Akshay Kumar wraps up Gold

Bollywood hit machine Akshay Kumar works at a rapid pace. The actor who was last seen in Toilet Ek Prem Katha has begun promotions for his next flick Padman. Now in between, he has wrapped up Reema Kagti’s Gold.

Akshay posted a video on Instagram announcing the news. He captioned the video, “A good beginning makes a good ending…true story It’s a wrap for GOLD, an incredible journey with a great team. See you at the movies #ItsAWrap #Gold”.

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Apart from Gold, Akshay Kumar has an interesting lineup of films including 2.0, Battle Of Saranghi and Kesari. While Padman is releasing during Republic Day, Gold is scheduled for an Independence Day release.

66 comments on “Akshay Kumar wraps up Gold”

  1. Wrapped up movie already ?

    Yeh aadmi China ki tarah maal produce karta hai. Cheap material at a quick pace. Another 130 cr material

      1. Wahi tau

        Before every film, Akkians say masterpiece coming, will do 150/200 cr. Read comments below?

        After film release, Akkians say it was a niche movie. Therefore, 120-130 cr is very good collection.

        Always same story

      2. Comment:thik hai 15 August 2018 ko pata chal jayega jab tepk 75 cr budget se 132 cr boi kar sakti hai to gold definitely 150+. r karega

      3. Wow! You mean gold will be akki's 11th entry in 100 Cr prestigious club. Back to back 8 super hits... Trully haters here are burning from joulosy...
        Faster than fast.

        1. Most bankable star of bollywood.
          Mr.consistant kumar
          He already have 5 back to back superhits in very short time. And 3 More looking promissing to join in few months. It reminds us the golden era of superstats like rajesh khanna, bachchan sir.

        2. Sureshot Blockbuster....
          Blockbuster Machine Akki rules....???
          Sureshot 200 cr movie....

        3. Massive Blockbuster on the way from the Blockbuster Machine......
          200 cr on the cards.....

    1. @MINK says Aamir is China ka maal

      @Tiger says Akshay is China ka maal

      Then I say that China’s first class quality maal is Aamir & third class quality maal is Akshay

      1. China ka maal woh bhi 3rd class material. Hahahaha. You could also have said Toilet material ☺️

        Too good Michael

      2. Dont compare Akshay with Aamir. Let first Akshay achieve 150 crore. Aamir will do 400 croe with TOH which will remain dream for Akkians all life.

        Aamir ki 1 movie ww collections > Akshay 6-8 movie ww collections

        Aamir ki bezati na karo Akshay sai compare karke

        1. @Thugs of Hindostan

          beta time bhi toh dekh....
          1 movie collection === 7 movie collection....AMIR Things

          same as Akshay kumar

          7 movie time === 1 movie time.....

          7 good movie === 1 good movie....

          choose 7 script === choose 1 script....

          give 7 super hit,hit === give 1 blockbuster....

          now comapre your tingu amir with Akshay.....

          only work on one movie...& give blockbuster u think this is great....

          work on 7 project at a given time such kind of pressure..... ur Amir can't handle....uske bus ki baat hi nahi h....

          comparison karke yanha Akshay ki value kam kar rahe ho...

    2. Greater than ur disastrous floplight
      And if u add his movie collection in a year then it will be more than ur tiger or billi collection
      In 2016
      Sallu :- sultan 310
      Akki:- airlift 130
      H3 128
      Rustom 130
      Total near 370
      In 2017
      Sallu 120
      Jolly 120
      Tepk 140 total 260
      Far greater than ur sallu

      1. Totalling 3 movies of Akki to go ahead of 1 Salman movie in 2016 and feeling proud of it ? Have some shame. You are yourself trolling Akki. You look Akki hater by giving such stupid logic

        Tzh release honai do. 2017 ki bhi yahi equation hogi.

      2. Abe Idiot you are comparing 1 movie of Salman with 3 movies of Akki and yet the difference is only 60cr....LOL

        Aur 2017 main abhi Salman ki TZH release hona baki hai......After TZH both Salman and Akki have 2 releases then we will see the total collection......And then I will love to see your face....HaHaHa

        1. If they are comparing one salman movie with 3 akki movies
          Then look at ur reply @S.G
          You are also comparing small budget niche genre movie with salman big budget eid releases.

