Akshay Kumar to star in film Kesari based on Battle of Saragarhi

Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar are all set to collaborate for a film. The actor today announced that film is titled Kesari and will be based on the Battle of Saragarhi.

Akshay Kumar made the announcement on Twitter and wrote, “A film I’m extremely excited about personally and emotionally… #Kesari releasing Holi 2019.”

Earlier, Salman Khan was also a collaborator on the project and was supposed to co-produce the film with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. However, later it was reported that Salman has opted out of the project. Ajay Devgn is also making a film on Battle of Saragarhi titled as Sons of Sardar.

Kesari will be directed by Anurag Sinha and will hit the screens on Holi 2018.

59 comments on “Akshay Kumar to star in film Kesari based on Battle of Saragarhi”

    1. This movie is based on the one of the bravest history in India ever had
      So this movie will have superb story.
      This movie will rock both single and multiplexes.
      So, don't worry @abcd
      It will easily hit
      don't know about director Anurag singh
      Can he give justice to this movie?
      But akki sir is known to give hits with new directors
      So, cheers Guys

    2. Previously i used to get irritated watching @devgun comments...bt now i find his comments really funny..i think he provides all of us a bit of fun ...his comments-"mohanlal needs to take ten births to become ajay"..ajay is mixture of dilip and ab sir...ajay is only comparable to marlon and de niro..thank you very much for giving me entertainment...at least your comment have more logics and entertainment than ajay's last few movies..go to kapil sharma show...you can make up for the loss of gulati with your comments.

      1. Most Lunatic n Insane fan I have ever come across is Srkian Hameed such a jealous, Idiot person he is always trying to bring down Akki by making ridiculous comparisons, stupid Analysis n false statistics why so much hatred towards Akki in every article??????
        He feels bad for Akkians bashing Ajay then why won’t he stop ADians for bashing Akki?
        I will tell u why
        Coz Akki has dethroned Srk from 3rd spot
        N currently The 3rd Biggest Superstar in Bollywood, this is not my opinion go n check there r many articles which claim Akki to be 3rd Biggest Superstar, Akki the hit machine , Akki the box office king many more
        He vents his frustration on Akki for Srk downfall n dropping out of top 3
        Akki with Tepk niche movie beaten Srk universal appeal Raees n become Highest Grosser n now he brings out another stupid Analysis about past n make false allegations
        Why can’t Ajay fans n Hameed live in present n always talk about past ridiculous…
        Accept the truth of your Heroes n become real fans..

        1. Excuse me Physco, what did you say? Because Akki is 3rd biggest star?
          Hello Mr for once i have never ever in my wildest dream thought of Srk being considered inferior to Akshay Never that will never Happen. If today Srk decides to quit movies he will always be tagged a Legend better get that into your tiny brains? I am not obsessed with yearly current rankings that does not make any difference at all, Akshay is on a roll presently he is more consistent than Srk ,has a better succes ratio than Srk these few years and he has envoved into a better actor thats not a hidden fact! Not only Akshay, even Varun is on a roll but Akshay being a bigger superstar his current success is worth being applauded more than Varun. I respect Akshay alot but for once never ever thought of comparism between the 2! The 3 Khans are indispensable, currently Srk is behind Aamir and Salman but i still am so proud to be a Srk fan okay i wont take away anything from Aamir and Salman they deserve their current Status for those who are obsessed with yearly rankings good and fine overral He still remains the most consistent superstar career wise and he is a Brand on his own in the outside world so such cheap thoughts of yours probably disturbs you not me!

          About false allegations , jealousness who is ahead of you? Out of jealousy you keep copying pasting Akshay vs Ajay comparism on every page be it a living hero or a dead man article is that not insecurity? Do i go to any article and post SRK vs Salman or Aamir long pointless comparism? Why because i dont even think about it and make it a daily routine but you?

