Akshay Kumar in Divya Khosla Kumar's next

Akshay Kumar is all set to star in Divya Khosla Kumar's next directional. The film is likely to go on floors later this year.

T-Series head Bhushan Kumar has confirmed the news. “Akshay will also be a part of my wife Divya Khosla Kumar’s next directorial. Divya has been working on her script. While Akshay has liked the structure and zone of the film, Divya wanted to work more on it. She is in no hurry and given that Akshay is a superstar, she doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned in giving him the best script. She wants to take more time to develop it to her complete satisfaction, after which they will start shooting the film,” he told to Mumbai Mirror.

He also talked about Mogul which also stars Akshay Kumar. “To make my father’s biopic is an extremely emotional feeling for me. It’s not just a film. My father is my guiding force in life and this film is my tribute to him. Akshay in the role of my father was my first choice. When I took the film to him, he not only said yes immediately, but also never discussed the remuneration. Just like me, he loves his father too and being a part of Mogul was an emotional decision for him.”

Divya Khosla Kumar has earlier directed Yaariyaan and Sanam Re.

24 comments on “Akshay Kumar in Divya Khosla Kumar's next”

  1. It means
    No.Of Films Of (AAMIR+SALMAN+SRK+HRITHIK+ AJAY+VARUN+RANBIR+RANVEER+ SHAHID+Arjun+Siddharth+Sushant) *2=Akshays Films till 2020.

  2. Akshay kumar aadmi hai ya machine! Itni saari films itne kam time mai. He is surely the most hard working if not the best actor.
    Akshay 4+4 = 8 films in 2 yrs
    Aamir only 1 film in 2 yrs.

  3. Divya Khosla?! This is another proof that Akshay's no 1 priority is money. Keep signing films left right and center. No matter how good a script is if the actor doesnt take time to help perfect the product and prepare well it will always end up looking like an average product.

  4. Though I don't like her ,but akki sir ne movie choose ki hai toh acchi hogi

  5. Akki box-office ko motion me rakhta .great actor box-office ko akki ki jarurat hai.salman Khan, amir Khan ,srk,akki.are our true legend .four pillires of Bollywood.dangal and bb both are great movie

  6. Agar Akki ne ha bola hai to movie aachi hi hogi aur director ka tension mat lo tinu Desai flop actor Akki made him,sajid khan flop director Akki made him no one knows raja memon before Airlift but because of Akki Airlift become successful and he becomes popular

  7. it will be flop ,@utsav agar akki sabko bnata h too star directors ko ,90's me kyu kisi ko bnaya nahi all disaster movies diya akki ne aur bhai kisi ko bhi ye smamjh me aata h ki script acchi h too movie bhi chalta h ,airlift rustam sab acchi scripts the too hit hua akki se hi nahi ,actors ka bas hardwork ,dedication honi chaiye bas bt ye akki me h hi nhi isiliye saal me 4 -4 movies karta h ,kabhi khans jaise dedication hota too ab no.1 too hota ,kabhi body build nhi kiya ,hairstyle chnge nhi hua ,kabhi diffrent role nhi kiya ,kabhi big franchise me hero nhi bna ,kabhi historic film nahi bnaya pura faltu actor h akki

    1. 1: 90's-2000's-201x's .. itne timeframe mai aadmi grow nahi karta ya experience nahi milta use kya? Does he static in the decisions that he makes ? Matlab ki kuch bhi ..

      2: Hairstyle change: Roboto 2.0, Jaaneman, Action Replayy, Blue etc. .. kaafi hai ya aur ginau ? Body build karne ki zaroorat kyu hai? .. Strippers earn money by showing off their body, not actors.

      3: Different role: From a top tier actor like Salman to the young blood, Varun, all have said that Akshay is the most versatile in his current form and bringing the newest and freshest roles to the Indian audience. Enough said.

      4: Big Franchise: Khiladi series , Housefull, Hera Pheri etc. kya hai ? Either they exist in a parallel dimension or you are an extraterrestrial(alien) since you don't remember them. Salman has one - Dabangg, SRK has one - Don (although the first was a remake), and Aamir has one- Dhoom 3, but he was not a constant and the Dhoom brand was huge.

      Bolne ke liye kuch bhi mat bol do yaar. The comments on here have this constant problem. All the actors put in a lot of effort so please respect them. If not, atleast respect their work.

      1. You are an idiot if you think making 4 movies a year and maintaining a routine does not require hard work and dedication.

        And no doubt, that Airlift and Rustom were good scripts but if you say that sirf scripts ki wajah se hit hue aur Akki tha isiliye nahi to fir main dono movies mai Harman Baweja ya Tushaar Kapoor ko daal du, to same BO collection honge, right?

        Kaha kaha se aa jaate hai muh utha ke pata nahi.

  8. aur ha ye bas paise kamane ko dekhta h pehle ,paise kamake canada me settle hojaega kamina deshdrohi yehan ss kamana ,aur canadian rehna

  9. people who is saying akki flop but they watch hera pheri,omg,bhul bhulaiya,welcome,bhagambhag,housefull2 again and again I have one such frnd.

