Aanand L Rai wanted to make dwarf film with Salman Khan: SRK

Shahrukh Khan recently made a special appearance in Salman Khan’s Tubelight and now the superstar is returning the favour with a cameo in SRK’s upcoming Aanand L Rai movie. The two recently shot for the film, where Shah Rukh plays a dwarf.

Now SRK has revealed that Aanand wanted to make this film with Salman Khan but things did not fall in place. He also said that he did not have to convince Salman for the cameo.

“He is very kind. This role was written a long time back in the film, from the first narration onwards. Salman has also heard the script, I think Aanand wanted to make the film with him at one time. They didn’t have the time, things didn’t work out and VFX wasn’t ready,” Shah Rukh told PTI.

“We were at home, Aanand was there when Salman just walked in to say hi to me. He got his new e-cycle for me and for Aryan and Suhana as well. Aanand said I should ask him. I said, ‘Salman, there’s one role’, he said, ‘Yeah, let me know’. Then, everything just worked out perfectly. He had two days off, we needed ten days to put up the set,” says Shah Rukh. The yet-to-be-titled film also stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif,

SRK also says that the team is happy with the way the film is shaping up, which would require a lot of VFX. “He (Rai) has edited some portions, we have a good amount of film ready. He said, ‘Sir, please watch it, it’s looking good and this is without the technical part’. It’s a really interesting and exciting film. “I am saying it’s good not because I am showing off but it’s so different. We are really happy with what we have achieved so far,” he adds.

The untitled film will hit the screens in December 2018.

36 comments on “Aanand L Rai wanted to make dwarf film with Salman Khan: SRK”

  1. Hope SRK has chosen a good script this time. Salman plays commercially safe. I dont know why he rejected this. May be because it requires good acting
    Box office matters at the end of the day.

  2. Why everyone want to clash with SRK?
    Now that Tubelight is flop, why doesn't Akki prepone Robot 2.O to Christmas 2017 with Driver Zinda Hai.

  3. The difference between srk and others is that he is onest and if his film flops he admits..

  4. U r doing so much hard work for this movie.Hope u will get a great Result!!

  5. Salman is a big friend of SRK because SRK and Madhuri had saved Salman's career. U dont believe me?
    How SRK and Madhuri saved a drowning career

    Salman Khan(From November 1991 to March 1998)-Excluding extended cameos like Jeet(Where role was lesser than SRK in DZ)
    1. Love-FLOP
    3. EK ladka Ek ladki-Disaster
    4. Jaagruti-DISASTER
    5. Nischayii-DISASTER
    6. Chandramukhi-DISASTER
    7. DIL tera aashiq-DISASTER

    Then ::::::::::::::came MADHURI
    8. Chand ka tukra-DISASTER
    9. Andaaz Apna apna-FLOP
    10. Sangdil sanam-DISASTER

    Then came King Khan
    Karan Arjun-SRK

    Again Salman back to track
    11.Veer Gati-FLOP
    12.Yeh Majhdar-FLOP

    Hits: 2(with SRK, Madhuri)+1(Fluke)
    Total flops=14

    After that he had 2 flops. Before that he had 2 flops

    1. @Sayar what about HDDCS? Salman also played extended cameo and Biwi no1? The lead actors actually overshadowed Salman

    2. Agreed! Even Salman couldn't born in the world without SRK's help as SRK help him in the year of 1965 while SK borne 27Dec and SRK 2Nov.We Salman fans are really grateful toward SRK. Once upon a time SRK used to call Salman "Sir". Hope you got it what I meant to say.

      1. Dude
        I have given proofs and stats. Dont come with lame bakwashh. Once upon a time Aamir used to call Salman "Madam:

  6. Comment:@sayar kash itni acchi report apni padhai main banata....maaa khush hoti teri...???

    back to back 11 100 crore movies..

    but but srk saves salmans career??

    22DEC...TIGER ZINDA HAI...??

    1. Kyu? Ye realization kab aaya? Duswi mai fail hogaya tha kya
      Dude I am the topper of my college. And FYI I was talking about 90s.

      1. @ sab log show off karte hai ki I an topper of my CLG
        Reality mai pata lagao toh yeh hi log ek hi class mai 10-10 saal laga dete hai
        Aaya bada nursery ka topper
        Sorry nursery fail

      2. @"sayar akshay k movie btau to tu ittna b nh bolega. JO AKSHAY 20 M NH KR PARA H WO AJ AYE NEW STAR KR LERE H solo release sb hone k bad b 150 nh de para cheee or robot 2 b uski movie nh h wrna bolega k ye kregi 150 . Phle new star se Brabri kr le us k bad ana khans p. Or agr tu topper rhta to yha akee fltu k comments nh krte.... OR AYA SALMAN SE TAKKR LENE...