          If you see another fan siding a particular actor with FACTS REFERENCES and Back up but you still repeat same comments over and over without a concrete back up,shows one person is being objective the other being a loser!!
          Ajay Ajay Ajay ,cone on man are you so into him? Must everybody believe your logic? And who told you i dont comment against Ajay? You dont follow my comments if not you will know i too fault @devgun when he talls trashes about other actor though his looks more like Entertainment thars why many of us dont too much answer every post of his but you even before @Devgun came to bollyarena keep on Bashing Ajay be it gere or indicine why??

          Finally @2.0, my last warning...better grow up and stop being so obseesed with Ajay Sir.
          Do you think i feel Happy Bashing Akshay Sir? Or speaking some hardcore facts? Let me tell you the reason,the reason is simply because of people like you who think you have everyvright to bash any superstar once they start having an unsuccessful box office stats compared to Akki! Deep in me i am happy for Akki and respect him always same time his fans like you should bring your brains back from home and use it properly how its supposed to be used. Thats it! If you still want to be stubborn am very cool with it.

      2. Kapil sharma show is over so is the career of Akshay Srk and Karan after the release of Dwarf and this crappy kesari.
        And true Ajay sir is the greatest living legend in the world just read Hameed's comments in the previous page where Hollywood actors offered him the lead role in so many franchise films but he refused just to take Indian cinema forward with his cult classics.
        He cannot be compared with anyone in India as an actor.Mohanlal manmooty Kamal will be ashamed of having fans like you for comparing them with their childhood idol Ajay from whom they have accepted to be inspired from.
        Watch over the top crap nayagan and compare it with cult sultan mirza or even Bhawani and then you'd know what is real acting.Only Marlon Brando could have matched sultan mirza.

    1. Not my opinion, No hatred , No bashing
      Only Box office speaks the fact
      Top 3 Superstars currently (strictly present)
      (Box office pull + Superb Acting)
      1. Aamir Khan
      2. Akshay Kumar
      3. SRK ( Rough phase n Stardom fading)

      Top 3 Superstars currently (Box office Pull)
      1. Salman Khan
      2. Varun Dhawan
      3. Ranveer Singh

      Top 3 Stars (Fine Acting)
      1. Ajay Devgun ( Remove all Shetty Movies)
      2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui
      3. Irfan Khan

    2. Shut up you idiot.
      Your srk is a loser.So are you.Taking Akki's side because Srk got slapped by Ajay during 2012 clash and baadshaho and G:4 combined collected more than Raees and jhms

  1. Always Extremely excited for your movies ....
    every time in New form the Greatest Entertainer of Bollywood....
    All Respects to You????
    Take a bow Akshay Sir...

    1. Thats why i said that indicine had more sensible users...i have seen that most arena users actually hate akshay or ajay...and also without any logics...and indicine users were mostly salman users bt at least they did not bash srk ajay or aamir unnecessarily..grow up guys...srk is having a bad phase which is not even the best phase of some actors..ajay has rohit,salmans upcoming films are good aamir will churn out classics..and so what if akshays films do not take good openings..he makes films on low budget,no popular heroines,completes in time,and gave 9 successful films out of his last 11 films...also in a span of four years...and bollyarena pls start q and a...everyone is missing indicines best part

      1. @ceiling khan
        This is happening after children fight @devgn vs @2.0
        Here was no fight between ajay and akki fans
        some indicine users are using bollyarena now

        1. Karan i have been visiting this site for quite some years. If you are honest with yourself everyone knows even before Devgun this @tepk/2.0 has always been bringing down Ajay sir, even in indicine he always says rotten things about Ajay even when nobody says anything bad about Akki. Many very hardore Ajay fans i know here and twitter and indicine supports Akshay be it @Gangs of Ajay @Sani @aisha @Nishant i know them because they talk good of SRK too very peaceful fans all of them had encounter with 2.0 here or there so its not a todays issue. Because of 2.0 many hard comments on Akshay sir prevails. I blame @Devgun but 10times more @2.0 thats a Fact bro!

