cuz his hard work is visible.According to me #JodhaAkbar was d film that turned d table for HR in terms of Acting nd since #MohenjoDaro is d Coming back of d Epic Jodi that made JODHA AKBAR famous in every household my Expectation frmthis JODI nd specially Aashutosh Gowarikar aws HUGE. JA didnt took a Massive Opng but has Long Run at Ticket Window due to Good WOM.

    #MohenjoDaro Teaser was Very Good if you talk about catching Public Eye and was very well appreciated by one n all but if u look at it creatively u wld know that makers are not prepared and has released it Early due to MohenjoDaro VS Rustom Clash .

    Coming to the #MohenjoDaroTrailer I was expecting nothing less than a MAGIC on Celluloid that takes me back to an ERA never seen before with a refreshing Story and Excellent CGI nd VFX as its made on a Collosal Budget of 120Cr+ and has been made with Much Reserach and time Spent .
    According to me Trailer was Okayiiish . Hrithik Roshan is Amazing as an actor ..His Committment towards his Character is Exemplery and his chemistry with Pooja is Good but the VFX and CGI is a big let Down . I am feeling more let down frm Aashutosh Gowarikar .

    I feel Makers of #Mohenjodaro were in a Hurry to release d trailer and were of d View to Sabotage #Rustom by Over d Top Marketing Strategy.Its okk to be aggressive but only when your product is Ready.It seems like the trailer is Half Baked…Narration doesnt look impressive and Sets are way too ordinary as compared to a big Budget Period Drama. I am 200% Sure Mohenjodaro film wld be much much better than what is shown in the Trailer.Instead of sabotaging others one shd concentrate on Quality of one’s Product. Akshay Kumar is on a Golden run with 2 Outright Superhits in 4 Months time and d Current Fav. of Classes Makers of #Rustom decided not to shift the release as Its made on 35-40Crs Controlled Budget as Compared to 120Cr+ Massive Budget of Mohenjodaro. This Resulted in makers of Mohenjodaro take a aggresive and Fast approach towards releasing Teaser> Trailer that ended up in a wrong decision.It was Evident as Hrithik Unfollowed Akshay Kumar [ Rustom Star] on twitter just few min before Releasing #Mohenjodaro trailer.

    I hope it would be more of a Classic battle this time as i expect d best of Mohenjodaro to come in next few weeks and #Rustom having NeerajPandey stamp on it..it also shd be a Classic Thriller.Lets hope its a battle of two Classics that wld be remember for a longer time.

    « Previous

  16. Yar movies har jagah relase hoti he bollywood ki we liv in globalisation era ok so pls dont neglect valid point of that guy on the basis of nationality nd other hand jb tak actor bada hoga film se tb tak hme aisi hi ghatiya vfx dekhbo ko milte rhege for eg jab actor film se bda ni hota to tab bnti he bahubali

  17. Aur Jinkk Bhi Prob Hai Mohenjodaro De Wo Jaaker Youtube Mai Bahubali Mistakes Search Kar Sakte

    Believe It Or Not Mohenjodaro Is Epic

    You Should Be Shame On Yourself To Spready Negativity To Your Own Movie

    And Praising South Movie .. Why To Become Boot Lickers Of South And Hollywood

    If Someone Trying You Should Respect Them Dont Degrade Him

    1. @Vaibhav

      Mere bhai..........South India ki movies bhi humari hi movie he akalmand.!!!!
      Vo bhi India ka hi part he..........!!!! vo bhi "OUR OWN MOVIES" hai.

  18. HI,
    I completely agree that the trailer fails on historical accuracy. But these article itself is so childish and completely amateurish. I don't know why people are so obsessed with Aryan Invasion theory. This is a complete myth which many renowned historians have ridiculed. Please do a proper study and research on Aryan Invasion and just not go with a popular belief. Secondly, you say "It is a well-known fact that horses were not used in the ancient civilization." Absolutely no sir. It is not a well known fact because it is not a fact but a blatant lie. Horses were very much in use in Mohan Jodaro. Chariots were being used in Mohan Jodaro. We have ample proofs for that.
    And who are yo to say that it is unimaginable to think a woman will have an affair before marriage. If it unbelievable for you than that does not necessarily means it is the truth. Any girl/woman/boy/man can fall in love with anyone at any point of history. Who are you to pass the judgement on that. Kissing is a mean of portraying love from time immemorial and has nothing to do with in which era it is being practiced. It has always been there. Yes You can argue whether it is french or whatever.

