Ajay Devgn to play a warrior in big budget film Taanaji

Ajay Devgn has announced yet another big film. The actor will be seen playing a warrior in the film titled as Taanaji The Unsung Warrior.

The film is based on the life of warrior Subedar Taanaji Malusare. It will be directed by Om Raut and produced by Ajay Devgn in association with Viacom18 Movies, Water Gate Production and Dashami Studioz. The film is expected to release on Diwali 2019.

Ajay Devgn took to Twitter to make the announcement. He wrote, "He fought for his People, his Soil & his King Chhatrapati Shivaji. The unsung warrior of glorious Indian history, Subedar Taanaji Malusare."


45 comments on “Ajay Devgn to play a warrior in big budget film Taanaji”

    1. Release it on Christmas 2018
      And Srk se badla poora kar Le ajay
      Jthj has earned more than sos now taanaji can beat easily dwarf

  1. Awesome , amazing chatrapati shivaji maharaj ki jai . Tanaji malusure Gad aala pan sinh gela aisa shivaji maharaj ne kaha tha Jiske mooh se chatrapti shivaji maharaj ki jai bloega wohasli Maharashtrian hai zabardast . Jai Maharashtra . Please post this .

  2. As usual with Ajay it's a very promising but the result will disappoint big time. He doesn't have the star power to be in big budget films.

  3. Marathi warriors were like bandits for us northern people..always hated those bastards ...all rao family..and still marathians are hell bent on dividing people on base of place of birth..see the way UP wla are treated in Maharashtra..same goes with biharis and Kannads

  4. Oh come on SRK you also do a big scale action movie. Not a multiplex film like Don-3(which families dont watch) but a universally appealing film. Do a war film. All others are doing that. A film which shows you in larger than life personality-like TZH, Battle of Saranghai and this one.

  5. Want to see SRK playing a warrior. Ashoka was ahead of its time and not very well made. Would be more excited to see him as a "warrior" than a "dwarf". Core fan bases and masses like stars in larger-than-life roles. Hope rumors of Aaditya Chopra making a war film comes true.

  6. Big game player Ajay Devgn. Lots of youngsters in the industry but still Bollywood belongs to 6 Superstars the rest like Ranveer Ranbir Varun generation should look at Salman Aamir Srk Akki Ajay and may be Hrithik consistency for over 26 years!!

  7. Ajay Devgn is really choosing universal scripts-Golmal3, Baadshao, Taanaji, BOS. Few actors are doing Imtiyaz Ali urban rom-coms. Wake up SRK sir.
    Salman-Fantastic lineup. Aamir-TOH. Akki-Gold, Battle story.
    SRK has a poor line up. JHMS wont work. Plus Dwarf film will not interest many people. Audience have changed after Baahubali. Even TL didnt work. They want their superstars to play themselves as mega-alpha male heroes. So movies like Tubelight, MNIK didn't do good. But wait and watch for TZH it will do huge, because Salman is playing the alpha male character.
    Salman is going Rajnikant, Amitabh way. So are Ajay, Akki and Aamir(Aamir is already Amitabh). SRK is going Kamal Hassan, Rajesh Khanna way.

      1. @NN

        rat din TV pr aake b , Amitabh etne saalo ki fan following k bavjud 150 crore nhi kma ska...

        jb Aamir , amitabh ki Age ka hoga.....

        tb 5000 crore kmayegi , aamir ki movie

  8. I remember watching HAHK with my friend in 1994.

    He said " Kya ye Salman kinnaro ki tarah poori movie me aurato ke beech naach rha hai. Kutta jyada role karr raha hai iss Joker sai.

  9. Mostly 2019 diwali is not free we will expect suraj barajtya and rajshri production film.so ajay devgan declare 2 years early release date.
    Rajeshri film definitely release on 2019 diwali actor we don't know may be Salman Khan .if the film based on young generation it will be shahid or ranveer or ranbir.
    Ajay devgan be careful.

  10. ek bahubali kya hit hogaya.. ab sabko warrior banna hai... pheww :(..
    Ajays list of followups..
    Dabangg- singham
    singh is king - son of sardaar..
    Bahubali - tannaaji

  11. @ bollyarena team please delete @ nexus comment as soon as possible its disgusting comment using bastered word . Please don't permission use slang . Request . And delete my comment after that .