          1. R u daydreaming or in Hallucination ????
            I was never into Indicine even for a moment stop spreading lies about me..
            I already said I have no problem with any actor n Healthy trolling is fine...
            But @devgun has crossed all limits
            I don't bash any actor...
            But someone bashes Akki I will tear him apart

            1. @hameed come out of Hallucination
              I have never commented on any site except Bollyarena so come out of Illusion n stop spreading false rumours about me.....

              1. Am good to go...anytime, anytime you fk up with worthless comments make sure to get a befitting ?reply?. Except one thing you and some another associates of yours do ,i will never do and that is ABUSE any Actor my upbringing thought me never to use vulgur words due to envy!! Giving out what i know ...i trust myself ,am always equipped with factous replies ....so its up to you !

                1. Acha hai yaar. Aisai hi 2,3 punches maar isay. Har article pai ja kar 1 hi comment copy paste karkay dimag ki dahi bana di hai is 2.0 nai. 1 comment likhta hai aur 10 articles pai copy paste kar deta bai ja kar.

                  Is 2.0 aur devgun ka aik WWE ka ‘Hell in a Cell’ ka no-disqualification match rakhwao jis mein chairs, sledge-hammer sab use karein. Dono aik doosray ko maar maar kar apni poori bharaas nikal lein

                  1. ???

                    Dont worry bro both of their favourite Idol Superstars are coming face to face today(oops depends on your time zone) on greatest indian laughter show. Maybe both blackbelt holders will fulfil 2.0 and Devgun wishes ??✊?

  2. Hahahaha Big Budget Movie Hai Lol Hoga Lol Hoga ????? AkChhay Kumar Ko 100Cr Budget Wali Movie Dena Yani Ki Khud K Pair Pe Kuhadi Marna

    1. Tu jaake apne Srk ka career bacha.. use tujh jaise logon ki zaroorat hai depression me
      Kya din aagaye Gobar star Srk ke Universal movie top actress phir bhi 60 cr pe simat gayi....
      Pata nahin Srkians ko aur kya dekhna padega
      Aur toh aur Irfan khan ne bhi beat kar diya srk ko
      Irfan - Hindi Medium niche movie - 69 cr
      Srk - JHMS Universal movie - 64 cr?????

      1. So say it....Irfan is bigger than Srk? No?
        Such disgusting fan!...
        Others come here to read ,you people end up belittling your idol image and your stupid views!!! Regretted coming to this article...anyways we shall meet,i have concious to respect the article Subject so wont make any remarks here,will leave hope to see you chanting about Srk any other article..
        You 2 other of your fans and @Devgun are both a shame for your respective idols. Celebrate your foolisness and enjoy!!

  3. Ye Movie Ka Budget Below 100Cr Hoga To Hit Agar 100Cr Se Upar Hoga 101% Lag Jaenge ?? Canadian Star K ?


      1. Lol Beta Dusro Ki Movie Ki Movie ChurakaR Kuch Ukhad Ni Sakta Ye Akchhay Samjha Na?

        2019 me Aamir Khan Ki Movie 450+ karegi and akchhhay tab bhi 130pe hoga lol ?

    1. I was more excited for ajay sir sos 2 but that s not gonna happen now
      But 2018-19 main akshay sir haters ki keh keh kar lene wale hai. Bollywood's biggest action hero is back with action movie.Hope, budget will huge. Now waiting for his next biggest comedy movie announcement.

    1. Yaa bro this will be reall huge . 2019 holi kuch bhi ho skta hai. Holi mein Akki rang laega . Kesari big budget movie can easily cross 200cr. Good going Akki.

  4. Finally a big budget movie from Akki.....As much I heard about it the budget of movie is 130-150cr......So this means it need to score somewhere around 230-250cr (approx.) to make it hit/superhit....So All the Best Akki.......

    Also Hatts Off to Salman, because of his friendship with Ajay he backed out from this big project....Now this is called True Friend.....

  5. @dr
    Everyone even Aamir uses srk name that shows d stardom of srk

    Plz forget past and support SS ??

