Ajay Devgn strongly supports the ban on Pakistani actors

The controversy regarding the ban on Pakistani actors is dividing the Bollywood. While Salman Khan supported the Pak actors working in India, Nana Patekar slammed those who were supporting. Recently, even Ajay Devgn spoke up about the matter and his statement was pretty strong in favour of the ban.

Ajay was asked during an interview about the boycott of Pakistani actors and he said, “You can’t clap with one hand. Talks have been going on. You keep talking to people but then they come kill you. How can you still continue a dialogue? I want to see you getting into a fight with somebody and after he gives you a tight slap on your face, let’s have a talk. What will your reaction be instantly to retaliate or talk?” We totally agree with you. Now is not the time to forward our left cheek if we get slapped on our right. It’s time show them what India can do. 

When asked if he intends to work with Pakistani actors, Ajay said, “Not at the moment.” He further added, “Country comes before money. If the country breaks into mess what will we do with the money.”

Initially, there were reports that there is a Pakistani actor in Shivaay which the actor rubbished completely. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association have demanded a ban on Pakistani artistes working in India. Ajay Devgn's Shivaay will clash with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which features Fawad Khan.

Yesterday Akshay Kumar also shared an emotional message saying that A jawan at the border doesn’t care what’s happening to movies.

24 comments on “Ajay Devgn strongly supports the ban on Pakistani actors”

    1. Sahi bola Bhai....aur ajay bhi jaanta hai ki positive bolo to uski movie bahut chalegi aur jiske karan adhm ko problem hoga because the movie is having fawad-- a pak actor....

  1. Very well said by Akshay Kumar.Perfect reply.Now the bhakts might learn something.These hypocrites are more concerned about banning artists and some are asking the proof of surgical strike.Shame on them.

  2. Such a shame to see Ajay using this controversy to promote his film... I think Akshay is one of the only actors who delivered a genuine speech, well done to him !


  4. @raj 2.0- rascal ajay sir is true indian and whatever he is telling its correct...we all must ban pakistanis

  5. akshay u nailed it.
    such a great speech deliverd by akshay kumar.

    and so much shame on ajay devgan

  6. Akshay is a Canadian and in India there is no law for dual citizenship. In India, he is just a cardholder of Overseas Indian Citizenship.
    Even Akshay took Canadian citizenship and gave up his Indian Citizenship for sake of money. Akshay Kumar chose Canada over India so that he can open his hotel business in Canada and make money after retirement from Bollywood.
    making some nationalist movies and posting such video of nationalism does not make you a patriot. Nationalism should be in your work and not your words. and the reality is Akshay choose Canada over India for money.
    paisa kamaaya hindustan mein aur ab apne faayde ke liye usi paise ko invest karoge Canada mein. karz chukana ya eshaan maan na toh door ki baat hai. yaha toh bas speech dekar logo ko bewakoof bnane aata hai Akshay Kumar.
    Dogla Saala.

    1. Well, aren't you the one to talk?

      You said, "Nationalism should be in your work and not your words." Do you see him contributing in any way to the Canadian economy? Pray tell me, what work has Akshay done in Canada except maybe a lone Speedy Singhs. The only reason he acquired Canadian citizenship, and I might be wrong here, is to secure the future of his kids. On the other hand, he infuses money into the Indian economy on a daily basis, providing work to the Indian people who work on his movies. If you are talking about investments, let me tell you that most of the Bollywood superstars have overseas properties and accounts, even offshore accounts that were leaked in the Panama Papers. Becoming a citizen of another country does not automatically wash away your nationality, your heritage and your upbringing.

      But above all else, and this is important, he has time and again donated money, without seeking the fame that goes with it, to the drought hit farmer's families in Maharashtra. He donated money to the families of jawans killes in the Uri attacks, when there was no precedent to do so. Does that count as work or words in your blatantly prejudiced dictionary? I could point out a lot more, but futility will dominate
      So, bite your words, will ya?

