ABCD 2 Review

ABCD 2 Review


ABCD 2 is an upcoming 3D dance film. It features Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhudeva in the lead roles. It has been directed by Remo D'Soza and produced under UTV Films. ABCD 2 is scheduled to release on 19 June 2015.


The trailer and music of the film was received very well. The amazing chemistry between Varun and Shraddha have raised our expectations further. So we can expect a solid entertainer which will have never seen before dance moves.

ABCD 2 Review: Story

Apparently ABCD 2 is based on real life events so we will not reveal much about the story as it will decrease your curiosity. The film revolvers around an Indian dance troupe who came from the backstreets of Mumbai suburb. The group is led by Suresh (Varun Dhawan). His love interest Vinnie (Shraddha kapoor) is also the member of this dance group. Vishnu Sir (Prabhudeva) is their dance guru. The dance group participate in the biggest hip hop competition at Las Vegas. They rise to immense fame with their terrific dance. But during one live performance they are blamed for copying an international group. Due to which their reputation suddenly fall down. Vishnu Sir also leaves the group as he is suffering from his not so good past.  Finally they make a heroic attempt to seek vindication by regaining their lost glory and pride. Will they be able to achieve success at the biggest International platform? Watch the film to find out.


ABCD 2 Review: Direction, Editing, Screenplay

The  film has a conventional story of underdog who is victorious in the end. But the victory of the chucked underdog is honestly done. The film is composed of many exquisite dance pieces that are performed with style which has a good attractive quotient to it. The rivalry between dance gangs is brought out well on the screen added with their colloquial humor. However, the screenplay is largely sketchy and diverts into the conventional and predictable zone of storyline. Towards the second half, the film loses its focus and stretches beyond it should. But luckily the climax is passionate and extraordinarily done. For the climax alone, the film is worth a million bucks.


Remo D'Soza realizes his dream of finally delivering a film which he truly believes in. The film is structured artistically. The 3D effect has been used well to enhance the film’s feel. However the film is somewhat borrowed from Step Up. Whether Remo could successfully imbibe Indian-ness into this borrowed concept is highly debatable. But he does manage to give us an enjoyable film you’ll be tapping your feet through.

The movie’s editing should have been better in the second part. Screenplay was a little weak at times. The cinematography is excellent. While the music of the film is quite impressive with songs like Bezubaan Phir Se, Sun Saathiya & Chunar. Though some other songs like Happy Birthday should have been avoided.

abcd 2 trailer 5

ABCD 2 Review: Star Performances

♦ After Badlapur, Varun Dhawan with this film has again proved that he is here to stay. This film will be remembered every time his acting or dance skills are mentioned. He enliven Suresh’s character with full gusto. There is not a single frame where you find him weak. Probably his second best performance after Badlapur.

If You Hold My Hand (ABCD 2) Full Mp3 Song Downlaod By Benny Dayal

♦ Shraddha Kapoor talks too much in the film and that’s the most pertinent observation. She fits into her character very neatly and does a stellar job. Her chemistry with Varun is dreamy and memorable. Her dance moves are also delight to watch.

♦ Prabhu Deva’s Hindi is not perfect! However, the man lives up to his legendary status as a stalwart of dance. Incomparably brilliant, his dance has a mesmerizing quality. He does falter at the emotional scenes and his poor diction makes it visible a little too nakedly. But his majestic dance will easily overcome his acting abilities.


What's Good

⇒ Electrifying Dance Moves

⇒ Varun Dhawan

⇒ Lead Pair Chemistry

⇒ Exceptional Music

⇒ Powerful Climax

⇒ Light Comedy


What's Bad

⇒ Editing

⇒ Predictable Story

⇒ Over Dramatic Scenes


ABCD 2 Review: Last Word

Watch it for its dazzling looks and vibrantly spectacular dance sequences that are passionately done to perfection.

Critic Rating


Business Rating


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