Amitabh Bachchan's terrifying look from Thugs of Hindostan

Bollywood stars Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are shooting for their upcoming big film Thugs of Hindostan. Recently Aamir's sensational look from the film was leaked which created a lot of curiosity among the audience.

Now it is Big B's turn and the actor looks simply terrifying. Check it out below.

The film, allegedly inspired from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise, also stars Katrina Kaif and Fathima Sana Sheikh. Helmed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, Thug of Hindostan is slated to release on November 07, 2018.

42 comments on “Amitabh Bachchan's terrifying look from Thugs of Hindostan”

    1. Hope it wont break Dhobi-ghat record.

      Anyway, every copy wont be Baahubali2.These 54 and 74yr old are heroes lol

      1. Hahaha....54 yr old aamir dangal collected 2100 cr ww n bahubali2 1600 cr ww...Thugs of hindostan will challenge dangaln bahubali2 is nothing in front of dangal

        1. Hahaha even manipulation needs breaks don't still fool urself by saying dangal did 2100 when it even didn't touch 1900 ...where bb2 did 650 cr in south dangal did 12cr which speaks abt amir stardom...this poor copy can't even get bb2 parking collections

      2. Hope TZH won't break marigold record. A 55 years old Buddha romancing a woman of his daughter's age won't work. Your gawaar first tell your local star to cross 100 cr with off beat thriller on non holiday. All his movies are safe commercial movies which release on big festivals or republic day. Aukaat Honi chahiye jo lallu actors me Hoti nahi hai. Na jaane Kahan Kahan se aa jaaate hai. LOL.

  1. Judwaa easily beat TEPK.
    Varun will give one more super hit in a year.
    Initial report movie full on entertainment.
    Caryn also give 2 super hit 100 cror film within 10mnth.
    Varun will beat akshay till October.

  2. 2018 ki highest grossing Bane ya na Bane but highest 1st day collection 2018 ka zaroor hoga ..kyuki holiday ke din hi release ho rha is liye 40cr jaa skta ...higher grossing ke liye dwarf or TOH me Takkar hoga achaa ...race 3 bhool jao and Robot 2 Hindi version vala 150cr bhi shayad jae

    1. is there competion b/w TOH and BATLA? !!!!!
      chalo SAPNA DEKHNA BASIC HOTA HAI. Hope it beat atleast D3

        1. Faltu movies nhi dekhta me jhms aur tube light jaise lgta ha tune kafi bar Dekhi ha

    1. @Pink
      tu kyu bakwas kar raha hai...
      movie ke bare me kuch pata bhi nahi aur bol raha hai no original idea.

      trailer release hone ke bad bakwas karna chalu kar de...tab tak Toilet dekh khudka Aakshay ka nahi.

      1. @parshya tune jaise puri movie dekh li hai....getup pura pirate of carabian ka copy hai.....aur abhi bakwas movie secret superstar flop hone wali hai..jo ki asli toilet movie hai

  3. Dwarf is not titled as ' Batla '.Anand Rai himself confirms this.Title will be revealed soon but it is certain that its title is not Batla.

  4. wow..what a look!!!!
    Two legends in one movie....

    Aamir will beat Bahubali2 WW again........
    Bahubali2 WW record stayed for just 1 month.

    1. Hey cartoon parshya....amir 14 hits in 30 yrs lolllll best joke is amir beating bb2 again lollll even by manipulation didn't bb2 touch it till now when it comes to India even bb1 is ahead of dangal....now where bb2 did 650cr in south dangal did 12cr hahaha now this cheap copy can't even recover bb2 actors salary

    2. Wow cartoon parshya it won't even recover baahubali actors salary.....how can a local star like amir win against baahubali prabhas,rajamouli combo??? Made with 200 cr direct comparison between thugs,bb2 make thugs band Bajya with bb2...mean while robot n bb2 2nd phase makes dangal in 3rd position lolllll amir 30 yrs 14 hits last hit in his life dangal n b in top place for 2-3 months up to bb2 2 and phase ,in 2nd place up to robot release

  5. wow.... Amitabh is just sensational in this pic unlike tingu bahubali.. :D
    Indian version of Pirates of carribien on the way.. does aamir fans hav anything to say about the copy?