    2. no one of them has left his own country for sake of money except Akshay Kumar. SRK ne bhi Dubai mein property kahridi hai lekin uske paanv aaj hindstan mein tike hain.
      Akshay Kumar ne paisa yaha kamaaya hai, India mein. Akshay ko bhi pata hai ki after 2-3 years baad uska bollywood career as a lead hero khatam ho jayega. ye baat SRK, Salman aur Aamir pe bhi apply hoti hai. lekin SRK, Salman aur Aamir jaise actors jyada paiso ke laalach mein Indian Citizenship chhod ke kisi aur deshh mein nahi jaayenge. yaha reh kar side hero ya uncle waale role karke kam paiso mein kaam chala lenge. kyunki isi country ne name aur fame diya hai.
      what Akshay is doing is like aam choosa, fenk diya aur dusra aam utha liya. Speedy Singh bina canadian citizenship ke bhi ban jaati hai. SRK ki film bhi bahr shoot hoti hai. lekin bada business karne aur land property kharidne ke liye Citizenship leni padti hai. Akshay chahta toh yaha india mein bhi business shuru kar sakta tha agar usey apne bacho ke future ki chinta hoti to. lekin usey paisa chahiye aur paisa canada mein hai jyada.

      1. Yaar bhai, you have so many contradicting therories in your statement.
        Answer me these questions:
        - When you say left the country and paanv tike hai, do you categorize it as physically? Except a book with 30 some pages called a passport, Akshay is still in India with body, mind, soul.
        - The point about Speedy Singh is not that it was made with or without a passport. I was saying, on a monetary basis, it was the only Akshay movie that helped the Candian economy more than the Indian economy. Understood?
        - You are absolutely wrong when you say that 'bada business aur property kharidne ke liye Citizenship chahiye'. That is not the case. Canada allows even a non-citizen to start up big businesses or buy nig properties.
        Please read these as proof:

        And if you believe that, then how does SRK have a property in Dubai? Is he a citizen there? Magic?

        Prashant also raises a good point as to why Amir(or his wife) said India was intolerant, Salman does not uphold judicial laws of India, and SRK remains quiet when it comes to Pakistan.

        A jaundiced man will always see yellow. Please, dont be that guy. Read it rationally and not partially.

      1. Indian nahi raha? How the hell do you define 'Indian nahi raha'? Does a piece of paper kill your identity? Does a child who is adopted have no right or feelings over his biological mother? Agar ek kagaz ke tukde se koi swadeshi ya videshi ho jaata hai, to kyu aaj bhi Sonia Gandhi aur uske parivaar ko aam junta outsiders maan ti hai? Aur yaar, SRK ki 2 movies, Phir bhi Dil hai Hindustani aur Swades iss baat ka saboot nahi hai? Aur dual citizenship ya OCI naamak bhi ek vaastu hoti hai!

        Deshbhakti kagaaz ke saboot se nahi par dil ke sandook se spasht hoti hai.

      2. @ salman ka fan Ms Sonia Gandhi has dual citizenship Italy & Indian would it make difference ? Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi earning money in India & investing their money u have no problem . First Congress should teach lesson them & cancels Visa of both . Gandhi family settle in Italy not here .

  7. i salute SRK, Aamir and Salman jo Akshay se jyada fame aur success hone ke baad bhi indian citizenship chhod ke nahi gaye apne personal faayde ke liye. jis desh mein khaya usi ka naam roshan kiya hai teeno ne.
    i salute SRK jo abhi tak indian citizen hai aur poore world mein India ka naam roshan kiya aur paiso ke liye India ko nahi chhoda.
    Akshay Kumar, you are just a fake and opportunist. SRK, Salman and Aamir are great.

    1. Wah!! Kya soch h teri...us din kaha gya tha tu jab Amir bola ki is desh me meri family secure nhi h....yaha controversi h.....aur us din kaha tha tu jab salman rape victim ka majak banata h pakistan ke Actor ko support karta h aur Srk wo sala jab dekho yahi bolta rhta h yaha rhna muskil pakistaniyo ko suport krta h.....tab nhi dikhi di tujhe desh bhakti.....isi desh ka kha rhe h ye log aur isi ko blame kar rhe h

