Shivaay vs Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Advance Booking Report

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Vs Shivaay Advance Booking Report:

We are all set for the big clash of Diwali. Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil advance booking is going on in full swing and there is just day left in the release. As far the screen count is concerned, both will get an equal number of shows. At single screens, Shivaay will be ahead.

The early trends suggest that Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has taken a lead over Shivaay in terms of advance booking. There is still one more day left but now it has become a real possibility that ADHM can have a better opening day.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Advance Booking Report:

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has a good advance booking. The start is better than the other release Shivaay. The best start has come in Delhi/NCR where such films tend to have a wider appeal. In multiplexes, it is way ahead of Shivaay. Similarly, in West Bengal which is a class circuit, ADHM is leading by a big margin.

Even in Maharashtra belt, it has got a decent start. There was a strong call for banning ADHM in the circuit but it has not affected the film at all. At some of the multiplexes, the morning shows are already sold out. In down South, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is expected to lead also.

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Overall ADHM has sold around 20-25% of tickets so far.

Shivaay Advance Booking:

Shivaay has more single screens especially in North India where the advance booking is okay. In Delhi, ADHM is ahead in both in multiplexes and single screens. In other single screens, Shivaay is ahead.

In Bihar, Rajasthan and Central India, Shivaay has the best start. Mass circuits contribute more to action films and Shivaay is no exception. The advance booking for Shivaay has gained momentum from yesterday.

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Overall it has sold around 15% tickets which are lower than ADHM by a good margin.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is taking the lead over Shivaay. The combination of stars, director and chartbuster music seems to be working for ADHM. Ajay Devgn commands better following in mass circuits and Shivaay will lead there. On the hand, ADHM has an urban appeal and will take a better start in multiplexes.

So far the advance booking of both films is below par considering that they are Diwali releases. Earlier films like PRDP, Happy New Year and Krrish 3 had huge craze. As far the day 1 is concerned, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is expected to lead on day 1 despite less number of screens.

Have you booked your tickets and which film are you watching? Also, tell us what are your views about Shivaay vs Ae Dil Hai Mushkil advance booking in the comments section.

27 comments on “Shivaay vs Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Advance Booking Report”

  1. shiva is going to be big disaster. faltu ka stunt dale hua hai na gaane hai na story full of sir dard

    1. Shivaay tittle track single handedly defeated all Tracks of AdHM and yes Shivaay is a step forward For Bollywood but AdHm will be hain urban people trash

      1. Here is a shocker .. ADHM is leading all over india screens wise.... nd advance booking iz leading all over the world. ADMH has limited budget, not SHIVAY, so pray 4 Shivay not to be disaster, hope it recover its cost. though, Ajay Devgan iz very good actor. but he is no Salman khan. there is tremndous buzz abt ADHM

        1. Shivaay ki advance booking PVR, INOX aur cinepolis me kafi late start Hui hai isliye ADHM ABHI aage dikh rhi hai. Result will be changed tomorrow.

  2. @bollyarena ,i hope tomorrow, when shivay get bigger opening u will not feel shame for this biased article.

    1. Hope 4 the best 4 Shivay.. but don't say this is a biased article. Bollyarena, always took side of Shivay during trailer, songs whatever.. now BA telling the fact..

  3. I have bought 7 tickets for my family for first day first show of Ae Dil hai mushkil. Super excited

    1. Your family would not mind seeing ranbir kapoor kissing aishwarya, a lady of his mothers age, all over her body? Seems you are from cheap family.

      1. Even Ajay is doing it dude and now a days all movies even television soaps are doing it. seems that u r from orthodox & double face family

  4. My prediction 1day collection of YDHM is 18cr. and shivay 1st day collection is 12cr.

  5. Now its clear is that Ajay is nothing without Rohit Shetty , sequel always helped to Ajay . ADHM all the way ADHM 14 lifetime 120 , Shivaay 13 crore 110 . Shivaay wom should be excellent otherwise no chance .

  6. kal pata chal jayega ki shivay adhm se aage hai.

    so wait and watch.

    shivay lead by all over

  7. Shivaay is a hi-octane thriller and the thrills, stunts and pace that are vital for any thriller to strike a chord, sure to keep you on the edge from Scene A to Z

    A film like #Shivaay raises the bar for Hindi films. Shivaay is director Ajay Devgn’s finest effort so far. The execution of the subject is such, you just can’t help get transported to a world of make-believe.

    Ajay has handled a number of sequences with aplomb.

    #Shivaay is peppered with good looking visual effects, besides a stylish d’cor/look. The action sequences as also the stunts do complete justice to the genre and the Indian audiences are bound to gasp with disbelief. Cinematography is impeccable. The camerawork can easily match international standards. Dialogues are wonderful. Costumes are upmarket. Good Story & Screenplay.

    #AjayDevgn gave One of the Best Performance of his Career. He Nailed it all the Way. He gave Award Worthy Performance.

    #SayeshaSaigal, #ErikaKaar, #AbigailEames gave wonderful support. Good Acting by all Supporting Actors. Music by #Mithoon is Soulful.

  8. Shivaay will be a hit but the problem is Karangay has block screen like srk for his film wait n watch Shivaay will crush Adhm like Rustom did to mohenjodaro and Bajirao did to Dilwale Shivaay has never seen before visuals remind me of dark superhero Warner bros films

  9. Haha so fun to watch Ajay fans pathetically trying to believe their film won't be a flop... Ajay has already lost the battle because of his dirty game and cheap ways to pull down his opponent, now it's time for ADHM to crush badly his crappy action movie.

  10. I think Adhm will turn the tables on first day and if it has good word of mouth then balle balle for Ranbir Kapoor.....but I wish both Adhm and shivay will do good business....

  11. Adhm=bombay welvet=beshram
    1st day k bad koi mi dekhy ga adhm
    and shivaay ko bar bar dekhny jay gi public
    bolo har har

  12. I am not supporting any film but definitely on Diwali I would definitely like to watch something exciting and not boring like ADHM common who wants to feel sad and cry on diwali am going for shivaay.

  13. I dont know why people are saying that shivaay has no good songs? I always oppose songs in movie as movies are not music videos. Some plot necessary songs are fine, but no rubbish. Hollywood has no songs coz they make geniune movie. Here in india, a movie with good songs will win, no matter how crappy movies are. And my dick to karan johar, he is just gone mad, same love story in bollywood movies. Every movie has a girl and boy falling in love. No action or story at all. Shivaay has started a new thing in bollywood movie. I hope adhm be a super flop and kj gets a lesson

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