  10. lol @coexist koi paida hote hi superstar banke hota h kya jisme talent hota chance milta whi hota agar harman bawja aur tushar kapoor k paas akki jitna talent nahi h tb too nhi hue jo v talented actors airleft aur rustom acting kartr too hit hi hota thoda logic se socho bhai ,stupid jaisd maine jo kaha h thik se smjho ,aur akki k franchise k bare bol rha h is sab movies ko koi big franchise kehte h ? khiladi series me do movies flop h bhai ,aur hera pheri bhi ek average movie h pehle samjho bog franchise kpn sa h fir baat karo ok,aur 10 saal chaiye kya improve hone kisi ko ye koi hasta h bhai competition aisa h k ek year pura flop hua bhi bekar h ,learn from khans they used n showed their talents in early days ,aur kaisa hairstyle chnge kiya akkin ne wo sab v flop movies h lol aur 2.0 too hairstyle nahin balki puri look alg kyu ki wo movie me scientist h aur salman varun kehte versatile nhi ban jata h ,bas comedy suit hota h akki pr lol bolne k liye kuch bhi bol skte h par tum jo sab log ne nhi accept kiya h wo sab bol rha h jara logic duniya me aajao bhai aur ,main jo respect dusro ko dete h unhe deta hu jo nhi dete h unhe nhi give respect take respect so ur respecting others so i respect u thats it

    1. Is sab movies ko big franchise kehte hain ? Arre bhai to aur kaunsi 'big franchises' hai B-wood main? Dhoom, Golmaal Krissh aur Dabangg ? A franchise is a franchise irrespective of the BO or the flop/hit status of the individual movies. This definition is directly from google: A film series (also referred to as a film franchise) is a collection of related films in succession that share the same fictional universe, or are marketed as a series. Does it mention the BO status of the movie anywhere? But if you are so adamant on measuring a franchise with respect to it's BO collection or status, then by that standard Tanu Weds Manu is the biggest franchise in Bollywood. (You lost all credibility when you say Hera Pheri is an average movie btw. .. like seriously?)
      Every actor has had a bad phase be it Salman, SRK, Aamir, Hrithik etc. (ongoing) so haan improve hone ke liye 10 kya 20 saal bhi ho sakte hai ( as they say .. better late than never).

      What is your obsession in comparing everything with the fate of it's BO status? Cant you see it does not matter in the end as the actor is still bringing something new to the table. For example: SRK did Ra-One and Fan, and irrespective of their BO status and the criticism they received, he still brought something new to the audience. An actor alone does not fail a movie or make it successful. It is everything from the script to the director to the songs etc. And you made my point when you said ki sirf hairstyle nahi, pura look change kiya hai. On that note, in a single year .. a superstar venturing into the South industry for the first time and that too in a negative role, acting as a Lucknow lawyer , acting in a satire based on cleanliness and doing a biopic on a man who makes low cost sanitary pads.. Isn't that the definition of versatility?!

  11. aur historic film too kabhi bna paya akki ne lol all other top heros did historic movies

    1. But why do you want to measure an actor's capabilities by the historic movie yardstick or for that matter any genre? Why this fixation on historic movie? Does it mean anything? Because if so, each and every actor in Bollywood (and even Hollywood) has not done one kind of movie or another. Hrithik has not done comedy, Aamir has not done sci-fi etc. Does that mean they are lesser actors or human beings? The answer is no.

  12. lol @coexist tu kitna bhi likho lambi comments utni akki nhi ja paega ,aur lol first bollywood actor nahin h akki south me ise pehle srk amitabh sbne appearance kiya ,aur u know akki made one kannada movie also in 90's ,talk with known fact nt like dis stupidity ,aur flop movies koi bda bnakr keh rha h flop too isiliye hota h log pasand nahin karte h too logo k opeinion hi imp h na ,franchise aur big franchise me diffrence h sequels isiliye banta h jo duniya me famous hui h tb el sequels bhi flop nhi hoga like ,krish ,dhoom,n gholmal ,n historic movies ko kyu puch rha h tu educated h too samjhta h hostoric movies kyu bnate h aur usme acting karne ko kitni dum honi chaiyr ye akki me nahin h bhai tu jal le kitna jalta h mai bhi dekhunga kitna bhi jalo fact tol fact h,nd hritik done comedy also bro n amir hritik srk sallu all r did historical movies thats their huge capacity

    1. Dude .. Just two short and sweet things: Jal to main dur dur tak nahi raha because I am not partial to any one actor (you should have gotten that from my name), just want them all to act well. If Akshay does bad acting in a bad movie, shame on him just like for SRK, SK, AK, Hrithik etc if they act bad.

      Second, if you say historic movies mai acting karne ke liye bahot dum hona chahiye, then I pity your knowledge about acting and therefore conclude that I might have just wasted my time debating with someone inept. Peace out.

  13. @coexist sab aap jaise rehte too pblm nahin tha jab apne favourate ko kuch kuch gnda bolte rehte too ham bhi chup chap baith nahi sakte h agar aap in sabko thik kar skte too tab maanunga ,tab mai bhi kuch nahin bolunga kisi ko ,aur historic epic me acting karne ko dum dum hona chaiye matlb dedication itni hoti h usme ,jo apna jamana nahi h uska acting karna padta h tujhe ye easy lagta too tere knowledge ko hi sawal puch le sahi samjha h ki nahin ,i respect all actors n actress bt i dnt respect those who hate other favourate stars ,take respect give respect thats my policy yehan mai bolte hi koi down nhi hojaega jo bolte h dusre wo bhi bolte koi down nahin hoga sab apna sthan me h mehnt se ,sab logo ko bas ek din me samjh sakte ho? nahi h na too bina samjhe bol bhi mat mere bare me,mai tujhe nahin kej rha hu kuch ,bas jo h gnde unhe bol rha hu

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