Aatank Hi Aatank was a blunder: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist of the Bollywood industry. However, the actor did some horrible films in the early phase of his career.

In the 1995's Aatank Hi Aatank, Aamir played the desi Michael Corleone in Bollywood’s version of The Godfather. Talking about it, Aamir said, “After the release of this film, I was shocked. I felt like I shouldn’t have done the film. No sooner did I watch the film did I realise that I have really done a very bad job. I chose some not-so-good roles at the beginning of my career.”

Since, his look was inspired from Godfather, he even donned a suit. Elaborating on this mistake, he says, “I felt we did not make the film keeping the Indian audiences in mind. It didn’t suit the weather conditions at all. Why would anyone wear a coat in this heat? We definitely went overboard.”

Aamir recalls that while he was being lauded for his performance for the film, he couldn’t forgive himself for the blunder. “I couldn’t sleep for almost three to four weeks at a stretch!” he explains, adding, “Where did my common sense disappear?” But Aamir decides to look at the silver lining. He says, “It was a soul stirring realisation. I started choosing films and characters with utmost sincerity and clarity. I started working on my character’s looks. This makes a character real and worth watching as well.”

Aamir was recently seen in Secret Superstar. Currently, he is shooting for his next Thugs of Hindustan.

16 comments on “Aatank Hi Aatank was a blunder: Aamir Khan”

  1. No No No Aamir Sir no!

    Pls someone of your Status shouldn't say this that too after 20 years of the movie.

    The essence of being an Actor is to entertain the audiences and EXPERIMENT different genres!! Hits and flops are things any honest actor should accept and move on. You were young back then, you werent as big as today back then so why the regret?

    Your respect will still be intact but am not comfortable with this comment of yours.

    1. What no no no temp he accepted the truth which helped him get wiser and make better choices.

      1. I know but still ??? Was it necessary saying it now? Dont know exact verdict of akele hum ak tum and Mela but he shouldve talked about those too or just let it be....anyways maybe its my own perception.. We all have opinions...nothing personal as i said.. Huge respect...n wishing him the very best on his next projects.

  2. Chillar Super star flopped.i liked your movies like Atank hi Atank,tum meri hu,jawani zindabad,awwal number,love love love....or bohat hai... 90s ka.... and gem of all Mela...
    i loved all these movies i became Jabra fan of yours.....i expect same from Thugs or Hindustan Bunty or BUbly returns....

    1. After watching maya memsaab, billu, dulha mil gaya I became a jabra fan of that actor. But chiller fan and chillar Harry met sejal badly tanked. Waiting for Dwarf aka tanu weds returns part 3.

      1. @Doctor!
        Don't forget Zamana dewana, Guddu, Oh darling yeh hai India, Yeh Lamhe Judai ke, Hey Ram, Duplicate, Ashoka, One two ka four.. All are classics!

  3. Love Aamir ........Mr. Perfect.......You current movies are too good.....No need to go in past......?????????????????????????

  4. What a blunder from the producers too! Having Aamir & Rajnikanth in a single movie with a poor script.. Sad the movie couldn't become memorable.. & Hat's off Aamir sir for having the courage to speak the truth; even about his own mistake..

  5. That time U were young and developing as an actor
    So Dont regret for what u had done in d past

    Now u r Mr.Perfectionist The Global Megastar :)
    chalo sallu fans dislike maro

  6. Agar 'Aatank hi Aantak' se bhi badi all time blockbuster dekhni hai toh watch Aamir's "Tum Mere Ho" ???
    'Tum Mere Ho' is the best movie of Aamir till date. ???

    1. Watch suryavanshi it is a bigger blockbuster than the baap of all blockbusters marigold. Lallu the crap king.

  7. Hollywood ki one of the best movies mein se ek 'Godfather' ka remake bana ke disaster dena koi Aamir se seekhe...
    Sorry not disaster, it was Blunder (even Aamir himself agrees to it)

    1. @Lallu Khan actually hollywood ki flop movie ko zyada bedi flop dena koi Salman se sikhe. example tubelight. It was the baap of all blunder films. By the way Salman ki puri career hi blunder hai. Copy king first used to remake south movies then hollywood movies and now remaking Korean movie.

  8. Gunda rap lol. Mela was a blunder aswell but I understand that decision trying to relaunch his brother. But as salman Khan said if a movie bombs don’t think about it too much just move on and bachchan sir said in an interview with ranbir kapoor he dosen’t like to comment on which of his films he likes or dislikes as it is the passion of the makers and who is he to criticise it so he doesn’t comment on these things.

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