  12. Ajay to best h ,

    pr fir vhi WAR scene , jisme hazaro Tir aakash se bataste h ,

    fir b , koi body ko nhi chu pata?....

    log to jinki Histry 1 page ki b nhi h ,

    un par PADMAVATI or JODHA-AKBAR bna dalti h ,

    yha tk un serial b bn jate h????????

    AAMIR b chahta , to Mangal-pandey me khub Masala dal skta tha , use duniya ka sbse bda desh bhakt bna skta tha ,....

    but Aamir to Amir h

  13. @ roric , abe idiot JTHJ was 1st announced for diwali 2012.but this Flop devgan came also to that date to get publicity for his film.

      1. @Utsav Rajput. YLJK was a 11 year delayed film, SRK even didnt know the film was releasing. But this guy gave disaster in X-Mas despite coming with proper released films(Toonpur)
        Also SRK had defeated him in 1993 also. Baazigar-Blockbuster(Expected after update), Bedardi-FLOP

        1. Ajay Devgan defeated SRK's baap or god father Yash Chopra twice...first during phool aur kaante and second during son of sardar....SRK is yrf,dharma and media made....SRK's acting is nothing infront of Best actor of Bollywood Ajay sir

          1. U keep being happy with Kala Kauwa's acting. Acting to theatre waale bhi karte hai. Pardesh ke footfalls cross nahi hotai or baat karne aate hai
            SRK without YRF
            -1 ATBB
            -3 HGOTY
            -6 record openers
            -5 movies above 2cr footfalls

            Jaa kale kauwe ke fan

            And SOS won the clash in your dream.

            1. Don't worry this year Ajay sir will thrash SRK in box office collections...it will b tight slap for you....SRK gave big Blockbusters only because YRF,dharma,rohit....let's c howmuch he will give with imtiyaz... whether it will b blockbuster r hgoty r atbb...this movie shows he real status

              1. Bhaag be kale kauwe
                Tujh jese sadak chaap bhikariyo ka muh nahi lagta mai

                Aainda se mention me matt aana

                SRK to selfmade star hai. Tera wo Vimal keshari ka baap Bollywood se tha, barna do kaudi ka kala kauwa abhi ricksa chala raha hota

                SRK without them gave- karan arjun/deewan/kkhh/k3g/devdas

                aur hgoty hota kya hai pata bhi hai

                haa ek chij hai

                kala kouwa salman se bada crowdpuller tha 90s mai

                1. Abe gadhe hakla sirf top production company ke saath hi diya hai blockbuster..let's chat this time with imtiyaz...SRK is chuha infront of Salman's stardom and Ajay sirs acting

                  1. @Ajay Lallu fan that's why salman failed to beat chuha' s record despite getting solo eid release and chuha's movie raees faced clash from kaabil on non holiday and it also received mixed reviews. Get a life. Salman is chuha in front of srk's global megastardom. Only aamir and srk are biggest global megastars. Salman is tiny rat in front of aamir and srk's global fan following. Local actor ke bhikhari fan soch samaj ke baat kar.

  14. Fantastic!!
    This movie will rock d boxoffice in maharashtra same like bajirao.

    Tanaaji will easily beat Bajirao if it directed very well.

    "Gad Ala Pan Sinh Gela"

  15. When ur selling power is limited but keep doing big budget films then i wonder if u believe in reality check

  16. YRF before working with SRK

    Dharma didnt have a single clean hit in 90s before working with SRK. DDLJ and KKHH were with debut director. Samjhe Kale Kauwe ke fan or Rickshawala lallu ke chaatuwa

      1. Wo bahut pehle thaa. And silsilaa was not blockbuster. wo pic flop hui thi lekin baad mai cult hogai like Andaaz apna apna. 80s ke baad sirf ek hit tha unka chandani

  17. waise bhi itna kala hai ye koyla upar se black background wala poster. chehera najar nahi aaraha

    1. All idiots here if you have problem with Ajay Devgn i dont think exposing your frustration in an awkward manner with racist chants will help you and your image over here. Such a shame these Srk fans are so insecured with Ajay even us his fans dont say bad things to Srk but his fans?? Pure idiots!!

  18. Good job Sayar. Kala Kauwa gives record number of disasters , still his ekka dukka fan talks about stardom and acting...!!!

  19. @ ajay Salman fan, Ajay defeated SRK ? As per BOI Jthj nett collection - 101 crore
    SOS - 88 crores
    So , 88 > 101 crore.kis school me padha .
    Bhaag yaha se 150 crore ki aukaat nai and expecting Taana to do 300 crore.tere sapne me !