          1. @Karan Bhai,
            I don't know the Budget of those 3 movies of Akki, but if his 3 movies budget is less then Salman's 1 movie then "Chullu Bhar Pani Main Dub Mar Chahiye Akki Ko".......Shame on his so called stardom, he is doing movies with 20-30cr budget and barely gets Hit status.....Abe even Kangana's movie have more budget than Akki......

            And Idiot here Budget is not the concern, Akki comes with 3 movies, means 3 different story to tell, so definitely public will come to see it (in small amount)....While Salman's 1 movie, means only 1 story to tell......And still his movie collects almost equal to 3 movies of Akki.....Now if you have brain then think who is bigger.....And for whose movie huge number audience comes out......

        2. @S.G This idiot & stupid @roric is himself trolling akki by comparing his 3 movie collection with salman’s 1 movie in 2017. He himself is enough for trolling akki. Doesnt need any one else

    3. @tiger beta maal bhi China ka hi bikta hai.
      Aaj china se india more than 40 % goods leti hai . China na ho to india mein kayi cheezen na mile. Similarly movies Akki ki chalti hai and Akki is backbone of all distributors .
      Aur agar tujhe Akki ki speed se problem hai . To mujhe lgta hai tujhe Salman is slow speed aur tantrums zyada ache lgte hai . And this is the reason why people like you always fail in life . U have a different attitude towards life . Very bad .

  2. Ye banda super se bhi upar hai or Kai bando se better jo sal me 1 ya 2 film karke bhi festivals pe disaster dete Hain like our marigold star Uganda ka maal and this movie will be huge now just waiting for padman next year akki will rock the box office my predictions
    Padman-120 to 130 crores
    2.0 Hindi belts -220 to 250 crores can go higher
    Gold -160 crores to 180 crores
    Kesari- 250 crores
    H4-200 crores
    These are rough predictions rest depends on buzz but 1 thing sure akki will be in top 3 stars next year

    1. Comment:Bhai akki is currently 3rd biggest superstar next year salmon ko replace karle 2nd position pe aaega

  3. Very interesting line-up... Akshay is now slowly becoming more consistent & versatile in his films.. Very good

  4. Dekho Akshay fans ye gold movie 15 aug yaani holiday ke din aa rha ..or agar opening 25cr bhi touch nahi Kia to smjh Lena Akshay ka koi aukaat nahi or usse zyada crowd puller Varun Ranbir rmaveer hritik Ajay hai ..

    Kyuki ye movie commercial hai ek dum ..dangal type jaisa movie hai ..Ajay ne 32cr ka opening Dia tha 15 aug Ko

    I am sure ki ye movie bhi 15cr touch nahi kregi opening hahahaha

    1. Are Bhai Akki fans ke liye 15 Aug National Holiday thodi hai, for them only Eid, Diwali & Christmas ko hi holiday hoti hai, jis main release karne ki Aukat Akki ki nahi hai.......

      So opening will be in the range of 12-15cr, which is Bumper Opening for Akki......LOL

  5. Akshay Kumar ka aukaat
    No 20cr opening no 150cr lifetime no hgoty no ATBB no 3cr footfalls no 300cr worldwide only 2 blockbuster in 109 movies ..having 55 flops ..most no of disaster ..festival release me bhut si movie flop hui hai

    He is ass licker ..he is worst human being seriously a hypocrite ..taking Canada Nationality then stars doing deshbhakti drama so that no one can question about his Nationality and when someone on social media says Akshay takes Canada Nationality then his fans says ki Canada ka Nationality le lia find bhi India ke liye itna kar rha army Ko paisa de rha ..waah what a masterstroke by Akshay

    1. Comment:[email protected]@ count Kia tha 55 flops record of salman 40 flop in just 75 movie 15 disaster lost 6 clash against akki lost 5 clash against srk lost 22 clash in his career highest by any actor 200 cr ww on nonfestival is still dream for salman festival dependent star 120+ cr domestic on nonholiday is still dream for salman killed 4 innocent people on footpath never won any best actor award on whole career supported terrorist aur iska comparison akshay se karte hai lallu fans????

    2. OHH TZH, TUBELIGHT, SULTAN, BB are not Desh bhakti films. I know I don't expect good IQ from Salman fans. btw do you know the difference between an Honorary citizen and Citizen. obviously, you don't know that's why you are ranting here. As a result, u have a low IQ and a Salman fan.

