Airlift Trailer Review and Business Rating


Airlift Trailer Review:

The much awaited Airlift trailer was finally revealed today. With an interesting storyline at hand, Airlift is inspired from true events and takes us back to the Gulf war of 1990 when Saddam Hussein led Iraq invaded Kuwait.

The trailer takes off with Akshay Kumar asking for help from Indian external ministry. He is a successful tycoon named Ranjit Katyal who has made it big in Kuwait. His world is turned upside down when Iraq invades Kuwait. One Iraqi major offers him the safe exit which he denied. Instead he becomes the hope for all Indians stranded in the war stricken area.

What's Good:

♦ Production values
♦ Akshay looks terrific
♦ Patriotic feel
♦ Background score


What's Not

♦ Trailer should have been shorter
♦ Nimrat Kaur is hardly present


Airlift Trailer Review: Verdict

Most of the people will agree that teaser was better due to its real time feel. Still on the whole Airlift trailer is excellent. The scene where Indian flag is raised will give you goosebumps. The recreation of Kuwait region is done brilliantly. The patriotic factor can do wonders at the box office.

Business Rating:



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11 comments on “Airlift Trailer Review and Business Rating”

  1. AKSHAY KUMAR is giving us moviez which we will remember till the time we remember that we r indians.Holiday,Baby,Gabbar is Back and now Airlift.Love u Akki.Wishing u a very happy new year.May u live long n keep on entertaining us for years to come.

  2. Sometimes i feel that akki is more patriotic than any politician in this country...i am gonna watch on 25th jan

  3. Seriously man, This man can do anything,few months back he was a completely hilarious person and now see the intensity in this movie. Collection are needed for those who are new comers or this generation actors. i don't know why people keep talking about rubbish things like box office collection. These persons have already entertained us for years, for them money don't matter as we visualise. But yes, performance matters,script also. Bigger banner,Big director gives you upperhand. All those commenting on Akshay as a 60 crore actor,lets see him in Robot 2.0.Thank god,we saw different versions of him in 2014. its better than Dilwale. i will say not all baby,brothers were far too better than dilwale.

  4. @ yogesh - Don't compare with salman - Salman is no 1 super star today both are good don't compare just enjoy movies by both actors

  5. Akshay has been an outstanding entertainer in genres of film, and the devotion toward work is brilliant, always receiving an award is not possible coz of the politics and money game in the industry and this man keeps himself away from controversy
    He is a true Indian

  6. Comment:Arey yar akshay is more more more better than all other actors in bollywood,he is not only the superstar,he is megastar and akshay had proved his metal allaround the world and 1 thing he is only the fair,real,good and honest person in bollywood......

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