Ajay Devgn and Ranbir Kapoor in Luv Ranjan’s next

After the super success of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, director Luv Ranjan is all set to don the director’s hat once again. This time he is collaborating with Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgn. This will be Ranjan’s first directorial where he won’t be collaborating with Kartik Aaryan.

Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgn have previously worked together in Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti. This will be their second on-screen appearance. Ranbir Kapoor, who is getting a lot of acclaim for the teaser of Sanju, told TOI, “I have immense respect for Ajay sir and I’m excited about sharing the screen with him again. His body of work is inspiring. Luv and I have wanted to work with each other for some time now. I am sure this film will be a perfect start to our association.”

Ajay Devgn, who was last seen in Raj Kumar Gupta’s Raid, said, “Ranbir is an impeccable actor with a great ability to deliver nuanced performances. He is undeniably the most talented actor of his generation. I am looking forward to collaborating with him.”

The shooting of the film will start in 2019.

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    1. You dumbass blind hater people like you are the reason why srk is hated and bashed. In this article no ajay fan has said anything against your shahrukh then why are you unnecessarily bashing him??? Don't forget Raid crossed 100 cr despite the fact that it was niche genre. Your sri also depends on rohit shetty and other big banners so shut up.

  1. Who will take the credit of opening of this film .Ajay without Rohit is yet to cross 12 crore .it's also his highest opening on working day .for opening it will depend on Ranbir .Sanju opening will be double of Raid .

  2. Both ajay and Ranbir looks to be back on track..if he chooses good universal movies. .he will be on top. .except him and ranveer no youngsters can carry big films..though tiger is now very big in action films..yrf's action film, rambo remake, baaghi 3..varun still do not have a big grosser..bt he is consistent than others

  3. top 3 stars according to me each decade in terms of boxoffice achievement and stardom

    boxoffice achievement is judged by combination of things like blockbusters, all time blockbusters, all time grossers, highest grosser of the year, 2 crore and 3 crore footfall films, record opening day and record weekend. the star who tops in most of these things is considered the boxoffice achiever of that decade.

    stardom is only judged by initial pull. biggest star means the star who has the biggest reach among audience and whose market is the biggest.

    i have done it unbiasedly and has not shown partiality to any actor.

    top 3 boxoffice achievers of each decade
    1. shahrukh khan
    2. salman khan
    3. sunny deol
    1. hritik roshan
    2. aamir khan
    3. shahrukh khan
    1. salman khan
    2. aamir khan
    3. ajay dev gun

    so srk was the biggest boxoffice achiever in 90's, hritik roshan in 2000-09 and salman in 2010-17

    top 3 stars each decade( according to stardom. it means the star who is most popular , has the biggest initial pull and the biggest reach among audience. lifetime collections are not important here.)

    1. sunny deol
    2. amitabh bachchan
    3. ajay dev gun


    1. hritik roshan
    2. aamir khan
    3. shahrukh khan


    1. aamir khan
    2. salman khan
    3. shahrukh khan

    so biggest star in terms of popularity and initial pull in last 3 decade are

    90's- sunny deol
    2000-09- hritik roshan
    2010-17- aamir khan

    1. This man honest whatever has to be on drugs, there is no way a sane man will put up comments like that!

      Shah rukh khan is the only superstar we have today who has been in the top 3 and no 1 before this decade!

      So hrthik and aamir have a bigger contriburion to indian cinema from 2000-09 haha bullshit, aamir was too busy with his affairs and hrithik only gave a hit with daddy roshan! Or sequels!

      I know you are a shah rukh khan hater, i gurantee you everyone 90 star will be wiped out of bollywood and srk will still be making movies like bachchan!

      Even when ranveer went paris, he was told yusuf khan (dilip kumar) came then mr bachchan and after SRK they see huge potential in Ranveer!

      At one point even vinod khanna and mithun were bigger than bachchan but we dont give them the biggest star of that time title!

      Haters haters haters!

      1. Vinod khanna was underrated and dis not use media and pr like bachchan but fact is vinod khanna was biggest star in late 70s and mid 80s. Keep your blind hatred to yourself.

  4. Sanju
    Rom com
    Brahmasastra 2
    Brahmasastra 3

    Kya line up ..sb big budget movie except rom com

  5. SRK vs Ajay devgan this decade
    1.Blockbusters :
    SRK - 1
    Ajay - 2
    Result - ajay win
    SRK - 1
    Ajay - 0
    Result - SRK win
    3.Record opening
    SRK - 1
    Ajay - 0
    Result - SRK win
    4.Record weekend
    SRK - 1
    Ajay - 0
    Result- SRK win
    5.2 crore footfall
    SRK - 1
    Ajay - 0
    Result - SRK win
    @ Honest man , SRK have 4- 1 lead over Ajay in above 5 achievements .In 3 other things like ATBB, HGOTY,3 crore footfall both actor's count is 0.so including them doesn't change anything .but SRK have 4- 1 lead over Ajay in above 5 achievements .so how can u tell Ajay is 3rd biggest star this decade .by this year's end SRK will better his record .if Zero become blockbuster then his blockbuster count will equal to Ajay .also there is high chance Zero will cross 2 crore footfall.so SRK is already ahead than Ajay and may better his record with Zero .

  6. Exciting news !!!

    Ajay-Ranbir combo shall be superb.

    I am a bit lost though. One Luv Ranjan-Ajay movie “De De Pyar De” is supposedly releasing this yr with Tabu. So this movie with Ranbir will be second Ajay-Ranjan movie together ?

  7. @Hones man'Could you tell me what Amitabh is doing there in stardom in 90's?
    His bumper openers(Hum and BMCM) were both multistarrers. Throughout 90s he had no big solo opening..

  8. @prashant. ajay has blockbusters with clashes, he has also two 30 crore plus openers like srk but one of them was clash. Actually I have counted Golmal again as a record opener in real value. If those things are considered then srk can be called 3rd biggest boxoffice achiever.

    @sayar. Amitabh had insaniyat as record opener. Hum can also be a record opener. Agneepath probably also opened huge. His another multistarrer hindustan ki kasam was record opener. I can't remember release date of khuda gawah, if it was 90's release that can also open huge.

  9. @Honest man
    All those films you have listed about Amitabh are multistarrer
    Insaniyat had Sunny Deol. BMCM had Govinda..
    So Amitabh can not be counted as a 90s biggie

  10. @Honest man
    LOL You are taking into account clashes for Ajay Devgn this decade then why not SRK for last decade
    OSO, VZ were also clashes. Both were record weekends.
    Mohabbatein was also Blockbuster with nearly 3cr footfalls inspite of clash..
    Mohabbatei is a bigger hit than Ghajini and K3G is as big as 3 idiots

    1. Last decade clash was not a concern because films use to get record screens even with a clash. Films like oso and Don has definitely got biggest screens ever even with clash, that is not possible today. Last decade not only Srk's but many films use to take record opening with clash. Infact two of record openers last decade was released with srk starters, mk and Indian. Gadar was an all time grosser clashing with a hit film. These things are not possible today.

  11. Let’s hope ranbir doesn’t do directors chamcha giri again like he did in rajneeti and get ajay’s Role chopped. Ajay was supposed to be the main character in the film but instead ranbir, manoj, arjun,Katrina and nana have more important roles than ajay.

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