    3. @ajay salman with yo words it has proven salman ke fans are uneducated unpad gavar log hai tum logo se argue karke bhi bekaar hai kyun Ki tum logo Ko Dimag hi nahin hai baar baar nationality kyun leke athe ho tum log akshay Ko mila its honorary uska meaning bhi nahin pata tum logo Ko gavar log hai na isliye salman Ko honorary milne ke aukat nahin iss janam mein isliye yeh jealous tum logo Ko tum log ek murderer Ko criminal Ko support karte ho isliye tum log ka sochne bhi waha tak hoga and u haters cry on akshay charity aukat kya tum log ka ek tho tum log kuch bhi nahin karte Jo karta hai u will cry on them how cheap u people are and aap ka Jo Festival season superstar being human ke naam pe praise khate jara hai and soceity Ko kuch bhi nai karaha hai junks star.

      Aukat kya hai bina Festival movie release nahin hotha hai kya ukad lia tubelight movie ne Jo eid ke din release hoke socho agar non holiday pe salman ka movie release hua tho kya haal hoga isliye he needs holidays Coz he know his aukat sab Ko pata hai non holiday release fan aur jhms ka halat agar salman ka movie release hua tho use burra halat hoga shame on u guys moreover akshay do 3 movies in a year coz that's his stamina ur salman mushkil se 2 films budda hogaya na beechara.

  6. Master piece on its way . Really excited Yeh movie dhamaal machaegi. Extended weekend mein hi 100 cr kr jaegi .
    200cr in lifetime .
    Cheers for Akki .

    1. Screen shot le le

      Movie release kai baad pakka kahega kai niche movie thi is lye 133 cr buht acha hai ?

  7. Chakki is back with another Fake Desh bhakti movie.....This Non-Actor who beg in front of others to get award, is going to torture us again.....But thanks to Patriotic Genre and Low Budget this movie also cross 100cr and manage to get Hit status.......

    Yaar Sharam karo Akki even Varun and Ranveer cross 140cr easily.......But our Chakki with Positive WOM struggle to cross 140cr.....LOL

  8. Comment:one more superhit this movie will definitely do 150+ cr
    ab pata chalega haters ko padman is last niche genre movie uske baad sab universal appeal content aacha hua to sab 160+ cr definitely karega aur 2.0 aur h4 200+ cr

  9. Akshay has wrapped up all his upcoming movies of 2018
    He has so much time for other projects now. He has very good line up to work with.

  10. Proud moment for bollywood..
    Tiger crosses 1m likes for its trailer and swag songggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Aamir and Akshay there are only 2 actors in Bollywood this days who make good movies. To SK, SRK and Ajay fans the culmulative collections are far better than your stars so stop shouting.

  12. @miky and Or Sab I know that akki is in 3rd position I am saying that in collection perspective ie hgoty in collection not star ranking at this point of time akki is 3rd

  13. Mukkk fan,utsav.....,ready 121cr kamaya konsa holyday me!sale independence day holyday nahi,,,,toh canada me rehtahe kiya!

    1. Comment:ready 119 cr boi aacha ho gaya hai to illaz kara Maine waha 120+ cr bola hai???

  14. Salman Aamir Hrithik Devgan comes once or twice in a year on an average. If the distributors or the employees in Cinema halls have to depend on the Khans Hrithik or Devgan then they will go Bankrupt for their livelihood. Coz as an employee, you need good business throughout the year to take care of your families. As these actors give blockbuster once a year. But Akshay always comes halfyearly or even quarterly and he gives guaranteed 100cr every time. Hence all these employees had a decent earning n good livelihood. My personal experience, coz of TEPK one cinema owner saved his mortgage home, as all the films flopped before TEPK.
    I am not demeaning anyone but I am highlighting the importance of Akki in our industry. This man is the savior of our industry.. peace out all B arena fans

    1. "As these actors give blockbuster once a year. But Akshay always comes halfyearly or even quarterly and he gives guaranteed 100cr every time. Hence all these employees had a decent earning n good livelihood. My personal experience, coz of TEPK one cinema owner saved his mortgage home, as all the films flopped before TEPK."

      Agreed with this part of your comment.
      Nobody I guess will dispute that.
      Good luck Akki!

  15. akshay Sir Love u. No body can match you. You are the darling of India. We proud to be fan of U. Jai Hind. Vande matram.A true Indian Akshay sir Love u very much. Only hope of Bollywood. God bless u Akshay Sir.

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