    1. @haar
      Definitely It will not like Fusslight which is completely copied material.
      Remake King one n only lallumiya.

      1. Cartoon parshya....don't get hopes on it...made with 200cr it will have direct comparison with baahubali n amir being cheap local star can't compete with prabhas,rajamouli combo hence it can't even recover costs n even dangal hardly be in top 2 up to robot release....once bb2 release in China and robot releases dangal will fell to 3rd place n thugs can't even do 200cr so hardly dangal will b in top position for 2-3 months

    2. what about criminal bhai which has 6 movie remake and 1 holly movie remake in this decade.

    3. Amitabh rocked like a sensation in baghban while unlike his tingu baahubali son. LOl. Amitabh couldn't save Tingu lallu's career even after starring with him in baabul and God Russo great ho. Poor flop actor tingu khan gave so many flops and disaster in last decade and even in this eid our tingu gave a disaster called tubelight. Yes lallu is tingu in height as well as stardom and talent. Poor baatla khan with bhojpuri illiterate audience and 0 global fan following unlike global megastar aamir khan.

    1. @bollyarena this comment is not done by me. Some one using my ID. Do something please

  6. It's going to be flop 100% as nearly all Indian HV watched pirates series and it also tells us that aamir can only befool audience by making remakes,copying from books,and biopic
    All sud shame who says that he ia Mr perfectionist

    1. You gawaar I can only laugh at your joke. You losers every time predict bad for aamir movies and each and every time he and his fans kick your ass. Why are you still not learning? Even in worst case TOH will be blockbuster and thrash all records. Aamir is not like your 2 rs star to fool the audience. Aamir is emperor of Bollywood and you should be ashamed of yourself. Stay within your aukaat.

  7. Each and every record will be destroyed. BTW I am talking about Aamirs own records baki kisi ne to record banaya nehi kuch 2009 se. And I can gurantee it will be biggest hiy of 2018. Batla\hakla kuch bhi aaye koi chance nehi hain.

  8. tum aamir haters ko kcuh nahi pata hai..
    ki aamir khan kya cheej hai...
    wo record todta nahi banata hai or apna hi record todta hai..
    or baat rahi tog ki..
    toh ye likh looo..
    ki ye movie dangal or bahubali 2 ka record toh togi gi hai saath hai many hollywood movies ko ki beat karegi..
    kyunki yashraj ki movie hai 2 big actor and itna promotion kar denge ki..
    collection ki counting karna bhari pad gayaga...

  9. Looks good don’t think it will be a copy of pirates of the Caribbean like him or hate him but you all know him Aamir Khan always tries to stay away from ripping off movies even when he found out akele hum akele tum was copy of Kramer vs Kramer he stopped working with his cousin and ghajini was an official remake not a copy plus in this day and age it’s very hard to copy Hollywood films when you have studios like fox and Viacom in India itself even though disney’s Closed it’s still got it’s presence behind the scenes

  10. @ dumbass bollyarena what proof do you have that TOH is inspired of POH? Get a life. Even megastar himself confirmed that TOH is fresh story and has no relevance to POH. Your lallu copies south movies and shamelessly copied Hollywood movie little boy with tubelight. What about that? Aamir is not a copycat like tingu local star salman. Aamir has class, global popularity, fan following which lallu can only dream to achieve. Stay within your limit. TOH will be far better than POH. Get a life.

  11. thugs of lilput=disaster
    BTW noone has still booked eid 2018 coj they know eid mai sabka baap ata hai

    1. Baatla lallu' liliput zinda hai will be all time disaster. Only megastar aamir khan ruling like a boss.

  12. Can not stop laughing after reading this comment
    Salman will romance woman his daughter's age
    Has he any daughter?

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