  20. @Dishonest Joker- Whether it's opening or lifetime, no where is your Gangu Teli sallu ahead of SRK in any department. Most importantly Gangu Teli sallu had Extremely shameful phases in his career which SRK never had even given the fact that SRK never played Larger Than Life Action Hero in his entire career, even CE which had action, was a common man role. And what blockbusters do you bark about..?? Even after starring in so many Multistarres he has only 1/2 blockbusters more than SRK in spite of Debuting 4 years before SRK.

    Let's see overall career:
    1993— SRK> sallu
    1994- sallu> SRK (due to Madhuri's favour)
    1995-SRK> sallu
    1996—SRK> sallu( Jeet isn't Gangu Teli's film. Chahat>Khamoshi)
    1997—SRK> sallu
    1998—SRK> sallu
    2001—SRK> sallu
    2002—SRK> sallu
    2003—SRK> sallu
    2004—-SRK> sallu
    2005—sallu> SRK(Maine Pyar kyu kia> paheli. No Entry isn't Gangu teli's film)
    2006—-SRK> sallu
    2007—-SRK> sallu
    2008—-SRK> sallu
    2009—-Gangu Teli sallu 1 superhit and 2 Disasters>SRK absent
    2010—-sallu >SRK
    2011—-sallu> SRK
    2012—sallu> SRK
    2013—SRK> sallu(absent)
    2017- sallu> SRK
    So in 26 years 15 times SRK>>>11 times Gangu Teli sallu.

    This is THE OPENING.
    1992----KING KHAN> sallu
    1993----KING KHAN> sallu
    1994----KING KHAN> sallu
    1995----KING KHAN> sallu
    1996----SRK> sallu (Jeet isn't Gangu Teli's film. Chahat opening> other Gangu Teli's film)
    1997----KING KHAN> sallu
    1998----KING KHAN> sallu
    1999---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2000----sallu>King Khan
    2001----KING KHAN> sallu
    2002----KING KHAN> sallu
    2003----KING KHAN> sallu
    2004----KING KHAN> sallu
    2005---- sallu> KING KHAN
    2006----KING KHAN> sallu
    2007----KING KHAN> sallu
    2008----KING KHAN> sallu
    2009---- sallu> King Khan(absent)
    2010---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2011---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2012---- sallu>KING KHAN
    2013----SRK> sallu (absent)
    2014---- King Khan>sallu.
    2015---- sallu> KING KHAN
    2016-- sallu>SRK
    2017- sallu>SRK(as he has Christmas and Eid)
    So in 26 years SRK 16 times >>>> sallu 10 times.
    Let's look at other achievments of Gangu Teli:

    Number of flops sallu =2* SRK's flops
    Number of Disasters of sallu= 3* SRK's Disasters( Let BOI update whole 90's, the number of flops and Disasters will increase for sallu)
    According to BOI: Success Ratio of SRK>>>>>success ratio of sallu(huge difference)
    HIt Ratio of SRK>>>>> Hit ratio of sallu(Huge difference)
    Blockbuster Ratio of SRK>Blockbuster Ratio of sallu(small difference)
    Sallu's achievement in Clash:

    In 1990s sallu lost these clashes
    -Biwi ho to aisi vs sone pe suhaaga(madhuri)
    -Kurbaan vs 100 days-Suryabanshi vs Panaah(nasserudheen shah)
    -Nischai vs Julm ki Hukumat(govinda)
    -Dil tera aashiq vs ek hi raasta
    -Chandramukhi vs Ek hi Raasta(Ajay)
    -Chand ka tukdaa vs Naaraj
    -Sangdil sanam vs HHB(akki)
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -Agni sakshi vs Yeh Majhdar(nan patekar)
    -Auzaar vs Juddai(anil kapoor)
    -Probably Chamatkar vs Jaagruti(Though not updated but as per IBOS) in 90s clash-1992

    In last decade
    -Phir milenge vs Dhoom(uday chopra)
    -SKPGY vs Anthony kaun hai(arshad warsi)
    -Don vs Jaaneman(SRK)
    -MAMK vs Blue vs All the best
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -marigold vs buddha margaya(Rakhi sawant,)
    -God tussi great ho vs bachna ae haseeno(Ranbir kapoor)

    Indeed SRK in his lifetime can't surpass this achievements and records. That's the fate of SRK, cause sallu has indeed contributed in the history of Flops, Disasters and Clash Defeats. ??

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