Aiyaary once again preponed to 26 January 2018

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the release schedule of next year. Now Sidharth Malhotra and Neeraj Pandey's Aiyaar has been again preponed to 26 January 2018.

It was actually the original release date of Aiyaary. However, the film was postponed to 9 February 2018 to avoid the clash with Robot 2.0. Later Akshay Kumar also changed the release date of Padman to Republic Day when there were reports that 2.0 will be postponed to 14 April.

Now there will be a clash between Neeraj Pandey's Aiyaary and Akshay Kumar's Padman. Interestingly Neeraj has earlier said that he will never clash with his friend Akshay when 2.0 was releasing on Republic Day. And now he is again clashing but with a smaller film as compared to 2.0. It's all about business. Is'nt it?

Also check out a short teaser from Aiyaar.

49 comments on “Aiyaary once again preponed to 26 January 2018”

    1. Akshay has emerged as New Clash king now so it hardly matters who gonna clash...
      But it could have been better if Padman gets solo release.....
      1. Airlift vs kkhh 3
      2. Rustom vs Mohenjo-Daro
      3. Tepk vs JHMS (preponed by 1 week)
      Akki Rocks ?????

      1. Abe phle apne dadaji jinda hai usko hi hit krwa le, tb akshay ki sochna,,,,,

    2. Padman will be superhit sure like other movies of akshay kumar. Another 100cr club movie. I'm sure everyone will love the true story of padman. 2018 Will be full of big clashes. not surprised.

  1. Akki Kumar (Canadian) Ka Ab Kya Hoga Is Baar BJP K Sare Netao K Pair Pakarna Hoga ?
    Is baar akkii faltu ka deshbhakty karega fiir b bichara 100cr ni kar paega ?
    Wese uski aucad highest pair par k logo k Rss walo ka kutta bankar b 130cr tak ki hi hai ?

    1. TU BHAI.........

      regressed mentality........

      tum jaise logo ka kuch nahi ho sakta.....

      NO WORDS ....

    2. @Aamirian
      Bolna hai toh sallu fans ke khilaf bolo unhone Dangal ke time bahot negativity
      failaye thi.Akshay fans aur Aamir fans ek dusre ko troll nahi karte.

      troll karna hai toh sallu fans ko karo.

      1. Parshya Akshay Pans Fb Pe Hamesha Backchodi Pelte Hai

        And RaHi Baat salman ki to use TZH Baad karunga troll

        Btw tu akkian hai ya aamirian samajh ni ata ?

        #Canadian Ka side na lo chu... canadian use 10Gunah behtar salman hai jo aamir sir ki dangal ka promotion b kiya tha

        Btw I hate both ? I love #Aamir_Sir ? 2nd Srk ?

    3. All Akkian suppors amir but u r hating Akki
      Last warning to u if u start again I will troll u that badly that u HV to leave this site permanently
      Sorry parshya and mahaveer

      1. Abe Akshay fans jaisa dogla koi nahi girgit ki tarah rand badalte ho ..majority Akshay fans Aamir Ko deshdrohi anti hindi Bolte ho or troll bhi krte ho FB pe

      2. @Roric...forget me,even fans of all other stars normally warn their foolish fans not to bash other actors...for once you have never told your foolish "@0.0 İQ" to stop all these thats being selfish!! But if somene bashes your actor you come out and warn?? Warn really? Were you really warning???

        "Charity begins at home"!! İf your home is not safe trust me all these your warnings are void!! İ kept quite for somedays but you still allowing your mad friend to post craps? And warning others? Let him post any unecessary crap again and see...!!

      3. Hahahaha tumhare pass troll karne ko kuch bhi na hai ? canadian Gawar ? #Aamir Banne K Lie akchhay ko 7janam b kam parega chu... bjp ki chat kar 130cr dene wale actor k pans ?

    4. Padman box office collection
      1st day - 6cr
      2nd day 5cr
      3rd day 7cr
      1st weekend 18cr
      1st week 30ce
      Lifetime 45-50cr

      Aiyyary 100 cr ..

      1. Tiger Zinda hai collection
        Day 1 = 3cr
        Day 2 = 4cr
        Day 3 = 5cr
        Wnd = 12cr
        Week 1 = 15cr
        Lifetime = 20cr
        Hahaha waise is tiger ko ab Mar jaana chahiye.

  2. @amirian shivaang
    Recently Amir Khan visited RSS programme with RSS chief Mohan bhagwat .
    So u decide kutta ya whatever you think kon hua . But personally I really like amir khan

  3. Doesn't matter.PM is sure 100cr club member. by the way 2018 has so many big releases so there is unwanted clashes going on.

