Airlift Movie Review - Akshay Kumar


Airlift Review:

Airlift is a thriller film directed by Raja Krishna Menon. The film stars Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaurin the lead roles. It is being produced by T-Series. Airlift will hit the screens this Friday.


The promos of the film has received terrific response from everyone. We are expecting a full fledged thriller with some inspirational story. Lets check out Airlift review to find out if it lives up to the expectations.

Airlift Review - Akshay Kumar

The film tell the story of Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) who is a powerful business tycoon living in Kuwait married to Amrita Katyal (Nimrat Kaur). He considers himself as a Kuwaiti rather than an Indian. He was enjoying his luxurious life till one day Iraq invades Kuwait. The whole scenario changes and he finds out that he does not have any command over Iraqi soldiers. One Iraqi major offers a safe exit for Ranjit and his family which he declined saying that he cannot leave his fellow Indians. Later the actor transforms from a mean businessman to a generous, kind-hearted leader of the underdogs.

Ranjit Katyal contacts Indian embassy and asks for help. He and other fellow Indian managed to survive the Iraqi invasion, and against all odds decide to travel a thousand kilometers across the border into Amman, Jordan. What fellows next is a shocking turn of events which leads to dramatic and thrilling journey.

The story is gripping. The first ten minutes itself set the pace of this thriller. This is a completely nail biting tale and has you hooked to it. The story is on the face and the script with terrific dialogues completely bowls you over.

The story is quite simple, well-explained and the plot is clear. The choice of setting for the plot which moves from Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan and India is well thought out.

Airlift Review: Direction, Editing, Screenplay

But the problem lies within the direction. Raja Krishna Menon's inexperience is quite visible in some sequences. Luckily the film get over it soon and kept most of the film real. The screenplay is decent. The editing could have been better as some scenes are very short.

Technically the film is brilliant and definitely deserves some accolades. The cinematography by Priya Seth is excellent. She has done some terrific job to recreate the war zone which looks real.

The music is good especially Soch Na Sake will melt your heart. The background score drives the film perfectly as it rises the tempo.

Airlift Review: Star Performances

♦ Is there anything that Akshay Kumar cannot do? The actor once again excelled in this thriller and deliver award worthy performance. He is superb in emotional sequences and expresses his fear and terror. The award functions continue to ignore him and the actor replies them with his stellar performances one after another. Respect

♦ Nimrat Kaur impresses in his short role. She kept it simple and real as the wife of Ranjit. Though we wish to see more of her in the film.

♦ Purab Kohli and Feryna Wazheir also does well in their supporting roles.


What's Good:

♦ Script
♦ Brilliant Cinematography
♦ Terrific Performance by Akshay
♦ Dialogues
♦ No melodrama


What's Not

♦ Weak Direction
♦ Some Loopholes
♦ Rushed Climax


Airlift Movie Review: Verdict

Overall Airlift is a thrilling, engaging and an inspiring tale which should not be missed. Go for it.



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13 comments on “Airlift Movie Review - Akshay Kumar”

  1. Wow..how did u guys watch the film?... Ur site is just a year old and u got a chance to watch tge muvi!!! CONGRATULATIONS

  2. First at all kudos to u Bollyarena.

    Akshay is an fantastic actor of Bollywood. he has done many inspirational movie like Baby, OMG, Special26, Holiday, Gabbar, Brothers and many more.
    but I think this time with Airlift He ( akshay kumar ) did a far better job. he is a great actor but he is the most unlucky actor (superstar) of Bollywood. as he never delivered a single Highest Grosser Of The Year. what his competitors have done many times.

    so I just pray for him that he will achieve that feat what he desreves.

    Hope for a 200 crore.

  3. no melodrama ...ye bhi koi strong point hota hai kya hai ...you are doing melodrama hahaha iski jagah kuch song wagrh likhte to chalta ...
    kya review dete ho yr boring i knw you will not publish my comment btw i don't care ... but please nonsense wali baat na karo

  4. There site is better than other big site, because there prediction e reviews is always right.
    If they gave 3,5 means that airlift will have very good wom

  5. I was thinking the same but thanks for clarifying my doubt.
    Bollyarena Rocks.......???

  6. Thanks for the Review....I'm gonna watch Airlift First Day and First Show... Kuch b hojae but dekhna Hi he Airlift...

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