  8. Wah!! Kya soch h teri....us din kaha tha tu jab amir bola meri family is desh me safe nhi h....us din kaha tha tu jab salman rape victim ka majak udata h aur pakistan actor ko suport karta h....aur ye Srk to sabse bada wala isko india ke logo ka pyar hazam nhi hota....jab dekho jab india ke liye khrab bolta hi h.....bada aaya Salman ka fan....nationality indian hone se kuch nhi hota dil me bhi india hona chahiye......Har saheed ke liye 5 lakh liye diye hai usne aur isse pahle bhi help ki h AKSHAY ne.....salman ke baap ne diye ki Amir ne......chal kaam kar apna

    1. not Aamir but Aamir’s wife said this to Aamir. in just second line after this statement Aamir said that it was a disastrous statement by Kiran.
      lekin phir bhi kiran rao bhi apni jagah sahi thi. jab sirf beef ke rumour pe (not sure whether it was beef or not it was only a rumour at time) ek innocent muslim ki jaan leli jaati hai lekin jab hindu log kerala aur north east mein beef khate hai us par koi sawaal nahi uthata.
      lekin uski death ke baad kya hua? intellectuals ne award wapas diye, sabhi political parties ne condemn kiya lekin kya BJP ne Akhlaq ki killing ko condemn kiya?? nahi kiya that means govt. was with these murderers. is se har musalman ko darr lagega ki kal ko koi bhi beef ka rumour fela dega aur ek bheed aakar usey maar degi.
      uske baad inhone target kiya dalits ko. lekin jab dalits ka outrage jyada hua aur UP election bhi aane wale hain to PM Modi ne dalit vote bank ke liye gaurakshaks ko condemn kiya.
      Bahut der kardi PM Modi ne condemn karne mein. agar usi waqt condemn kiya hota aur musalmano ko security ka vishwas dilaya hota toh shayd Aamir ki wife bhi ye statement na deti.
      ab tu kaam pe lagg.

      1. Salman aur Srk par safai nhi di tune.....sabse jada succes h ye log fir v isi ke against bolte h......AKSHAY inke barabar succes nhi fir v dekho kitna kuch karta h desh ke liye...,ye teeno khan ko bas muh chlana aata h......

      2. Lol perfect to @ salman fan this Pakistani like khan always support paki they have not emotionally attached with Indian they making fool to India kya bharosa kal Pakistan chale jaye paisa lutke jaaye . Aamir wife was feeling insecure in India when she was married with him that time why she wasn't feel that aamir did marriage two times kya bharosa kal use chodke chauthi shaadi karle . About srk he said mein Pakistan Jana chahta hoon kuch din ke liye what about them .

        1. Right bro.....ye saale khan isi desh ka namak khate h aur yahi jahar ugalte h.....ye salman to naa jaane kya smjhta hpne aap ko....uske fans ne use apna baap bana liya h wo kuch bhi kare ya kahe inhe sab jayaj hi lgta h...,bhai bhai bolte rahte h...,rape victim par majak, kala hiran sikar, drive karte huye logo ko maar dala aur naa jaane kite kaand kiye h isne fir v is SALMAN KA FAN aur other fans ko wo great lgta h......aur AKSHAY par ko dogula bolta h jo is desh ke liye humesha kuch naa kuch karta h...,kabhi garibo ki help to kabhi sena ke saheed logo ki family ko help......ye khan kitna bhi kama le par AKSHAY ke aage zero hi h....

  9. Am having a feeling more makkians are not comfortable if Shivaay becomes successful.
    As an Indian what Ajay says is correct. How long dialogue dialogue when our people are being killed. Those saying why he did not say this when Aamir said he was leaving is because Ajay knows how media act sometimes and besides its Aamir wish ,did Aamir kill 17 soldiers? Bloody scary cats.

  10. Ajay Devgan ki shivaay movie a rahi hai so movie ko hit krwane ke liye usne Pakistani artists pr ban lagane ko sehi kaha yehi Ajay Devgan he hai Jiski wife Kajol Dilwale movie ki promotion ke liye Pakistani programms mein gayi waise Pakistani artists agr itne burrey hai tou indian Actors apni films ki promotion Pakistani channels ke programms mein a kr kiun krtey hai

  11. Indian government should not allowed pakistani in India their film should ban . in Dhoni film fawad khan was cameo but after uri attack Neeraj Pandey deleted scenes of Fawad khan after that film was ready to release karan johar should do same things he should delete his scene & govt give permission to release his film simple .

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