Akshay Kumar announces his new film Crack releasing 15 Aug 2017

Akshay Kumar has announced his upcoming project titled as Crack. The film will be made by Neeraj Pandey and will release on Independence Day Weekend 2017.

Akshay made the announcement on Twitter and also shared the first poster. He wrote,

"Friends, I'm happy to share with you that after Special 26 and Baby, in 2017, I'm collaborating with Neeraj Pandey once again!

This time,we come together for 'CRACK' - A Neeraj Pandey film. Releases Independence Day weekend 2017. Need your love"


13 comments on “Akshay Kumar announces his new film Crack releasing 15 Aug 2017”

  1. Wow made my day...First RUSTOM'S HUMONGOUS success and now this movie with NEERAJ PANDEY

  2. Superb it will be another classic movie by Akshay and Neeraj

  3. हर Strom एक रोष है ..... हर क्रोध में एक कहानी है..........the lines will pull the masses.

  4. Nic poster but
    Akshay b holiday p he movie release krta h jaise 26 jan n 15 aug
    Khans ka edx h toh akshay ka 15aug n 26jan h....
    But nic poster

  5. it seems akshays 2006-07 days is back now, 200cr. then 300cr is not any far from here

  6. Akshay Kumar is a good actor. Better than Aamir and SRK. All Salman Fans love Khiladi Kumar. This movie will be surely as awesome as Rustom.

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