Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Verdict: Hit or Flop

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Verdict: Hit or Flop: Ranbir Kapoor’s ADHM has performed very well at the box office. Though the demonetization issue has affected the business in the third week but it has already emerged a success at the box office.

The film received mixed reviews and was also competing against Shivaay. The charbuster music helped it to take a better opening and the decent word of mouth did the further trick.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was made on the budget of 105 crores. It has recovered its costs and has generated good profits for producers and distributors. Let’s also take a look at Ae Dil Hai Mushkil hit or flop business economics.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Verdict: Hit or Flop Economics

Production Cost
78 Cr
P & A
20 Cr
98 Cr
Satellite Rights
30 Cr
15 Cr
Distributor Share
53 Cr*
33.5 Cr
141 Cr
43 Cr

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Verdict: HIT

Thus, ADHM has recovered the whole cost and also generated good profits for distributors. It is a clean hit at the box office and the second highest worldwide grosser of 2016 only behind Sultan.

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In overseas, it has emerged super hit thanks to the Karan Johar's brand value. This will be Ranbir Kapoor's 3rd entry into 100 crore club and also a much needed success for him. Overall it is a profitable venture for all.

Day 113.30
Day 213.10
Day 39.20
Day 417.75
Day 513.03
Day 67.63
Day 76.18
Day 84.56
Day 95.85
Day 106.55
Day 112.55
Day 122.35
Day 131.51
Day 141.30
Day 150.70
Day 161.19
Day 171.51
Day 180.52
Day 190.49
Day 200.48
Day 210.46
Day 220.21
Day 230.40
Day 240.52
Day 250.20
Day 260.19
Day 270.21
Day 280.20
Total112.14 Cr

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21 comments on “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Verdict: Hit or Flop”

  1. Where domestic collections are concerned, it is just Plus or at best average. It is nowhere hit or superhit. A movie can be a hit only when it earns double its investment at the domestic box office.

  2. Good movie and deserves super hit status, central character RK is a genius and fluctuates between emotions at probably a level not expected in modern films. RK has proven he is not only a blood desendent of the Kapoor legend but has the attributes that made the Kapoor era. RK is also strengthened by his ability to look from the camera scope, also love the fact the crying for men is normal and helps the young generation understand that there is always the things that are planned but we fail to understand.

  3. those who r writing the movie is flop they r fool . it earned 35 cr in two days ...

  4. Movie Hit or flop should not be judged by revenue. Some times very good movie with not so big stars comes and goes unnoticed. Indian audience likes stupid movies with very thin story line. Bad movies of Shahrukh Khan have done very good business.

  5. Adhm is good
    Karan johar is one of the best directors in bollywood
    i think ranbeer kapoor is his new srk
    its heart breaking..but its intresting to see rk and kj combination but it also will be more interesting to see srk in that combination

  6. Brilliant film. Rate it very highly. Superb storyline; direction, cinematography and overall production. Outstanding acting by both Ranbir and Anushka. This film is going to be appreciated futther down the track as being one amongst the Bollywood AND Hollywood classics.

  7. Viewed in New Zealand. Quite stunned such indepth emotions feelings and complexity of relationships were projected with such clarity such that viewers were able to relate to this film at many levels.

    Well done Karan Johar. Your Dad is no doubt watching and very proud of you.

  8. Even it is my favourite movie ..It shows a very fairly relationship between frnds ....what actually the frndship is !!!!!...How much love do the frnds do ....It's a superhit movie.....I am a Ranbir Kapoor of my frnd Akhil

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