Airlift will make every Indian proud: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is all set for his upcoming thriller Airlift. Talking about the film, Akshay said that it will make every Indian proud.

"The feedback I have experienced for Airlift is so immense and so genuine that I haven't quite got my head round it yet. Remembering this is just a teaser, we were still shooting for Airliftwhen we released this. However, because of the humbling response from all over, we haven't even had a trailer launch; this has been enough to make people sit up and recognize the 'Story That's Never Been Told'. This is a first of a kind for me; I have never 'not had to' launch my film. The power of digital media truly has changed the face of films in India."


He also revealed his fascination about the project, "That's because it's not just a film, it's an insight into the harsh going-ons and the bravery it took by average citizens to rescue its terrorized people, when not even governments could stand a chance in a war zone. Brave civilians travelled tirelessly through deserted terrain in desperate hope that their fellow Indians from their beloved motherland would have the courage to 'airlift' them all out of Kuwait, where they had made a new life away from India. However, now they needed desperately to be brought back to safety, all 1 lakh 70 thousand of them. Even when people turn their backs on India in search of better horizons, India never turns its back on its people. A story so true that it makes you love your country even when you have forgotten how to!"

Airlift will hit the screens on 22 Januray 2016.

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