Aamir Khan's New Look for Dangal promotional song

Few days back we reported that Aamir Khan will rap for a special promotional song in Dangal. The actor was spotted on Thursday at Mehboob studio, where he completed the shooting of this promotional track.

Dressed in black and grey, Aamir looked fierce and younger than ever as he arrived on the sets of a promotional song for his upcoming sports drama. Aamir has rapped in the promotional track along with his onscreen daughters Fatima Sana Sheikh and Sanya Malhotra.

Check out the pics here.





Dangal is directed by Nitesh Tiwari and is slated to release on 23rd December.

14 comments on “Aamir Khan's New Look for Dangal promotional song”

  1. wow............definitely DANGAL will break the PK'S record.....and will be biggest hit in the history of bollywood..........even if less fan following .....he is a ISI mark of bollywood...............neutral audience ko malum hota hai agar amir ki movie hein to sabse acchi hogi............

    1. Who said he has less fan following? Go stand outside a multiplex in North India and ask who is ur favorite actor. 5 out of 10 will proudly say Aamir.
      Don't do stupid comments. Aamir is the most respected and humble superstar ever. He comes once in 2 years. That is why his fans stay underground till the time his movies come. Go to twitter, there are at least 400-500 aamir fans dying to watch Dangal. You can't even believe the craze of Dangal by the time the movie releases.

      1. i mean.....according to others..not by me.....get it....
        i also know he has more fan following than others..but many people does not agree on this..........they always saying because of christmas,script,higher ticket prices AMIR creates records.......but why they dont understand their Megastar could not break his records....they always giving execuses........

        1. It's not excuses it's the truth.
          I don't care about who has the biggest fan following and all, but one thing is sure Aamir has the best boxoffice knowledge out of the 3 khan.
          Releasing pre-Xmas is the smartest thing to do, huge opening because big star, then Xmas holidays, then new year's holidays, which means big numbers and longevity.
          One movie every 2 years, means more people are demanding so higher ticket prices, and people still go to see it because they don't know when the next time will be.
          And last but not least he has an amazing screen sense, he chooses his movies very wisely.
          My favorite is Salman but I have no shame saying Aamir is the smartest one.

  2. *Aamirian [email protected] and JustMe u are all Greate and I Thing Wise Cinema Quality Lovers But You Know What There Lifeless and Choiseless Thousand People In This World Like This one#SAHIIL# Who doesn't understand Nothing but to Condernm' I Think Bollywood Will Be Thing with guy Aamir Khan I Mean How Could this Man Managed his movie BK Crossed $120 Million Us Dollar Like Hollywood Industry Is'n't That Enough what he did to his Bollywood industry to be something to Proud We Have to all Admite the Quality and Hard Working Man Legand Aamir khan is

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