  4. 2018 box office prediction
    Race 3 : 350cr ..worldwide 500cr
    Thugs of Hindustan - 200cr ..worldwide 350cr
    Dwarf - 180-200cr ..worldwide 350cr
    Padman 45cr
    Aiyyary 75cr
    Gold 120cr
    2.0 - 130cr hahahaha
    Super 30 - 30cr hehehe
    Raid - 60cr

    Salman akele SB pe Bhari hai

    1. @Vivek agar yeh pagalo wali prediction krni hoti hai to comment mat kiya kr.
      RUK mai predictions krta hu .
      (Not these are not biased at all )
      ( All fan wars aside )

      Race 3 = 305cr
      TOH = 325cr
      Dwarf = 285cr
      Padman = 145cr
      Aiyyari = 85cr
      Gold = 160cr
      2.0 = 350cr (hindi)
      Super 30 = 90cr
      Raid = 65cr
      These predictions are based on my choices but these are based on buzz and other factors.

    1. Abe tum Salman bhikari ke fans chup hi rho smjhe ..agar Akshay Canadian to Salman Pakistani ..tzh Pakistan me achaa kamaega

    2. Canadian Akki ke psuedo nationalist fan, just because Salman is a muslim, it doesn't make him Pakistani. Yahi problem hai tum BJP ke bhakton ki.
      Akki has accepted Canadian citizenship but Salman, Aamir and SRK are still Indian. Jo kaam Akki ne ne kiya agar koi Khan actor karta toh tum usey gaddar bolne mein der nahi lagaate.

  5. Aiyaari looks like a gripping thriller, something high on content. Padman can be a good social comedy but has to be subtle with its subject. Both projects seems interesting !

  6. This time its not gona easy for Akki, not because of Sid but because of content of both movies.....Padman can turn into a boring movie, but Aiyaary is an action movie (its look like one) with a Patriotic feeling, also it is backed by Neeraj Pandey so we can expect good story.....Now let see what happen.....

    Best Of Luck to Both Movies.....

  7. honestly this clash will put neeraj pandey into bad light most of his big movies are with akshay. people who watches hi movies watches akshays movies more. i think producers are putting him in a tough situation

  8. /** The film was postponed to 9 February 2018 to avoid the clash with Robot 2.0. Later Akshay Kumar also changed the release date of Padman to Republic Day when there were reports that 2.0 will be postponed to 14 April. Now there will be a clash between Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary and Akshay Kumar’s Padman. **/

    So its clear that earlier Aiyaary was Postponed because of Rajnikant Sir, not because of Akki.....And as Ranji sir move his movie, they again came back and ready to clash with Akki.....

  9. I don't know that this clash will happen or not, but if this happen, then there is no chance for Padman to cross 100cr mark (even with Positive WOM), I think it will end up in the range of 60-70cr or at max 80cr (with positive WOM)......But since the budget is low (20-30cr) as all Akki movies, it will manage to get Semi-Hit or Hit Verdict at the end......

  10. Dono movies accha business krengi i guess..atleast jab tak trailer nahi aata tab tak koi comment naa kro nd predictions humesha fail hoti hai btw akshay has edge over sid..people will prefer to watch padman instead of aiyaary..

  11. Laggae padman kii.....
    aiyari class film hai.....
    Aiyari class film hai kaise Niraj director is a class director as per akshay fan....
    To ab padman pad hi bechega ticket nahi...
    Akpadman......toilet ....kumar...

  12. Clash is not a problem for our b-grade hero kumar as his movies needs to collect only 20rupees to get into the hit charts

  13. Aiyaary v madman
    Both heroes r crap... Sid and maaki but both directors r gud neeraj balki

  14. Salman went to 2.0 first look Event in mumbai. And he said i am here though i am not invited here.
    And he praised akki and his work by heart. I dont need to post the ful speach here just go and watch on youtube.
    If salman is appreciating akshay than why salman fans dont understand the true value of akshay kumar. There is something missing in salman fan's brain.

  15. @bollywood arena.... Why you people are not posting anything related to padmavati... Recently Koimoi had publish 3-4 articles of what Rajat sharma said after watching padmavati, Deepika padukone view after threatens, Viacom 18 member recently interview and padmavati makers recent enterview.... Come on yaar you are a film site and not in support of a good movie...
    I think you are afraid of these so called bjp chela and Rajput...

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