    I too was waiting for Mohan Jodaro trailer with high anticipations and was not much impressed by the trailer. You have full right to criticize a trailer but be a bit sensible when you write for a such a webpage being followed by a large section of movie lovers.

  19. Guys to prove yourself nationalist don't abuse any Pakistani who wants to share his research on Mohenjodaro. Blame Pakistani government for non preserving this great heritage site. It could have been included in seven wonders of the world like machu picchu of Peru.

    Mr. Zaidi was correct in two points which are as follows:

    a) Aryan's invaded Indus valley civilization with horse. Horse was actually not been used by Indus valley civilization.
    b) French kiss is just too much.

    But he is wrong in one point:

    a) Indus valley civilization had a trading relation with Mesopotamia and got silk & dressing style from them.

    Overall Mr. Zaidi's research is not bad & should be appreciated. Moreover, from this writing it is not at all evident that, he is a AK fan or trying to sabotage Bollywood films. Hence, please stop abusing.

    Moreover, i think Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker is a director who made films like Lagaan, Swadesh, Jodha Akber. So, this time also i am sure he will come up to something which will be worth to watch. If you guys look into his style of film making he always blend facts & imagination. So, you guys can except well blend of history & imagination in Mohenjodaro. Few loop-holes must be there, but can be ignored in mainstream Bollywood film.


    Sayan B.

    1. Sir, you are wrong that horses were not in use during Indus Valley civilizations. There are ample proofs to show otherwise. And you are right on the point of silk. Recent investigations (2000 AD - ) confirm the use of silk in Mohan Jodaro.

      But the most important point everybody is missing out is Mohan Jodaro means " Mound of the Dead". It is a sindhi language word used to refer to this place now. How can the inhabitants of that time use this word to refer the place. This is complete rubbish.

      1. Sir, as per as i went through research papers, there is a dispute between researchers that, horse skeletons are from mohenjodaro era or they came with Aryans. But, large chunk of researchers believe that, horses had not been used in Mohenjodaro...

        Anyways, good to see people like you who actually love films & go through research. I have seen many people here who are just writing comments to worship their Stars and abuse others.

  20. And One more important point here, I was having no idea that during the times of Mohan Jodaro, crocodiles could actually fly in the air. That is a path breaking discovery made by Ashutosh sir. #FlyingCrocodile

  21. i saw this trailer and straight away i was hugely disappointed. May be i was expecting something huge. But at least it should have been like must watch on big screen movie. Unfortunately it is not. It is something which can easily be seen on a mobile or computer if audience have time. No originality. Nothing new. Same old stuff. It would probably be competing with Bombay Velvet for biggest disaster till date.

  22. Dear author,
    I agree the trailer does look silly when compared to biggies like baahubali or the hollywood epics, but it would be wrong and too much over the top to expect a class on history through a movie that was made on a huge budget. Okay not as big as baahubali, but still huge. For a costly movie, you cannot expect the makers to just show some markets, bulls, simple architecture and end the movie with no drama or entertainment according to the director's taste/skill. For an authentic film on mohenjodaro, you can always watch so many high quality documentaries that are free to watch on youtube instead of spending hundreds of bucks for a theatrical show or a risky download for a low-quality torrent. Leave this film to be as it is: An imaginary ancient world created to just make us go a little nostalgic, but most importantly make us enjoy the film with the regular masala elements. There is no need for an apology. Even if the movie doesnt work as well, it would be wrong to insult or demean the director or the team since it is still a work of art(okay, commercial art) that can always go either way. They have worked hard for the past 2 years and it would be wrong to insult their effort in making this unique movie with lots of challenges. I am myself a fan of Hrithik Roshan but not the type who goes crazy, risks everything to get the first day- first show ticket without reading the reviews! I will watch this movie for sure in a theater but not for watching an authentic Mohenjodaro but for the art-director's skill, BGM and music(hopefully rahman can excite us with his score), cinematography and of course above all, Hrithik!

  23. pura promo nirasjanak ,farzi ,aur ghatiya vfx ki bharmar he first please change the nam of movie pata ni ye kaun sa bhoot chadha he bollywood ko histrolical lov story bnane ka bnana he to action bnaye .afsos sirf itna sa he is movie se ashutosh sir ki sari bnayi hui ijjat khtm ho jayegi

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