  7. But Anand Rai said some months back that SRK was the first and only choice for this film.

  8. SRK looking excited for this movie.Hope so this movie will give him chak de type appreciation & career biggest hit with 300 cr grosser.Since 2007 SRK didn't have years biggest grosser,dwarf have min chance as robot 2 & thugs releasing same year but atleast we can expect 250-300 cr collection from dwarf if movie is well made & equally entertaining.

  9. Karan arjun Salman main actor sharuk side actor .
    Filmfare nominated Salman for best actor category from karan arjun not sharuk.
    Tab filmfare me koe corruption nahi tha only genuine award filmfare tha.

  10. Actors like SRK and Salman always criticized that they doesn't do anything new.Salman tried something different by doing Tubelight but audience rejected him.the way tubelight get rejected this raised the question on audience .that means they only want to watch Salman's movies like dabangg, Bodyguard like commercial masala genre movies.So Audience shouldn't have problem if Salman again start doing south remakes and sequels.this is what audience want to watch .
    On the other hand SRK also did a different non commercial film FAN but got rejected very badly by audience.So anyone have no right to ask from SRK why he is doing proper love story in this age.Even a classic Swades rejected by audience which went to the Oscars.so before blaming actor about film choices firstly Indian audience have to be changed.

  11. Comment:@sayar baap baap hota hai hutiye....22dec

    Happy new year record of opening day collection...will be smashed...

    wait and watch

      1. Bhai trade fig. 45 hi hai... Box office India pe 3600 screens ka 36 cr diya hai... Jab ki movie 4400 screen pe release huyi thi... Jaa ke check kr le...

  12. @Prashant Abhisekh
    Who is telling them to not do different? Do different but do Desi. Do movies like Dangal/Bajrangi/Veer Zaara. Movies which have Indianness. Don't overshoot in overseas. Don't bring American/European stories. Why a RNBDJ worked? Because it had "Desi" taste. KHNH is a much better film than RNBDJ. But why KHNH just a hit but RNBDJ a BB? Because RNBDJ had desi feel. Mitti ki sugandh, the aroma of soil.
    Why Chennai Xpress worked but Dilwale didnt? Because CE had that desi-feel. So unless your movie is huge in scale and action (Like Ek Tha Tiger/Dhoom) you cant compromise with money-paying-public.
    Plus Swadesh didn't have entertainment factor. Audience want Entertainment+ Novelty like 3 idiots had. A HAHK wont work today except in small towns whereas DDLJ will still be ATBB today. Because it goes with the taste of youths. But again a melodrama like KKHH wont.
    So no one is bashing. Doing different doesn't mean doing something not decipherable.

    Core Indian audience wont like Christopher Nolan movies-Inception, Memento etc. though they are masterpiece. They want indiainness. Aamir/Akki have realized that.Desi taste has become Hobson's choice-you have no other option for raking moolah at the box office.

    When Deewana/Baazigar/Darr/DDLJ/KKHH/DTPH became blockbusters, did you ever question audience's IQ?

    1. where was desi feel in 3 idiots,ett,bang bang ,krish series,dhoom3 even in pk how all these movies are worked in bo ,even akki did housefull 3 which is nt have any desi feel ,movie should be all types of man

      1. 3 idiots reflected the life story of every Indian parents and Students and teachers. EVERY
        ETT was the story of India-Pakistaan. Krishh is a story audience can understand. Dhoom is a movie of big scale, cant coment. HF3 is not a big hit, it barely managed to be hit, but today, if released, it would flop. Things have changed post DANGAL. Bang Bang was a semi-hit, why even talking about it?

  13. Isiliye sayad 13 long years lag gaye SRK ko to ba the life time collection of HAHK and now a days he become the king of manipulation and as a producer of the most of the film try to show the manipulated figure not the actual one.So jlne walo zara sochke bolo 11 hundred crore movie in a row it's not a matter of Joke and that's why a flop movie raked more than 100 crore.According to some comment of one guy in this article indicates that Sallu Bhai does not know acting stil he remainsl the one man army in terms of box office collection in India and just think agar acting ata toh kya hota.Shitty haters and jealous.There are some public aka SRK fans who are eagerly waited for a flop movie of Salman Khan and they care a damn about their own SRK's box office collection,like grapes are sour!!

    1. hahk hahk hahK BUSS yehi lagate rehete ho
      It opened to 9 lakhs but thanks to WOM it picked up and became ATBB

      And Salman had 7 flops right before HAHK and 7 flop after HAHK(Barring Karan Arjun in between)

      Also Akki/Ajay have not beaten TWMR till date. So is R. Madhavan>>>Akki, Ajay? Answer is big NOOOO

      HAHK was a fluke just like TWMR was for R Madhavan

    2. HAHK's whole credit should go to Madhuri. She was the centre of the film and was one of the biggest superstars of that time.

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