    Happy now ?

  6. What a joke.Shame on you Karan and Akshay for stealing someone's idea.We all Adians will boycott it.
    Will be the biggest disaster ever.

  7. This movie will be huge if content clicks every body knows akshay is master in action and patriotic movies ????

  8. Upcoming movies genre of akshay kumar films
    2.0 sci ~fic
    Padman ~drama
    Gold~sports drama
    Kesari ~ action war drama
    Most versatile actor Google said well said??????

  9. It will be flop as akshay kumar is not a big star for big budget movie. His dialogue delivery is not so good.

    1. Still willing box office akshay has 20 excellent ,bumber opening movies and you are saying he is not big star grow up hatters????

  10. Acting wise:
    Ajay sir Golmaal All the best
    Akshay Singh is bling Action replay

    Ajay sir Singham and countless 90s film
    Akki chandni chowk blue boss khiladi 786

    Ajay sir hddcs pyaar toh hona hi tha
    Akki humko deewana kar gaye bewafa

    Intense role
    Ajay sir OUATIM company Drishyam gangaajal khakee
    Akki OUATIMD tasveer Patiala house

    1. Could not control my laughter this one really caught me off the hook and i just noticed it.

  11. Ajay sir is the greatest actor ever after Dilipji and 3rd biggest superstar after two khans.
    Pasand aaya toh like karo nhi toh apna dimag tezz karo

  12. 10 users have agreed to the fact that Ajay sir is only comparable to Hollywood legends and 22 feels otherwise which means in India for every two uneducated person there's an educated one.
    That's why India is such a backward country where thugs like Akki loot people playing patriotic card.
    Selfish Canadian.

    1. You are talking about Patriotism and Akshay but today its known who is more of a deshdrohi condeming India atleast Akki can never say such thing!!

  13. @Devgn 1 bat to manna padhai tere jaise gadho ke Karna ajay jaisa achcha actor badnam ho raha hai or hn deshbhakti ka card khelkar Pakistani kalakaro ko kam dene wale gaddar ke idiot fan pehle ye to bata ki vimal ki sponsorship Karne ke liye ghar kitte me girwi rakhe hai kajol ke paiso ka manipulate karta hai calculator se or hn akki to jo karta hai khula karta hai vimal jaisa stand change nhi karta mujhe malum hai tere pass Canada ke alawa kehne ko kuch nhi hai kyoki aisa kuch h hi nhi jo akki ne galat kiya hai wo Indian hi hai or rahega par vimal jaisa paltu koi nhi hai akki ne khula criticize Kiya pak ka par vimal ne Pakistani se gana gawaya jhuta vimal calculator vimal or kajol ke paiso se age badhne wala vimal sharm ki bat hai patni ki film zyada kama gyi vimal se or superstar kehta hai huh ja pehle papa shetty ke vimal 100 crore de phir bat karna akki to 3 directors ko unki 100 1st crore grosser de chala hai vimal ka bank balance without shetty 0 and vimal stardom=0 shame shame gaddar

  14. Hameed you are stupid and all are stupid because you are not discussing akshay sir film it is a battle film no body talk that only bakwaas

  15. They should cast diljit Dosanjh or some other youngsters with akshay. Hope, they will make epic movie with budget around 150 crore.
    Akshay - Kesari&2.0
    Aamir - TOH
    Salman- race3& TZH
    Ajay - taanaji
    Hrithik- krrish & yrf movie
    Hope srk will announce his biggie soon. Want to see srk with bhansali& hirani
    Look like Bollywood is back on track.

  16. Can akshay do 200cr with this big budget film.
    Ha ha ha dream dream Akshay sirf dream me karega.
    2.0 south hindi dubbed still hindi version will not cross or even touch 200cr.
    150cr also tough task for 2.0 in hindi version.
    Akshay look in 2.0 is look like comic villein.
    so many hollywood film came before with robot and akshay worst look.
    Akshay look like Shaktiman villein go and check so many villein have same look in shaktiman .

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